Monday, April 4, 2016

Homeschool Week 27

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Hi, friends! One of these days I will be caught up on our homeschool lessons!  We just wrapped up Week 29 so I am hoping to complete these 2 weeks into one blog post so I can catch up on my homeschool posts.  We have had many things going on in life lately and I am glad that our homeschool lessons haven't been effected too much. This is for the week of March 14-19. Thanks for stopping by to share our week :)  

Wednesday - Today, we read 1 Samuel 13-14 about Saul disobeying God by offering a sacrifice, when only certain people could offer a sacrifice and he was not one of them. He tried waiting for Samuel, but decided to act on his own.

Saturday - When Saul disobeyed God, God rejects him as king.  God tells Samuel to go to Bethlehem and pick one of Jesse's sons.  Samuel thought it would be the oldest son, but God said not to be fooled by outward appearances and look at who the person is on the inside.  God picks David, the youngest who was tending the sheep. We also read about how David kills Goliath in the name of the Lord. (1 Samuel 15-17)  They also had a memory verse from their Christian Kids Explore Creation Science textbook. (Colossians 1:16)

Monday - G worked on Lesson 24 in ABCmouse on numbers 1-10, and B worked on number sentences for addition and subtraction.

Wednesday - Disney Movie Club sends some fun activities in the mail from time to time, and this month they sent a connect the dots 1-49 so the boys connected the dots and counted 1-49.

Friday - The boys did Lesson 3 in Math-U-See and we covered length measurement and using mainpulatives to build numbers.

Saturday - We had the cousins over today after the boys soccer game, so the boys played The Game of Life with them.  They also did dot to dot skip counting by 3's.

The Game of Life

Social Studies:
Monday - The boys did Lesson 68 in ABCmouse on Benjamin Franklin.  We learned that the colonists walked and rode a horse to get somewhere, they used candles and fires to see and to keep warm, there were no phones, people grew their own food and hunted, and they played instruments or toys such as marbles for fun.  We learned about the Liberty Bell being made over 250 years ago, and that it rang for the first time on July 8, 1776 while the Declaration of Independence was being read at Independence Hall in Pennsylvania.

Wednesday - The boys learned about some missionaries in our church that are serving in Kansas right now, so they learned some fun facts about Kansas at church tonight.

Thursday - We read chapter 2 in the book, Leprechauns and Irish Folklore for St. Patrick's Day today and we learned about ballybogs, grogochs, merrowes, dullahans, pookes, banshees, fear dearg, clnchauns, and of course leprechauns!  They also pulled out their Leap Frog Puzzle to locate Kansas.

Leap Frog Puzzle

Friday - We worked in More StoryTime Treasures from Memoria Press on The Story About Ping.  We had the boys look at a map of China and identify the Yangtze River from the story.  B also worked on Lesson 71 in  ABCmouse on America's Independence.

Memoria Press More StoryTime Treasures

Monday - B learned about the sandy desert environment and camels today in ABCmouse.

Thursday - B worked on Lesson 70 in ABCmouse on Reptiles.  The boys also worked on experiments in Magic School Bus Science Club.  They learned that the magnets could pull the loadstone, but were not strong enough to pick it up.  They also noted that the loadstone could not pick up the iron filings, but the magnets could.  They also did an experiment where the magnets with the same poles were able to repel the magnetic car backward.

Friday - We started the first chapter in Christian Kids Explore Creation Science today and learned new vocabulary words and definitions such as science, creation, and how creationist views and evolutionist views of science are different.

Christian Kids Explore Creation Science

G also did Lesson 26 in ABCmouse on the four seasons, with a main focus on summer.

Language Arts:
Monday - B learned how to make words plural by adding s or es in part of his ABCmouse lessons today.  His sight words of the day were after, first, live, put, time and water.

Wednesday - The boys worked together in Read, Write, Type on phonics of t, c, and j while also identifying where they are on a computer keyboard.

Thursday - G worked on letters q and r today in ABCmouse and was 35% complete his lessons for his second half of the year at Lesson 25.

Friday - The boys answered reading comprehension questions today from More StoryTime Treasures from Memoria Press on The Story About Ping.  B used his Children's Dictionary for the first time to check to see if his vocabulary guesses were correct. Check out our review on More StoryTime Treasures from Memoria Press here.

Saturday - G's lessons in ABCmouse were on reviewing letters m through r, and B's lessons were on regular action verbs and pronouns.

Friday - B had to answer and fill in the blank questions from More StoryTime Treasures from Memoria Press.

Memoria Press More StoryTime Treasures

Memoria Press More StoryTime Treasures
Monday - The boys had soccer practice tonight and they also listened to the song, "This Old Man" in ABCmouse.

Wednesday - The boys played outside on the playground today and also colored their picture from Disney Movie Club.  They also had choir practice and Wednesday night kids service at church.

Thursday - The boys had Nerf wars with their friends in the neighborhood.

Saturday - The boys had Nerf wars with their friends and cousins outside and played on the playground.  They also had their soccer game early in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by to share our homeschool week :)


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful and full week of schooling.

    1. Thanks, Mother of 3! It was a fun homeschool week. So glad to see you stop by and comment. Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  2. I would love to know how they explain the difference between how creationist views and evolutionist views of science. Better to address than ignore! Thanks for sharing at Practical Mondays!

    1. Hi, Swapna! The author of these texts does a great job of teaching it in a way that children can understand. It is even talked about in the Biology book by this same company. Thanks for stopping by from Practical Mondays! Hope you have an amazing week :)

  3. Sounds like a fun fill week with some super cute boys. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing with us all at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party.

    1. Thanks, Charlene! Hope you have a wonderful week also and thanks for hosting Family Joy Blog Link Up :)

  4. So much fun curriculum here! Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

    1. Hi, JES and thanks for stopping by from the Art of Home-Making Mondays! We've been really blessed this year with some amazing curriculum, and I like being able to show what each curriculum includes and how we use it. Thanks for commenting and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. It sounds like it's been a really fun filled week for you guys! Thanks so much for sharing at #FridayFrivoilty x

    1. Hi, Jessica and thanks for hosting #FridayFrivolity! Hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for commenting :)

  6. You have great and busy week indeed. It's great to know that you read a lot of books together as well :)

    1. Thanks, Indah! We all enjoy books very much. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for commenting :)