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Once Upon a Time Holy Bible
Disclosure: I received a complimentary Once Upon a Time Holy Bible and Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible from Zonderkidz, through FlyBy Promotions in exchange for a honest review.
Have you ever noticed, that all the great stories start with Once Upon a Time? I was beyond excited when I saw the Once Upon a Time Holy Bible and Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible available from Zonderkidz.  Children love not only the happy endings, but also the heroes and of course the princesses in fairy tales. I thought what a great idea to introduce the concept of the Bible to young children, in this beautifully illustrated Bible and Bible Storybook. The best part of this, is teaching your children that the tales in these books are real and true. There was a Queen who was named Esther, and a young boy named David who fought a Giant. It is also material brought to you by Zonderkidz, which is a trusted name to me when it comes to purchasing Biblically accurate products.
Once Upon a Time Bible

 Once Upon a Time Holy Bible introduces your children to some great characters in the Bible, and also the Word of God. It is brought to you in the New International Reader's Version (NIrV) translation, and is actually the full Bible and highlights six wonderful stories of the Bible on 24 gorgeously illustrated pages. I was extremely happy about this. We didn't have a translation of this type of Bible in our house yet, and I was impressed it was the full translation. My oldest child, who is eight claimed this Bible immediately and now brings it to church with him every Sunday. 

Once Upon a Time Bible
Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible introduces your children to 33 stories in the Bible, and they are all brought to them with not only beautiful color illustrations, but also with scripture and with a takeaway at the end of each story. The takeaway offers a short summary and reflection of the story, and also references the scripture to read. The stories come from both the Old and New Testament.
Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible

Both of my sons really enjoy reading this book before bed. The stories are colorful and exciting, and perfectly long enough for a short read before bed. The stories offer hope, love and heroism that show what can happen when you put your faith and trust in the Lord. It is a great lesson to teach your children, and also to reaffirm in ourselves.

Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible

My family and I would all highly recommend this Bible and Bible Storybook. My husband and I were impressed with the Biblical accuracy of these products, and my sons loved the stories and all the pictures. We think it would make a phenomenal addition to any family or church library. I think it would be a fantastic product for a children's Sunday School teacher, a wonderful gift on Easter, or a gift just because. Spending quality time reading the Bible with your children and having fun with them, while enjoying these true stories, I think it is the best gift of all.
Once Upon a Storybook Bible

To find out more about this amazing Bible and Storybook Bible, please visit Zonderkidz.
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Abandoned Faith (Book Review)

 Abandoned Faith
Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home from Tyndale Blog Network, in exchange for a honest review.

Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home is an incredible book that I think every parent needs to read, regardless of how old their children are. It is a book designed for parents of Millennials; people born between 1980 and 2000. I felt this book could reach every parent on all levels. It is a Focus on the Family book, and written by both Alex McFarland and Jason Jimenez. These two authors share their research and conversations had with Millennials and their parents, as well as interviews with top Christian leaders who have worked with Millennials and their families. It discusses how children brought up in the church, are walking away from their faith and also the struggles these Millennials face. It discusses the distractions, such as technology, and also what happens when children step away from home for the first time. It is also a book that gives parents of these Millennials, the Millennials themselves, and their families hope.

This book was hard to put down. I initially wanted to review it, because I have many friends and family who have either walked away from church or have not had an interest in wanting to attend church. I wanted to know the reasons as to why this would be. This book is extremely honest. It has us as parents, look at ourselves and how we live our lives, and what we model for our children. I am a Millennial since I was born within the dates listed above, and I remember as a child being told, "Do as I say, and not as I do." The problem with this expression is, a child is going to model what their parent does, or go out of their way to not model their behavior. I feel like kids born today, see right through this. If you as a parent do something, they of course are going to model you. This doesn't mean we as parents are supposed to live without breathing or without mistakes, but we need to make life realistic and balanced so that our children can live this way as well.

Abandoned Faith addresses much of the guilt that parents beat themselves up over. Many parents may not have been Christians during their child raising years, or maybe struggled with their own issues as they were raising their children. Ultimately, this may have led to their children walking away from the church as an adult. I know this is a big problem in the church and one that is not discussed, but this book sheds light on that and offers hope. It stresses the power and importance of prayer, but also forgiveness. Whether it is forgiving yourself, your parents, or your children, I can't tell you how healing this book was to read.

