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Homeschool Weeks 33 & 34

 Raising Samuels Homeschool

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Hi, friends! This is a bit of a longer wrap up, as I combined two weeks worth of learning into one wrap up. We have been busy between my husband having surgery, a soccer season ending, two birthdays within our immediate family, and also my mother-in-law came into to town to help with my husband (thank you, Grandma! It was much appreciated more than you know!) I am always amazed at how much learning can get done, and despite everything going on I give all the glory to God because He knew what we were up against and still had us get things complete. Thanks for joining us in our journey :)

Wednesday (4/27): The boys learned the story of Peter talking to the beggar, at church tonight. Peter told the beggar he did not have gold or silver to offer him, but offered to him the gift of salvation. (Acts 3:6)

Tuesday (5/10): We read the Old Testament story in Chapter 16 of Believe Storybook today, about the importance of working together. It was the story of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in Nehemiah 2:11-4:23; 6:15. This was a bit of a review for us as we had learned this story a few weeks ago as well. We also covered the importance of knowing there is only one God, which is confusing as we are learning about the ancient Greeks who believed in many Gods. We are explaining to the boys that this is what they believed but they are myths, which is almost like a story or fairy tale so they understand that this is false belief as far as our faith is concerned.

Monday (4/25): Today, we reviewed greater than, less than and equal to.

Wednesday (4/27): We made some cupcakes today to bring to church later in the evening, so the boys helped me measure everything out and frost the cupcakes. We also some water balloon fun, where they had to count the amount of each color water balloon before the water balloon war started!


Friday (4/29): B did Lesson 89 in ABCmouse today, and worked on addition of ones and tens with double digit numbers. G did Lesson 38, where he learned about more and less and identifying numbers 1-10. The boys also had a blast teaching me how to play Skystone Smash in their video game, Skylanders Trap Team. I loved this as it was really a game about subtraction :)

Tuesday (5/10): The boys had to count the number of jewels found on a cover in their art lesson today from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. (check out my review here).  They also worked on addition and subtraction fact families in ABCmouse.

Friday (5/13): The boys did double digit addition equations in ABCmouse and then had to color by number, the correct answer. G also worked on reviewing his math shapes in Lesson 42.

Saturday (5/14): We made cookies today as a thank you for some amazing people at our church who brought us a wonderful meal, after my husband's surgery. We also had a family game night and played, Catan.

Social Studies:
Tuesday (4/26): The boys were playing a game on based on the show, Ready Jet Go! They learned about constellations and the Sea God, Poseidon; Casia Pia constellation, Orion, and Leo the Lion stars in the sky.

Thursday (4/28): There were some fun lessons in ABCmouse today, where the boys learned about musical instruments from all around the world. There was a review of the South Pole in Antarctica, and how the Equator is the middle of the world and is warm. Some of the insruments included the djembe from Africa, gong in Asia, Kalimba from South Africa, and a wind instrument called a panpipe from Peru.  They also learned about the didjeridoo in Australia, alpenhorn in Switzerland, and bagpipes in Scotland. There was also lessons on string instruments such as the sitar in India, samisen played with a bachi in Japan, and a bouzouki in Greece. The boys also had to fill in the blanks for the matching continent and instrument.

Tuesday (5/10): We started Mini Unit 3, Week 3 in Tapestry of Grace: Primer today. We learned how important columns were and still are from ancient Greece. The U.S. Capitol building, Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, and The Erechtheum all show the beauty of this architecture. We have 2 columns outside our front door, so B wanted his picture taken by one! We also learned that many of our laws, government ideas, math and science are from ancient Greek thinking. The ancient Greeks were one of the first cultures to embrace new ideas and concepts, and there were many important art and poetry that came from this culture. 

Tapestry of Grace Primer

Tapestry of Grace Primer

Monday (4/25): The lessons in ABCmouse today included learning about how trees grow. The boys learned a tree starts as a seed and then becomes a sapling, or baby tree. Bees help to spread pollen to the seeds, and seeds can also be carried by the bees or in the air. The boys had to put the steps in order from a seed an animal may drop to a seed implanting, to a seed sprouting, sapling, tree, flowers pollinated by bees, and finally a fruit growing from the flower.

