Social Butterfly Sunday
May 2016:
What My Son Taught Me at His Homeschool Evaluation

April 2016:
Africa Study Bible Launch

January 2016:
When Others Fail Us
 When Others Fail Us

November 2015:

sisterhood of the world

What is a Funk and How Can I Avoid It?

May 2015:
Pray Without Ceasing

March 2015:
Confessions of a Prodigal Son Movie Review

January 2015:

 11 Verses on Waiting

December 2014:

 My Husband is My Best Friend

 Why I Love "Elf on the Shelf"

November 2014:

 Liebster Award Winner!

 Be the Light in a Dark Room

 DIY Christmas Gift Tags

October 2014:

 Balancing Act

A Lesson in Matthew: Enough is Enough

September 2014:

busy life of sahm

August 2014



July 2014

Embrace Who Your Children Are

Prayer in Marriage

May 2014


  1. I love the 11 verses. I need them to remind me why I'm where I'm at. ;)

    1. Thanks, SuperLux! I needed them as well with my whole moving situation! It's awesome to reflect on scripture to help get through hard times. Thanks for commenting and have a blessed week :)