Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Homeschool Week 35

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Hi, friends! It was a crazy week last week. Many things to do, but through the insanity of it all, I thank God that we were able to get our homeschool time in. My oldest had his homeschool evaluation last Monday, and it didn't go as well as I expected. You can read about what happened here, but the positives I took out of this unpleasant situation is he is on par with his peers as far as learning goes, and I am just so proud of him. Technically, I could stop for the summer at this point since he has qualified to go onto the next grade level, but I think we are going to do a lighter summer schedule. The library has amazing events going on all summer for learning, our swim club opens in less than two weeks, and I am excited to continue our lessons so we are more ready for the start of the next homeschool year. Do you homeschool during the summer? 

Monday - Today, we finished the New Testament portion of Chapter 16 in Believe Storybook. We learned the importance of fellowship and being a part of a community.

Believe Storybook

Thursday - We helped Daddy today with some of his college homework by reading Matthew 7 and Matthew 8 with him. It was amazing the timeliness of these passages from what we encountered earlier in the week at my son's homeschool evaluation.

Matthew 7

Tuesday - B's lessons in ABCmouse had him adding and subtracting by tens, and also he did a paint by number sheet with subtraction equations on them.

Wednesday - Today, B did more paint by number subtraction in ABCmouse, but it was with double digit numbers! This has been an ingenious way of having him learn his subtraction, and he is loving getting the correct answer! He also did a lesson that two right triangles make 1 rectangle, 2 half circles make a full circle and tangrams, so an intro to fractions! He also did subtraction using a Hundreds Chart. G did a lesson on identifying numbers 1-5.

Thursday - B did some more practice today subtracting with two digit numbers.

Social Studies:
Monday - We started our lesson for Greek Mythology today in D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths (check out my review here) It was very interesting on the introduction of the Greek gods, and I had to omit some of it as I thought it might scare the boys but they are excited for the next chapter, which is on Zeus!

Greek Myths

Wednesday - G's lessons in ABCmouse today had him learn about the world around us and some of the occupations, such as fire fighters and teachers.

Monday - We had fun today making a weather vane from the Magic School Bus Science Club. We even went outside to test it! We also did another experiment from this kit on soaking a sponge slowly with water, to simulate rain clouds and what happens. G also had a lesson in ABCmouse on elephants, herds, and ostriches.

Magic School Bus Science Club

Magic School Bus Science Club

Magic School Bus Science Club 

Magic School Bus Science Club

Tuesday - G worked on lessons on the human body in ABCmouse today. I love how both the boys work interactively in both of their lessons on the computer. They both went over the parts of the face and body part names. B also did a lesson, where he learned about the Prairie environment.

Wednesday - Today, G learned about some animals such as kittens, puppies, hamsters, and camels in his lesson in ABCmouse.

Thursday - G did Lesson 48 in ABCmouse and learned all about cows.
Language Arts:
Monday - B's lessons in ABCmouse discussed about adjectives (describing words about nouns) and adverbs (words used to describe what is happening, also known as "action words." His sight word was very and he worked on letter blends and words with str, scr, spr, and spl. G also did a lesson on working with identifying and reviewing the letters of the alphabet.

Tuesday - Today's lessons in ABCmouse had B working on nk, st, and es words. He also worked on adding ing and ed to the end of words. G's lessons had him identifying lowercase and uppercase letters.

Wednesday - B worked on adding es to words today in ABCmouse, such as boxes, wrenches, buses, and brushes. He also had to learn which words needed endings with either ies, es, or s. His sight word today was were, and his letter blend words were words with ft and nt.

B has been watching his toy review videos, with a new product we are getting ready to review called Forbrain. (review to come soon!) He pretends he is the announcer for the wrestling matches from the toy review videos, and this product helps to have him hear what he sounds like and works on his annunciation. 


Thursday -  Lesson 11 of Level 8 in ABCmouse today, had B learning about sk and lk words.   

Monday - The boys had fun dancing and singing to the song, Five Little Monkeys today.

Tuesday - We listened to these songs in ABCmouse today: Home on the Range; If' You're Happy and You Know It; and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Wednesday - G went over some items in ABCmouse today that were black, white and brown for art. The boys also had choir practice tonight.

Thursday - We had some fun today when one of the neighborhood friends came by and got introduced to how to play Bocce Ball. B also made a book for his favorite WWE wrestlers, his own WWE trading cards he drew, and he even made a game for WWE with a piece of cardboard! The boys have had fun playing with these, and I love their imaginations!

Bocce Ball



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  1. We do a light homeschooling schedule through summer. We took all of last summer off and the amount of review/ summer slide in the fall just did not seem worth it (plus we often vacation in the fall and I was feeling panicky that we were taking time off so soon after just starting back up).I try to have them at least complete a review sheet for math each day and read whenever we can. We'll also throw in fun arts and science activities that I know my boys enjoy so it doesn't even feel like school; just a fun way to pass the time. We often get bored by mid summer anyway and this way we can still keep busy but have a flexible enough schedule that we can drop what we're doing at a moments notice to join friends for sun and fun.

    1. Hi, Mother of 3! This sounds like an awesome balance for summer learning! We have had so much going on this year, and I would feel better to just continue through the summer so they are both ready for next year. Thanks for sharing these great ideas with me and for commenting! Hope you have an amazing week :)

  2. Our light summer schedule consists mainly of continued math practice, although I am hoping to encourage the kids to read for the Barnes and Noble program. Your review posts are always so detailed. I love it! You could just show these to your evaluator!

    1. Hi, Shelly! That sounds like a great schedule for the summer! There are so many programs for the summer that are free. I think Family Christian is doing free books this summer also, and Lowe's is doing Avengers build and create projects. Libraries do many fun reading contests also in the summer. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I hope you have a wonderful week :)

  3. I'm sorry your homeschool evaluation was rough! I think you are doing an amazing job! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

    1. Hi, Tina! Thank you for your kind comment! I'm hoping next year's evaluation goes better! Thanks for hosting Booknificent Thursday and for commenting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)