Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Homeschool Week 10: Halloween Parade & Europe

Hope you all had a fun Halloween with your families! Thanks for stopping by to share our week!

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Ant Man and Captain America

Monday - Today, we read about the story of "A Widow's Gift" in Chapter 9 of Believe Storybook, from Mark 12:38-44.  The story was about a poor widow giving her last 2 coins to the church and how much of a giving gift this was then the gifts of the rich, because she gave all she had putting faith in God to take care of her needs. 

Wednesday - We read Chapter 10 called "Elijah Goes to Heaven" in Believe Storybook from 2 Kings 2:1-17.  It was about Elijah going to heaven by burning chariot and horses, and having Elisha carry on his ministry.

Monday - G worked on number 6 in his math workbook today.

Tuesday - We made a pumpkin pie today and Jack-O-Lantern quesadillas, an awesome idea found in the Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.  We also played Monopoly.

Our dog waiting and anticipating anything landing on the floor, G with a silly face and B carving out his quesadilla.

Wednesday - G worked on number 7 in his workbook today, and B worked on a math worksheet where he learned about tally marks, greater than and less than, addition, and skip counting by 2's.

Thursday - B did Lesson 28 in ABCmouse called Crack the Code, where he learned about 3D shapes and also skip counting by 5's from 5 to 100.

Friday - We had a relaxed day today, and ended up watching Sesame Street (Season 45, Episode 14) and we learned about the number 8. I used to love watching this show growing up, and I am glad they enjoy this show as much as I did.

Social Studies:
Monday - G did Lesson 63 called The World Around Us: Getting Ready in ABCmouse.  We also learned about the continent of Europe, and how our ancestors came from there.  We learned about the Ural mountains that separate Europe from Asia, and that it is also the second smallest continent.

Tuesday - While enjoying a game of Monopoly today, I noticed that France (Ratouille) and Italy (Cars) were represented in the Pixar version of Monopoly we have.  We had some fun conversations about different things about each of these countries, that are both in Europe.

Friday - While watching Sesame Street, we learned about how important recycling is.  The episode showed how to sort the recycles, and where they end up.  It showed a recycle plant and how when your recycle, new things can be made.  They showed a plastic toy truck made from recycles and the boys thought that was really cool.

Monday - B had a lesson on ABCmouse on Dinosaurs. (Lesson 26)

Tuesday - Today, we learned about foxes, owls, bats, Canadian geese, and antelope in Ranger Rick Jr. magazine (October 2015).

Thursday - B learned about the oceans today in ABCmouse in Lesson 27, Explore the Oceans.

Monday -  Today, B worked in his workbook on consonant beginning sounds of words that start with b and j.  We also started our first Magic Treehouse book called Night of the Ninjas. We read two to three chapters a day this week together, and we finished the book by Friday!

Wednesday - B worked on ad and am word families today and did a worksheet on an words.  G did Lesson 3 in 100 Easy Lessons.  He went over the phonics of am, sa, m and s.

Thursday - B did Lesson 27 in ABCmosue on sw and gr words.  We also watched an episode of Reading Rainbow on Netflix, where we learned about a fun character named Owen.

Friday - The letter of the day on Sesame Street was s.  We finished our Magic Treehouse book, and also got into the Halloween mood by reading Bone Soup, Frankie Stein, and The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

Monday - B wrote the letters b and j.  G wrote number 6.

Wednesday - G practiced writing number 7 today.

Tuesday - My sister found a great idea on how to make owls from construction paper in Parents magazine, so she put all the materials together for us so we could make them. 

Wednesday - The boys made pictures of their Bible stories of Elijah riding to heaven in a burning chariot.  They also had fun making dolls for Operation Christmas Child out of a clothes hanger, twill and yarn.

Thursday - Our small town does an awesome Halloween parade so we went with some friends today and had a great time! There was also a carnival afterward where the boys played some sports games to win prizes.

Watching all the high school ROTC in our area.

Even Ronald McDonald made an appearance!

B and one of the youth kids at church who absolutely loves the boys! What a blessing she is to our lives!

G fishing for prizes!




  1. Ant Man and Captain America look adorable. I always loved going to parades when I was little. Looks like a great week!

    1. Thanks, Erin! The parade was a blast! It was our first year going. Thanks for commenting and hope you have an awesome weekend :)

  2. Busy week! SUCH cutie pies in their costumes! Sounds like a fun Halloween. :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah! They had such a great time this year. Thanks for commenting and hope you have an awesome weekend :)

  3. Sounds like you had a productive and lovely week with your kids! They look fantastic in their costumes and the Halloween parade looked like lots of fun.
    What a Perfect balance of learning and bit of fun

    Thanks for sharing this with us on #SHINEbloghop this week! Hope youre having a great weekend!

    1. Hi, Maria and thanks for visiting from #SHINEbloghop! I like to give them that bit of balance where they are having fun and learning at the same time. Thanks for your wonderful comment and hope your weekend is going well also :)