I would definitely recommend this book to any parent, or any church leader. There are so many amazing stories and testimonies, and ideas on how to bring Millennials back to the church. I think the most emphasized way, was modeling Christ in us.  It is not just about going to church on Sunday. It is about loving others and staying strong in our faith, and living that out everyday. If we can model that for ourselves, our children, and others, I think we will see many of these Millennials return to church. 



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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Story Travelers Bible (Review)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of The Story Travelers Bible from Tyndale Blog Network, in exchange for a honest review.

My sons have been loving reading through the adventures in The Story Travelers Bible. There are 85 different stories from the Bible that include learning about the important cultures, people and places of the Bible. It is a fun way to learn the Biblical truths of these stories, and I think a great way to spend time with your kids as a family. The pages are beautifully illustrated, and they include sidebars on historical facts and scripture references.  It is recommended for children from four years old to seventh grade.

 Tyndale Blog Network

My boys had a blast traveling through these stories with the three fictional children shown on the cover; Lana, Munch and Griffin. My oldest, who will be eight this year enjoyed being able to read some of the stories to my youngest, who will be six this year. They also had an amazing time reading with Grandma. I loved that they were able to spend time together, and have such a good experience reading through these fun and truthful stories. 

 Tyndale Blog Network

I also really enjoyed the amount of effort and research that went into explaining these Biblical stories, in a way that children could understand. I thought the three children hosts really was a fantastic idea. The children are whisked away in a magical bus, and are able to view the Biblical stories first hand. There is insight into thinking further about what the stories mean, and how they can be related to our own lives today. There is also scripture reference at the end of each story, that encourages you to get into your Bible and read. I have read so many Biblical storybooks throughout the years with my sons, and it was refreshing for the author to encourage not only relying on these stories, but to get into the Bible and further see the truth behind all of the stories. 

 Tyndale Blog Network

As a Mom and a Sunday School children's teacher, I would highly recommend this Bible storybook. My mother-in-law and both of my boys also highly recommend this Bible storybook. We all had such a fun experience reading this together, and digging further into God's Word. I think it so important to instill the truth of these stories into children, and this book does an incredible job of accomplishing that.   

To learn more about Tyndale Blog Network or to check out other reviews on The Story Travelers Bible, please visit Tyndale Blog Network on their social medias below:

 Tyndale Blog Network



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Monday, February 20, 2017

Slammers Snacks (Review)

 Slammers Snacks
Disclosure: I was provided complimentary products through a distributor, from Go Gourmet in exchange for a honest review.  

My sons have been the talk of the cafeteria at school lately, and it's all because of Slammers Snacks! Slammers Snacks are filled with delicious fruits, vegetables, and vitamins in a pouch, and it is a USDA organic snack. Even my oldest son, who is a picky eater loves these amazing snacks! The snacks come in seven yummy flavors, and we were blessed to receive three of these flavors: Chill'n, Watermelon Kiwi Burst!, and Creamy Banana Chocolate! The other four flavors include Epic, Awesome, Pumped, and Pomegranate Grape Crush.

 Slammers Snacks

Not only are these snacks tasty, but they are healthy. It is a great alternative to chips and cookies, and as a Mom, I feel awesome giving my sons something that is packed full of nutrients. These are not your typical fruit-filled pouches. They have a creamy texture, not like some of the fruit pouches my sons have tried where they have a chunky texture. My oldest is a texture kid, so he is really picky with his fruits and vegetables. I was so happy to receive these products, because now he asks for these pouches, and I know his body is getting the nutrients he needs.

 Slammers Snacks

  The packages and pouches are all colorful and fun, and definitely geared towards children in elementary through high school. Everyday at school, my sons' friends ask what flavor they brought in that day. Both of my boys thought the snacks were incredible, and they each had a favorite. My oldest liked the Chill'n flavor, which is a mix of blueberries, bananas, butternut squash, Greek yogurt and yumberry.  My youngest liked the Creamy Banana Chocolate!, that was filled with organic banana, coconut cream, grape, sweet potato, and cocoa powder. They both want to try the Epic flavor next time we make a grocery trip.  

