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Times Tales (The Trigger Memory Co. Review)

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
Disclosure: I received a complimentary digital version of Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co. through Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for an honest review.

We have been using a fun program called Times Tales from The Trigger Memory Co. to help my sons learn multiplication.  Even though my sons are only four and six years old, the way that these videos are set up was extremely engaging for them and they understood it.  The digital version of Times Tales includes everything you see above.  There is a download for two videos, with the first video covering multiplication of the upper 3's and 4's, and the second video covering the upper 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's.  The videos are just under 30 minutes each and they teach your child multiplication through telling a story.  It is suggested by the company to wait a week in between watching the videos to help reinforce the skills.  There is also a digital download to print out practice test, a test, crossword puzzle, flashcards, and a sheet to make dice to have the learning be even more fun.

Times Tales

Each of the videos has steps to make sure your child is understanding everything.  Step 1 is where your child gets to meet the characters, who are actually numbers! Step 2 is learning the stories behind each of the characters. Step 3 is a Story Quiz where questions are asked to see if the child remembers how many or what happened to a specific character.  It is suggested here to go back to step 2 if your child is having a hard time remembering.  The Quiz plays the video sequence again, then has you pause the video to see if your child can remember what is supposed to happen.  Step 4 is the stories written out in words, and I loved this part because my six year old was able to read all the words! Step5 has you and your child practice with the flashcards with the characters on them, and then go through the videos again where you can play and pause the video.  Step 6 is using the flashcards without the figures on them and just the numbers themselves.  There is also a division challenge and then your child can do the practice test, followed by the test. 

Times Tales 

The awesome thing about all of this is you don't have to rewind or start the video segments again.  All of the pausing and steps is included in the video sequence so you never have to restart the video (unless you need to go back to step 2).  I really enjoyed how interactive everything is and how it actually even helped with reading.  We would pause the video, and I would have my oldest son read the sentence on the screen.  My sons thought the characters were really cute and were amazingly, able to remember the stories that were told to them about the number characters.  They could give the right answer and I thought that was wonderful, considering this is at least 2 grade levels higher than where they are at right now.  I think this would be fantastic for parents who do have a child learning multiplication, and a younger child or children because they can all enjoy the videos together.  My sons were trying to be the first person to get the answer right so it also prompted some healthy competition.
Times Tales

I printed out all of the documents and plan on laminating them, so I can keep the flashcards in good condition so we can use to play a game together as a family.  My oldest is learning addition and subtraction this year so I am excited when he gets to the point where he starts to learn multiplication, because he will already have a head start.  In the mean time, my sons have asked to watch the videos again because of the characters!  It really is an ingenious way to make numbers into lovable characters and have your child learn while they are having fun.  I would highly recommend this product to parents or teachers who have children learning their multiplication tables.  It truly is quite fun!

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

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  1. How cool that this even engaged your 4- & 6-year-olds! I might have to check it out in a year or so!

    1. Hi, Lisa! It was amazing to see them catch on to what the answer was! Thanks for commenting and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)