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Once Upon a Time Holy Bible
Disclosure: I received a complimentary Once Upon a Time Holy Bible and Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible from Zonderkidz, through FlyBy Promotions in exchange for a honest review.
Have you ever noticed, that all the great stories start with Once Upon a Time? I was beyond excited when I saw the Once Upon a Time Holy Bible and Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible available from Zonderkidz.  Children love not only the happy endings, but also the heroes and of course the princesses in fairy tales. I thought what a great idea to introduce the concept of the Bible to young children, in this beautifully illustrated Bible and Bible Storybook. The best part of this, is teaching your children that the tales in these books are real and true. There was a Queen who was named Esther, and a young boy named David who fought a Giant. It is also material brought to you by Zonderkidz, which is a trusted name to me when it comes to purchasing Biblically accurate products.
Once Upon a Time Bible

 Once Upon a Time Holy Bible introduces your children to some great characters in the Bible, and also the Word of God. It is brought to you in the New International Reader's Version (NIrV) translation, and is actually the full Bible and highlights six wonderful stories of the Bible on 24 gorgeously illustrated pages. I was extremely happy about this. We didn't have a translation of this type of Bible in our house yet, and I was impressed it was the full translation. My oldest child, who is eight claimed this Bible immediately and now brings it to church with him every Sunday. 

Once Upon a Time Bible
Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible introduces your children to 33 stories in the Bible, and they are all brought to them with not only beautiful color illustrations, but also with scripture and with a takeaway at the end of each story. The takeaway offers a short summary and reflection of the story, and also references the scripture to read. The stories come from both the Old and New Testament.
Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible

Both of my sons really enjoy reading this book before bed. The stories are colorful and exciting, and perfectly long enough for a short read before bed. The stories offer hope, love and heroism that show what can happen when you put your faith and trust in the Lord. It is a great lesson to teach your children, and also to reaffirm in ourselves.

Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible

My family and I would all highly recommend this Bible and Bible Storybook. My husband and I were impressed with the Biblical accuracy of these products, and my sons loved the stories and all the pictures. We think it would make a phenomenal addition to any family or church library. I think it would be a fantastic product for a children's Sunday School teacher, a wonderful gift on Easter, or a gift just because. Spending quality time reading the Bible with your children and having fun with them, while enjoying these true stories, I think it is the best gift of all.
Once Upon a Storybook Bible

To find out more about this amazing Bible and Storybook Bible, please visit Zonderkidz.
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