Tuesday (4/26): ABCmouse lessons today included learning about different dogs from beagles, dachshunds, miniature poodles, bulldogs and dalmatians.

Wednesday (4/27): We made bread rolls today for experiment 7 in Magic School Bus Science Club. The yeast didn't end up rising, and we tried to bake it anyway. It was an epic fail, and the rolls came out hard as rocks but it was fun mixing everything together and having the boys play with the dough.

Magic School Bus Science Club

Thursday (4/28): In ABCmouse today, the boys learned that the vibrations in our ear drums help us hear and listen to musical instruments. When strings on an instrument vibrate, this is how we hear the sound. A quiet vibration has a quiet sound, and a big vibration has a loud sound. The boys watched a video showing different glasses with different levels of water, and how blowing on top of each made a different sound.

Friday (4/29): B worked on Lesson 90 in ABCmouse today and learned about fossils, skulls, teeth, skeletons, T-Rex, stegosaurus, and triceratops.

Wednesday (5/11): G did Lesson 41 in ABCmouse, where he learned all about zebras. He also learned some fun weather vocabulary about the four seasons and winter, like foggy and cloudy.

Friday (5/13): Today's lessons in ABCmouse included learning about how arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of our body. The boys learned how the heart works and pushed blood out into your body when your heart beats, which can be 60-100 times per minute! They also learned how to check their pulse on their wrist, and that the heart is a muscle.

Language Arts:
Monday (4/25): The sight word of the day was give, and the boys learned how to make words plural by adding s, es, or ies in ABCmouse. Some of the few exceptions here are the words women, men, teeth and deer. The boys also had some fun in Read, Write and Type and worked on typing and spelling the words desk, chin, finish, hot, rock, odd, sock, dot, add and the phonics of letter o.

Read, Write & Type

Tuesday (4/26): Today, we worked on some poetry in Poetry Memorization from Institute for Excellence in Writing. (review to come soon!) The boys listened to the audio of the first 10 poems included in the CD, and B memorized the first poem. This helped him with reading the words, as both the boys are amazing audio learners.

Poetry Memorization from Institute for Excellence in Writing

Wednesday (4/27): B did Lesson 33 in First Language Lessons and went over a story about a little boy in a pet shop. It was a review of common and proper nouns, and also some reading comprehension questions.

Thursday (4/28): The sight words in ABCmouse today were globe and round. We also started the first two chapters of Lions at Lunchtime.

Friday (4/29): Today's sight word in ABCmouse was old, and we read chapters 3-5 in  Lions at Lunchtime.

Tuesday (5/10): We read in Aesop's Fables today about "The Fox and the Grapes." (as part of our lesson for Tapestry of Grace: Primer) The moral of the story was, "it's easy to despise what you can not get." The fox in the story tried to reach for some grapes but couldn't reach it, so he comforted himself by saying they must have been sour grapes.

B finished Level 7 in ABCmouse and we thought that was the end of his first grade lessons, but found out there is a whole other level called Level 8, that is just as long as Level 7 which has taken him most of the year to finish. He started Lesson 1 today, and learned some words with -str such as stretch, straw, stream, string, street and strawberry. He also learned about -scr words such as screw, scratch, scroll, and scream. Other words included -spr words such as spray, spread, spring, and sprinkler.

G did a lesson on the story of the "Tortoise and the Hare," and that slow and steady wins the race.

Wednesday (5/11): The sight word of the day was could, and B did lessons 2 and 3 in ABCmouse. He learned more letter blends with words with spl and squ, and also did some vowel sounds practice.

Monday (4/25): The boys watched a fun song video called "Watch Them Grow" in ABCmouse today, and B drew some pictures. Today was their last soccer practice of the season, and the coaches did an awesome job of having the sprinklers on and having the kids play all kinds of games like Red Light, Green Light and they had the kids versus the coaches. It was an amazing season, and we were blessed with two extraordinary coaches.

Tuesday (4/26): We went for a walk today to the other park in our neighborhood, and the boys played on the slide, monkey bars and swings. We also did some tennis practice against our garage door.

Wednesday (4/27): We had a fun water day outside today and played in the inflatable pool. We are so excited for our swim club to open in the next few weeks! The boys also had choir practice tonight, and sang the songs Dear Lord, Do You Remember Me? and Silver and Gold Have I Not.