 Slammers Snacks

We easily were able to find these at our local grocery store, and these products can also be found at Target. If you visit the Slammers Snacks website, you can type in your zip code and find a store near you that carries these wonderful snacks. They come in a 4 pack, which make them easy to keep in the refrigerator so they are ready for snacks on the go, or to put into a lunchbox. They don't need to be refrigerated, but my sons like them cold. My youngest ran a marathon last weekend, and he was so excited to have some Slammers Snacks waiting for him at the finish line.

 Slammers Snacks

My family and I would definitely recommend these yummy snacks. I was provided with extra Slammers Snacks, so I gave them to some of my co-workers for their kids. They all came in raving about how much their kids loved the snacks, and they were happy too because the products are organic. It is a great feeling as a parent, knowing that your child is eating something healthy and they are enjoying it.

To learn more about these fantastic products, please check them out on their social medias below:

 Slammers Snacks

Leave a me a comment below, and let me know which flavor would be your child's favorite!



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Saturday, January 28, 2017

ThinStix (Review)

Thin Stix
Disclosure: I received a complimentary pack of Thin Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. in exchange for a honest review.

Last year, we did a review on Kwik Stix, and my sons and I absolutely fell in love with this product. You can only imagine our excitement when we heard that The Pencil Grip, Inc. designed a new product called Thin Stix. Both of these amazing products contain tempera paint that dries within 90 seconds, and can be used on poster paper, cardboard, wood and canvas! Each product comes in a variety of vibrant colors, and leaves a paint-like finish for each of your child's masterpieces!    

Thin Stix

 The Thin Stix, as shown above are a brilliant concept in that it has paint in a marker or highlighter type format. The Thin Stix seem to be an adaption of the Kwik Stix, which come in a glue stick like format. The Thin Stix give your child the ability to have more of a finer detail in their artwork.  Both Thin Stix and Kwik Stix make painting virtually mess free. I remember when I was a child, what a chore it must have been for my parents or teachers when paint was involved. With these wonderful products, there's no need for art smocks, water, or brushes. This means more time enjoying what your child is working on, and less time prepping and cleaning up.

Thin Stix

We went to a WWE wrestling event a few weeks ago, and my sons and my husband were so excited to have the Thin Stix to work on their posters for the event. They were able to make posters to show support for their favorite wrestlers, and the best part was we were able to do this only a few hours before the event! The paint dried in no time, and they turned out beautiful! My sons also love using Thin Stix for doing their school projects, or for just doodling and drawing. I love that there is no mess, and watching how much they enjoy what they are designing or working on.

Thin Stix

My family and I would definitely recommend Thin Stix and Kwik Stix! These products are perfect for the classroom or home, and they are just so much fun! If you have a young artist in your house, this would make an awesome addition to their art supply collection. They are the first things my sons grab when they want to paint or color, and they last for a long time. I did a review in April of last year for Kwik Stix, and there is plenty of paint still left for how much they are used by my boys. I hope you and your family will enjoy these products as much as mine do!

To see more about this amazing company, please visit them on their social medias below:

Thin Stix

Available for sale on Amazon! (affiliate link)



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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Just Spices (Review)

 Just Spices
 Disclosure: I was provided complimentary products from Just Spices, in exchange for a honest review.

Do you and your family enjoy cooking together? I can't tell you how excited my family and I were to get to sample some of the Just Spices products. Cooking and eating is a big part of our family, because it is a way for us all to be together and discuss our day. I also enjoy looking for healthy and organic options for my family. Just Spices is USDA Organic (with no flavor enhancers), and offer a variety of spices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages. Their website also shares many fantastic photos, videos, and recipes that you and your family can whip up together using these wonderful spices.

The initial 20 U.S. house blends comprise: 
  • BBQ Popcorn Seasoning, BBQ Seasoning
  • Extra Spicy Seasoning 
  • Flavors of Italy Seasoning
  •  Flavors of Mexico Seasoning
  • Guacamole Seasoning
  • Hickory Rub
  • Oatmeal Spice Blend
  • Pancake Blend
  • Pizza Seasoning
  • Pork Rub
  • Savory Eggs Blend
  • Seafood Rub
  • Smoothie Boost
  • Spicy Garlic Blend
  • Spicy Popcorn Seasoning
  • Steak Rub
  • Sweet Potato Seasoning
  • Texas BBQ Dip Seasoning
  • Vegetable Broth Seasoning
  • Murray River Salt: made with lovely pink flakes from Australia with a mild flavor.
  • Crushed Tellicherry Pepper: made with a slight nutty variety sourced directly from India’s Malabar Coast.

