Thursday, December 24, 2015

Homeschooling During the Holidays (Weeks 16 & 17)

Hi, friends! Can you believe Christmas is tomorrow?  How fast that came up! I hope you all have a wonderful time spending time with your loved ones this week, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Merry Christmas :)

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Wednesday (12/16): We read the first part of Chapter 15 in Believe Storybook, about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3.

Monday (12/21): The boys and I wrapped up Chapter 15 in Believe Storybook, and learned about Stephen's Story in Acts 6:8-7:60.

Tuesday (12/15): My Dad was in town this week, so we had fun playing some math games. Today, was Sorry! The Spiderman 3 Edition.

Wednesday (12/16): Today, we played Sorry! The Spiderman 3 Edition again.

Thursday (12/17): B did some math family equations for the number 1 today in his workbook, and G worked on figuring out what number came in between in number sequence, and which number was greater. My Dad had a job interview while down here, so we drove him and waited for him in the car, and did homeschool. The boys also had fun playing with tangram puzzles.

Tuesday (12/22): G did Lesson 9 in ABCmouse called Math: 8 and More, and B worked on his lesson in ABCmouse called Mmmm...Pizza! and did some math family equations for the number 2.

Wednesday (12/23): We did our favorite kind of math today: Baking Christmas Cookies :)

Wednesday (12/16): We played Great States Junior today and learned how to match and identify states to their iconic landmarks or textiles, color, shape, and letter.

Friday (12/18): Today, we played Catan: Family Edition, and set up towns and settlements, and tried to win the game by getting the most points by the textiles each player received.

Monday (12/21): We looked at maps today of states where coal is produced, from our science lesson.

Wednesday (12/23): The boys and I read Jingle Bells and learned about how other countries celebrate Christmas.

Monday (12/16): We picked up my dad at the airport today, and the boys loved seeing the planes come in and take off.

Waiting for Pappy and getting to watch all the planes come in!

Thursday (12/17): Today, we read the December/January issue of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.
The boys learned about Emperor Penguins, Antarctica, reindeer, bears, and a snowshoe hare.

Friday (12/18): B did Lesson 48 Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in ABCmouse.  

Monday (12/21): We learned about the 4 different types of coal today and where it is located in the U.S. The boys got to see and touch the coal on the outside of the plastic bags. You can request the FREE Kit we used for the lesson, here from the American Coal Foundation.  We also did 2 experiments from our Magic School Bus Science Club, and learned about joints and how the heart pumps blood.

American Coal Foundation Free kit

Magic School Bus Science Club

 Magic School Bus Science Club

Tuesday (12/22): G did Lesson 10 in ABCmouse called World Around Us: More Weather, and B did Lesson 51: Muscles and Bones. They learned about different types of weather, the human skeleton, and parts of the body.

Wednesday (12/23): We incorporated some STEM into our day by building a Gingerbread House :)

Language Arts:
Monday (12/14): B read Harry the Dirty Dog all by himself, and then we read The Elf on the Shelf as a family.

Wednesday (12/16): We read Where the Wild Things Are today.

Thursday (12/17): Today, we read The Snowy Day and Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? We also found a cool book store while we were out and about, and they gave the boys some free Star Wars posters and cards!

Friday (12/18): G did Lesson 7  in ABCmouse and learned about the letter sounds of e and f.  B did Lesson 49 on the Two Sounds of C and G, and Lesson 50, and learned about silent e.

Monday (12/21): We read Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas: A Super Pop-Up Book we found at the local book shop last week.

Tuesday (12/22): G did Lesson 8 in ABCmouseand learned about the Aesop Fable, The Grasshopper and the Ant. B learned about the two sounds of letter c and his sight word of the day was them.

Wednesday (12/23): We read Gingerbread Friends today.

Thursday (12/17): The boys wrote numbers 1-10.

Tuesday (12/15): We went to one of the local parks today, we call the Pirate Ship park. 

Love this picture of my boys looking at my Dad!

Wednesday (12/16): At church tonight, the children's group had a Happy Birthday, Jesus party and ate cupcakes and cookies, and sang Christmas carols.  They also made Christmas cards.

Monday (12/21) and Tuesday (12/22): The boys had their friends come over and play.

Thanks for stopping by to share our week! Merry Christmas :)







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