Sunday, July 30, 2017

That New Car Smell

                  Do you know what the best part to me is about buying a new car? It has that amazing new car smell, even if it is used. There is something exciting about getting a new car. There are so many varieties and brands of vehicles now, that to purchase a car has become a tiresome project. That's why I like You can search new cars, used cars, certified cars and even trucks. The website makes it very easy to navigate by make, model, price, and how far you are willing to travel to get the vehicle.

             My husband and I are hoping to be in the market for a second vehicle within this year, so we like to be educated buyers and look ahead before we buy. If it were up to my husband, he would have a Chevrolet Silverado. We went to and put in the specifics for what we were looking for. My husband laughed when I put in the amount, because I have no idea what trucks cost. The cool thing is, the website still pulled up the specifics we were looking for regardless of the amount we entered.

           Once we were on the screen with the specifics we entered, we found out we could simplify it even more by the tabs on the side for interior and exterior color of the car, minimum and maximum price, year, mileage, dealer ratings, and features just to name a few. Once we found the truck he liked, we were able to see what dealership the truck was at, the phone number and address of the dealership, a form to ask the dealership questions about the vehicle, and the price of the truck.

        We scrolled down, and were able to see that we could get a report on the car, recall information, and an estimate on what our car payment might be. It also gave us more information vehicle, other vehicles available at the same dealership, features, seller's notes, and even financing options. I enjoyed how they explained what having a Certified vehicle is,  and also a price comparison tool. My husband loved this tool and how it let us know the vehicle was priced higher than other vehicles similar to it, We both felt this was great and straightforward information to give.

       We also found out not only can you look to purchase a car on, but you can also sell and trade, get your car serviced and repaired, and look at videos and reviews of vehicles. My husband and I felt very comfortable using this site, and it was easy to navigate. We felt the information was up-to-date, helpful, and honest. When we are ready to purchase that second vehicle, I know where I will be heading first for that new car smell!



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  1. Everything can now be made possible by transacting online. Good to know these info.

    1. This is true, Lux! Technology is amazing. Thanks for commenting and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)