Which spice sounds like your favorite?

The story behind Just Spices is extraordinary. Three university friends teamed up and traveled the world to gather inspiration for their spices. They met with families from many different cultures who shared their meals and recipes. The illustrations on a large number of their spices are from actual people this trio of friends met with. They launched their company in 2012 in Germany, and their spices made it to the U.S. this last October in 2016. The canisters the spices come in are stackable, colorful, and also protect the spices from the sun. The containers also are made to be aroma-tight and use recyclable paperboard and aluminum-lined packaging that maximize freshness. The spices are high quality and are gathered from the best, full-flavored ingredients from around the world at a price you can afford. The spices range in price from $5.99 to $7.99. There are also great deals on their website, that offer free shipping with orders over $35 and $5 off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter.     

 Just Spices

To learn more about this amazing company, please visit them on their website or their social medias below:

My family and I sampled three of the products from Just Spices: Texas BBQ Dip, Flavors of Italy, and Spicy Popcorn Seasoning. We made a yummy veggie and bread dip with the Texas BBQ Dip. The Spicy Popcorn Seasoning states its product name quite well, but it is a good kick to reinvigorate your popcorn! The Flavors of Italy is a delicious way to make your own tomato sauce or spice up one you pick up at the store. My family and I really enjoyed all of these spices because they are so versatile, and the company shares great meal ideas. The canisters are really unique and colorful, and make a beautiful display on the kitchen counter also. We would definitely recommend Just Spices, and are excited to try some other spices from them.     



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Monday, January 2, 2017

3 Seeds (Chara Games Review)

 Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of 3 Seeds from Chara Games, in exchange for a honest review. 

Are you looking for a fun, family board game to play in the new year? 3 Seeds is a wonderful addition to any family game night! It is the newest game from Chara Games. Back in November, we wrote a review on their first game called Commissioned. 3 Seeds is a bit different, because this game has only one winner and is not a cooperative game where you get to work together like in the game, Commissioned. It is a game of strategy though. The game comes with all the pieces shown above, and The Rulebook does an awesome job of explaining how to play. It is recommended for ages 12 and older, but this is a game that I think younger children could enjoy as well. It is a game for 2 to 5 players, and each game is designed to last for about 30 to 45 minutes.     

 3 Seeds

Each player is given cards that represent either Money, Time or Labor. The players are also given Crop cards, Harvest cards, and Event cards for when the other players complete a crop. Each crop has different numbers for things needed such as money, time or labor. Once a crop is complete. the player gets to keep the card which contains bonus points for once the game is finished. The harvest card gives each player points for how many cards they placed for that crop. The Event cards can make things very interesting because you may be able to swap a crop with another player, or harvest a crop early. 

 3 Seeds

The players in the game are represented with their color cube on a game piece that is numbered 1 to 50. If a player passes 50, you start over on the game board but they are given a blue chip that counts as 50 points. Once a crop is harvested, the points get added up and then multiplied by the Harvest card number. I loved this concept because it is a fun way to learn and teach about addition and multiplication.  My sons who are five and seven years old, were able to add up the number of points and move the game pieces to the correct number on the game board. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins! 

 3 Seeds

The message of the game is that we are all given different gifts, but we must use them wisely. This game definitely has you think strategically to figure out how to get the most points out of what you are given. On each players turn, you have 3 cards (seeds) and you have a chance to use at least 2 of the cards to either play on yourself or on another player's crop. If you have a certain Event card, you may be able to use all 3 seed cards in one turn. This helps you get extra points and possibly harvest a crop. 

 3 Seeds

My family and I had a blast playing this game, and it is one of the new favorite games now that we play. It is a great game to play with tweens, teenagers and even younger children. My father-in-law has been undefeated in the games we have all played so far, and he says he is willing to share his advice and tips on how to win! It's been incredible to be able to play a game that three generations of family enjoy playing together. Family time is very important, and I am so glad Chara Games designs games that focus on the concept of family time and being together. My family and I would definitely recommend this game, and we give it a five out of five stars!   

Come check out our review of another fantastic game from Chara Games!


To find out more about this amazing company, please visit them on their social medias below:

 Chara Games



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