Friday, November 27, 2015

Homeschool Week 13: South America

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Hi, friends and thanks for stopping by to share our week! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!  We all actually caught a stomach bug this week, so our holiday plans included staying in and resting to feel better.  In a way, this was a blessing because I had planned on homeschooling this week and probably would have stressed myself out. Instead, we all caught up on some rest and reading, and had lots of snuggles with the boys while watching some of our favorite movies.  Here is our homeschool lessons from last week:

Monday - Today, we read Chapter 12 "Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray" in Believe Storybook 
on Luke 11: 1-13 (The Lord's Prayer).

Tuesday - We read Chapter 13 "God Tells Joshua to Remember the Law" in Believe Storybook, and it was a beautiful reminder that God is always near us.

Wednesday - Today, we wrapped up Chapter 13 in Believe Storybook  on "Jesus Teaches About Four Kinds of Soil" from Matthew 13: 1-23.  I also noticed this week at least three more instances where we came across these same verses.  It talks about the seeds of our faith and what kind of soil we plant them in, and what kind of fruit of our faith is produced.

Monday - B worked on some addition today in his math workbook, while G worked on the numbers 10 and 11.

Wednesday - B did Lesson 35 in ABCmouse called What's Your Story?  He learned more about tally marks and skip counting by 5's.

Thursday - G did Lesson 72 in ABCmouse and learned about shape matching, while B's lesson on  ABCmouse involved addition and subtraction.

Social Studies:
Tuesday - We learned about South America this week.  We looked on maps for the Amazon River and Amazon Rainforest, and the Andes mountains. We used the Usborne Children's Picture Atlas for this, which is awesome for visual learners.

Wednesday - G did Lesson 71 in ABCmouse called World Around Us: Let's Be Healthy.  He learned about being healthy by eating right, exercise and some sports to play.  We also referenced the Little Passports activity booklet and what they had written on South America.

Monday - We read Ranger Rick Jr. November 2015 magazine for our lessons today.  It was awesome because it was about macaws, who live in South America!  We learned about macaws and the rainforest.  These are some stamp animals they made in the magazine.

Tuesday - We used the  Usborne Children's Picture Atlas to identify many of the plants and animals found on South America. 

Thursday - B did Lesson 38 in ABCmouse and learned about some powerful weather and vocabulary such as tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm, snow, and blizzard.

Friday - We wrapped up our weekly lesson on South America by watching Rio 2!  It is such a cute movie if you get to watch it. I love how colorful and funny all the characters are, and they do a great job of teaching some facts about the macaw and their habitats.

Language Arts:
Tuesday - B worked on ag and am word families today, and also beginning consonant sound words for v and l.  We also read a story called "How Birds got Bright Feathers" - A Story from South America from the Usborne Stories From Around the World book.  G also did Lessons 5 and 6 in 100 Easy Lessons and learned phonics for em and es.  

Wednesday - B did Lesson 36  in ABCmouse called Tell Us More! where he learned the sight word stop, and also about setting, characters, problem solution in story, and long and short vowel sounds.  G did Lesson 70 called Reading: Alphabet A to Z at the Zoo.

Thursday - G did Lesson 72  in ABCmouse on Little Red Riding Hood, and he completed Level 3 of  ABCmouse!  He is ready to start Level 4 now, which is the second half of Pre-K in ABCmouse.  He also did Lesson 7 in 100 Easy Lessons and learned phonics for me, s and e. 

B learned the sight words said, like, must and there ins his lessons today.  Lesson 37 was called Back to the Grammar Kingdom and he also learned about making things plural by adding s or es, and also some describing words.   

Monday - B wrote numbers 1-10 and G wrote numbers 10 and 11.  B also wrote at word family words.

Thursday - G wrote letters e, s, and a.

Monday - The boys had some of their friends come over and play today.

Tuesday - The boys worked on a Highlights magazine and did some puzzles and activities.  B also drew some pictures.  This is Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend, Amy.  He is getting quite good at drawing.

Wednesday - Today, they played outside with one of their friends and also listened to the song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Friday - We had a fun day playing with cousins at the park, and discovering cousin's library.  The boys were impressed because they had iPads with fun learning games on them!

That's our week! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have an amazing weekend :)




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