Thursday (4/28): Lesson 88 in ABCmouse today was about music around the world. They watched videos on kids making instruments out of pots, pans, and glass jars. They also had to match the instrument to the sound it made.

Friday (4/29): The boys listened to the song, "The Ants Go Marching."

Monday (5/9): My husband had his post op appointment today, so I took the boys to Chick-fil-A for breakfast and they had some playing in the playground there at the restaurant. B also drew some pictures when we got home.

Tuesday (5/10): We studied the illustration of Missal with Virgin and Child, Evangelists and Saints as part of our art lesson in ARTistic Pursuits Inc. The boys had to find the items hidden in the illustration almost like an Eye Spy game. The lion represented the apostle Mark, a bull represented Luke, an eagles represented John, and a man's head represented Matthew. The boys also made thier own cover of a book out of construction paper, paint and stickers. We learned about workshops called scriptoria, where monks copied and produced manuscripts. The covers were made of leather and wood, and decorated with paint and jewels. These highly decorated manuscripts showed the importance of what was included inside of the book.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

Wednesday (5/11): The boys had choir practice tonight and also got to play with their friends on the playground there afterward.

Friday (5/13): The boys did some sidewalk chalk today and also played bocce ball.

Saturday (5/14): The played some more bocce ball today, and also worked on some arts and crafts making thank you cards for people at church.

Thanks for joining us for our homeschool weeks! Hope you have an amazing week :)



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  1. Thanks for sharing your week with us. I love that pan you made the biscuits in. That would be great for so many things. It looks like the kiddos are having fun with the pool.Looks like my kids, they never stay inside of it.

    1. Hi, Jaime! The pan is from Pampered Chef and is called the Brownie Pan but I use it for everything from meatloaf, lasagna and brownies or cupcakes! How funny! They treated it like a slip and slide and kept running in and out of it lol! Thanks for commenting, my friend and hope you have an amazing week :)

  2. Always such a pleasure reading through your week! I love the water day you had. With the fluctuating weather here, I haven't had much of a chance to set up any of our water toys, so I'm super jealous your kids had a day in the pool and sun! Thanks so much for sharing this with us on #shinebloghop this week!

    1. Hi, Maria and thanks for stopping by from #SHINEbloghop! We are about to get into our rainy season where I live, so it was fun to get the boys outside while the sun was out! I hope you and your family are able to enjoy some sunny days soon! Thanks so much for commenting and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. My kids love Ready Jet Go too! We have a miniature poodle so it's cool that your Boys were learning about them. My son has been a huge Dino fan since he was three. This week he revisited the Carboniferous time period. Although that was a time before the dinosaurs, it's neat that our boys were all studying prehistoric science. #weeklywrapup

    1. Hi, Erin! Very cool! I think that homeschool is amazing because even though we all homeschool differently, we still have many similarities! I'm looking forward to reading your weeekly wrap up for this week! Thanks for commenting and hope you have an amazing week :)

  4. I know that was two weeks of learning but WOW! you sure managed to cover a lot! It all sounds so fun too.

    1. Hi, Mother of 3! I am so thankful I write everything down or take pictures so I can remember what we do. It always seems like we don't do enough, until I start to type up the weekly wrap ups! Thanks so much for commenting and hope you have a wonderful week :)

  5. I love how you structure your homeschooling! Your kids seem to be loving all of the activities you have planned for them. :)

    1. Thanks, Samantha! It makes it so much easier to teach when they learn things that they are interested in! Hope you have an amazing week and thanks for commenting :)

  6. I love that you document your homeschool week like this. Even though I'm sure it's probably a little bit of work for you, I believe someday you and your kids are going to treasure these memories!

    1. Thank you, Victoria! It's been an amazing journey so far homeschooling, and I love being able to document everything. It's incredible to see the changes, in just a year's time so you are right, they will be definitely be treasured memories for the future. Thanks for commenting and hope you have a wonderful week :)

  7. Looks like a great couple of weeks! Thanks for sharing with us at Booknificent Thursday on this week!

    1. Hi, Tina and thanks for hosting Booknificent Thursday! Hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for commenting :)