Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Story Travelers Bible (Review)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of The Story Travelers Bible from Tyndale Blog Network, in exchange for a honest review.

My sons have been loving reading through the adventures in The Story Travelers Bible. There are 85 different stories from the Bible that include learning about the important cultures, people and places of the Bible. It is a fun way to learn the Biblical truths of these stories, and I think a great way to spend time with your kids as a family. The pages are beautifully illustrated, and they include sidebars on historical facts and scripture references.  It is recommended for children from four years old to seventh grade.

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My boys had a blast traveling through these stories with the three fictional children shown on the cover; Lana, Munch and Griffin. My oldest, who will be eight this year enjoyed being able to read some of the stories to my youngest, who will be six this year. They also had an amazing time reading with Grandma. I loved that they were able to spend time together, and have such a good experience reading through these fun and truthful stories. 

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I also really enjoyed the amount of effort and research that went into explaining these Biblical stories, in a way that children could understand. I thought the three children hosts really was a fantastic idea. The children are whisked away in a magical bus, and are able to view the Biblical stories first hand. There is insight into thinking further about what the stories mean, and how they can be related to our own lives today. There is also scripture reference at the end of each story, that encourages you to get into your Bible and read. I have read so many Biblical storybooks throughout the years with my sons, and it was refreshing for the author to encourage not only relying on these stories, but to get into the Bible and further see the truth behind all of the stories. 

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As a Mom and a Sunday School children's teacher, I would highly recommend this Bible storybook. My mother-in-law and both of my boys also highly recommend this Bible storybook. We all had such a fun experience reading this together, and digging further into God's Word. I think it so important to instill the truth of these stories into children, and this book does an incredible job of accomplishing that.   

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  1. A fun and unique way to get to know the people in the Bible. Love.

    1. Amen, Lux. This storybook Bible is definitely a keeper. My sons love hearing these stories. Thanks for commenting, and hope you have an amazing week :)