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CTCMath Homeschool Membership (TOS Review)

CTCMath Review
Disclosure: I received a complimentary Homeschool Membership from CTCMath through Schoolhouse Review Crew, in exchange for a honest review.

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My sons love the math lessons from CTCMath, and I love that they have access to all the grade levels with the Homeshool Membership. It is a digital product, but it also allows the capability to print out math worksheets. It generates a weekly report to the parent or teacher that is sent to your email, which shows your child or student's weekly activity, overall performance, awards and certificates (the child must pass with at least an 80%)  and whether or not the items were completed on time for each child. Each lesson consists of a short, interactive video followed by a set of questions to test the math comprehension for the child. There are many lessons included for each grade level. For example, Kindergarten level has about 4 categories that are then broken down into 8 sub categories and have a total of 43 lessons for the year.  


This online math program can be used for up to ten children, and has levels that start at Kindergarten math and go all the way to Trigonometry. I thought this was wonderful because it includes math lessons for elementary, middle and high school! You can also change the theme color for each profile, under Settings. The parent profile allows you to set up tasks for each of your children to complete, and also gives you the flexibility to switch to student view so you can see what your child's lessons will be on.


My sons used the Kindergarten and 1st grade levels. My youngest son who is five, is extremely strong in his math skills. My oldest who is seven, struggles with learning some of the concepts in math. I really enjoyed this program because it allowed me to test out different levels to see where they were most comfortable. Sometimes, our children are strong in one area of learning and not so strong in others. I also liked that it covered lessons in the harder years of math such as Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus. I think having this help and a place to refresh my memory on these subjects, will be a beneficial tool for both me and my sons once we get to those more difficult math subjects.


 I would highly recommend this online math program. The ability to teach multiple children on different math levels is extraordinary. Also, being able to select the level where your child is most comfortable is priceless. I sometimes have bought curriculum, only to discover that it was too easy or too difficult for my sons, and then I had to find another product to use. This math program takes away that frustration, and also gives you the weekly reports to see how your child is doing. My sons are still young, so I sat with them during their lessons. I like that with older children, you can probably assign the tasks and have them complete it by themselves. The flexibility of this product is incredible, and something that I think every homeschool family would enjoy.

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CTCMath Review

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CTCMath Review

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  1. Sometimes I wish we have these tools when we were still studying. I think it would have made it easier somehow.

    1. Hi, Lux! This is true. I'm excited to have this to reference once my sons get into the more difficult levels of math. Thanks so much for commenting, and hope you have an amazing weekend :)