Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Homeschool Week 12: Africa & Nature Unit

Creative Nature Study 
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Monday - Today, we read Chapter 11 in Believe Storybook.  We learned about one of our favorite stories from Daniel 6, which is Daniel in the Lion's Den. 

Thursday - We wrapped up Chapter 11 today in Believe Storybook in Acts 16:16-35, about Paul and Silas worshiping God in prison.

Monday - B did Lesson 22 in his math workbook on addition.  G worked on 8 and 9 on his math workbook.

Wednesday - We were very blessed to win a 3 month subscription to Little Passports, and we got our first one today.  There were dot-to-dot number games, pattern activities, and also matching games.

Friday - G did a Star Wars puzzle today that we bought from Target in their dollar section. I noticed it was a 10x10 puzzles, equaling 100 pieces so I thought it would make great practice for B to go over his number recognition.  He wrote all the numbers in order from 1-100.

Social Studies:
Monday - Today we went over where the continent of Africa is. We tried a new church on Sunday and they talked about Operation Christmas Child, and they told the boys many of the boxes get sent to Africa.  My Mom is also overseas teaching, so they wanted to see where she was in comparison to where Africa is and where we live.

Wednesday - God is so good! The Little Passports activities were on the continents, which is exactly what we are learning now. We discussed the continents we learned about so far this year.  The boys matched the color of the continent to the continent name, and also applied their passport stickers to the activities.

Friday - We looked at more maps today in Usborne Children's Picture Atlas.  These are wonderful because they're colorful and full of animals and landmarks in different countries.

Monday - We were watching Dinosaur Train (Season 3/Episode 9: "One Big Frog, Caving with a Vlad") on PBS today, and they started talking about the Beezlebufo frog from Madagascar! The boys thought this was fascinating, especially since we had been talking about Africa in morning studies.

Tuesday - B did Lesson 34: Water, Water Everywhere! on ABCmouse.  Then, we went for a nature walk inspired by the ebook, Creative Nature Study.  We saw a bee, ants, butterflies, lizards, trees, and all kinds of different plants and flowers.  Check out our post on all the fun we had!

Thursday - We learned about deciduous and evergreen plants, flowers and seed today in What Your First Grader Needs to Know. (p. 200-201) 

Friday - We looked at all the different animals, plants and landmarks in Usborne Children's Picture Atlas.

Language Arts:
Monday - B worked on words with beginning consonant sounds with letters g and h.  We also all read
Good Night, Gorilla.

Tuesday - G did Lesson 4 in 100 Easy Lessons and went over phonics of ma and sa.  B did Lesson 33 called  Letter Blends and Marks in ABCmouse, and covered capital letters.  We also read Miss Maple's Seeds and the following Kevin Henkes books: Chrysanthemum, Owen's Marshmallow Chick and Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.

Wednesday - We did some story sequencing in the Little Passports and then read Jesus and His Friends.

Thursday - B did Lesson 7 on common and proper nouns in First Language Lessons.  G did a Literacy Center on beginning sounds letter match from The Mailbox, Apples and Dinosaurs Kit (Kindergarten).

Friday - Today we read a story from Africa called "Stealing the Sun" from the Usborne Stories from Around the World book.

Monday - B wrote the letters g and h, and Africa.  B wrote the numbers 8 and 9.

I've been finding these little love notes from my oldest everywhere! I'm a lucky Momma!

Tuesday - G wrote letters a and s today.

Thursday - B wrote police officers help people today and identified police officers as the common noun.  He then rewrote this to reflect a family friend who is a police officer, and identified him as the proper noun.  He also wrote letters d and w for beginning consonant sounds.

Friday - B wrote the numbers 1-100.

Monday - We went to Pet Supermarket today for dog food, and the lady at the counter was nice enough to give the boys two coloring books from the store.  They went home and painted the sheets!  They also had a play date with some of their friends in the neighborhood and we watched Veggie Tales Very Silly Songs.

Tuesday - G did Lesson 69 called Art: Black on ABCmouse and then we all went out for our nature walk with our puppy.  We ended up at the playground on the other side of the neighborhood and had a nice day of enjoying the weather.

Creative Nature Study

Thursday - The boys had their friends over today and they all went outside to play Star Wars and heroes with light sabers.  B also did some coloring and drawing today.

Friday - G worked on a Star Wars puzzle and the boys did some animal thumb printing in the November 2015 of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.  They also had a playdate with their cousins.

That's our week! It felt good to have a full homeschool week. With the holidays coming up so quick, I think we will be getting ready to take a break in about a month.  When do you and your family take a break for the holidays?





  1. Awesome! We love Dinosaur Train and Little Passports too! So much fun. 😄

    1. Thanks, Erin! There is so much fun stuff to do and watch at this age. I love it! Thanks for commenting and hope you have a wonderful week :)

  2. I have not heard o f Little Passports, but I think my 2nd grader and Kindergartner would like those!

    1. Hi, Megan! Little Passports is awesome! It's a subscription box you get each month but there's fun activities and gifts from different countries and states, so your children gets to look forward to it each month. Thanks for commenting and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Do you think Little Passports is worth the cost? How much do you need to be "hands on" with it - can the kids go off and do it themselves? I've been tempted to buy a few months' worth so many times, but I fear it will end up in a dusty corner of the basement...

    1. Hi, Tamara! I think it is worth the cost. If you sign up to receive their newsletter, they send discounts from time to time. My sons needed a little bit of help, but they did most of it themselves and loved it! We are learning about the world and continents right now, so the 3-5 year old pack was perfect. Hope this info helps! Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Sounds like a fun and busy week! We have been using Little Passports for a few years now and the kids absolutely love it, it is such a wonderful hands on way to teach kids. Hoping you have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

    1. Hi, Nicole! Little Passports has been such a blessing. I am glad to hear your kids enjoy it as well. Thanks for commenting and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

  5. Sounds like you had a great week. It looks like you are having fun with Little Passports. I have been wanting to look into it, but can't really afford it.
    Thanks for stopping by Littles Learning Link Up. Have a great week.

    1. Hi, KewKew! If you sign up for their newsletter, they send discounts from time to time. I won a 3 month subscription in a giveaway recently, so I am hoping that we will be able to continue it because they have been enjoying it. Thanks for hosting Littles Learning Link Up and for leaving a comment. Hope you have a great week as well :)