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Social Butterfly Sunday #26

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Hi, friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Thanks for stopping by and hope you all are having an amazing weekend :)

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Congratulations to Mary on her Literacy Musing Monday Thanksgiving Edition!

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Blogging Tips:

I had some people ask me recently how I started to monetize my blog, so I put this post together for what has worked well for me.  I hope that it helps :)



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Mice and Spiders and Webs...Oh My! (Book Blast & Giveaway Expired)

Sponsored Post: Mother Daughter Book Reviews is pleased to be coordinating a Book Blast for the picture book "Mice & Spiders & Webs... Oh My!" by Sherrill S. Cannon. To see more on this, please check out my disclosure. Thanks for stopping by!

Mice & Spiders & Webs... Oh My!

Title: Mice & Spiders & Webs... Oh My! | Author: Sherrill S. Cannon | Illustrator: Kalpart | Publication Date: March 19, 2015 | Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC | Pages: 30 | Recommended Ages: 3 to 8 | Reviewed by: Renee (Mother)

Summary: Is your child a good listener? Rosemary is a little girl who is worried about returning to school after her teacher warns the class that they would soon have some mice, spiders, and webs in the classroom. Could Rosemary have misunderstood something? How can mice and spiders and webs belong at school? Full of "Computer Speak," this story introduces young readers to basic computer terms in a delightful way! See if your child can discover the mystery of the misunderstood words, and learn about the fun of computers with Rosemary.

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Please note that 50% of the cost of Sherrill Cannon's books go to the following two organizations: and Here are Ms. Cannon's other books:

Macintosh HD:Users:skcannon60:Dropbox:iPhoto Library:Masters:2014:03:15:20140315-145024:IMG_1139.JPGMy Fingerpaint Masterpiece deals with perspective, perception and self-esteem as a child fingerpaints artwork in class, and later discovers it as part of the town’s Art Contest.

Macintosh HD:Users:skcannon60:Dropbox:iPhoto Library:Masters:2014:06:12:20140612-155332:IMG_1287.JPGManner-Man is a Superhero who helps children cope with bullies, and teaches them how to look within themselves for their own superhero.

Macintosh HD:Users:skcannon60:Dropbox:iPhoto Library:Masters:2014:08:20:20140820-114042:IMG_1390.JPGGimme-Jimmy is about how a bully learns to share. His “New Polite Rule” helps him learn to make friends.

Macintosh HD:Users:skcannon60:Dropbox:iPhoto Library:Masters:2012:09:10:20120910-174324:TheMagicWord-6lg copy.jpgThe Magic Word helps Elisabeth learn the magic word “please”, and to use it every day. Please and Thank you are words that everyone needs to use!

Macintosh HD:Users:skcannon60:Dropbox:iPhoto Library:Masters:2013:11:06:20131106-210036:IMG_0871.JPGPeter and the Whimper-Whineys, helps parents cope with whining, disguised as a fun story. Peter is a rabbit who whines all the time, and might have to join the Whimper-Whineys.

Macintosh HD:Users:skcannon60:Dropbox:iPhoto Library:Masters:2013:11:06:20131106-210036:IMG_0873.JPGSanta’s Birthday Gift includes Santa in the Christmas story. (After reading a story of the nativity to her granddaughter, she was asked “But where’s Santa?”)

The Buzz About the Book

"Mice & Spiders & Webs... Oh My! features a wonderful rhyming tale with an important underlying message about "being a good listener". As an added bonus, the book also features bright and kid-friendly illustrations with cameo appearances of characters and covers from previous books. I highly recommend this (and other books by Sherrill S. Cannon) for children ages 4 to 8 years." ~ Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews
"I adored this fun story and know it will become a fast favorite among readers." ~ Stacie @ BeachBoundBooks
"This book is educational, while entertaining too, and is a great teaching tool on being a good Listener." ~ Lu Ann, Rockin' Book Reviews
"This is a very fun book for both children and adults. It carries an important message, but at the same time introduces computer terminology that perhaps not every child will be familiar with." ~ Crsytal @ Castle View Academy

About the Author: Sherrill S. Cannon

Sherrill CannonSherrill S. Cannon is a former teacher and a grandmother of ten, who is also an Award-Winning Best-Selling Author! Her multi-cultural books have received thirty-six 2011-15 National and International awards. Most of her books try to teach something, like good manners and consideration for others. All of her books are part of two fundraisers, one to help find a cure for Juvenile Myositis, an incurable children's disease at and another for the anti-bullying campaign at at 50% of the cost of her books on these sites will go directly to each organization!

Sherrill is also the author of seven published and internationally performed plays for elementary school children, She is a resident of New Hope, PA and travels with her husband of 55 years throughout North America in their RV, sharing her books along the way!

Website * SBPRA Website * CureJM Website

Google+ * Twitter * Facebook * Pinterest * Goodreads

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Homeschool Week 13: South America

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Hi, friends and thanks for stopping by to share our week! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!  We all actually caught a stomach bug this week, so our holiday plans included staying in and resting to feel better.  In a way, this was a blessing because I had planned on homeschooling this week and probably would have stressed myself out. Instead, we all caught up on some rest and reading, and had lots of snuggles with the boys while watching some of our favorite movies.  Here is our homeschool lessons from last week:

Monday - Today, we read Chapter 12 "Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray" in Believe Storybook 
on Luke 11: 1-13 (The Lord's Prayer).

Tuesday - We read Chapter 13 "God Tells Joshua to Remember the Law" in Believe Storybook, and it was a beautiful reminder that God is always near us.

Wednesday - Today, we wrapped up Chapter 13 in Believe Storybook  on "Jesus Teaches About Four Kinds of Soil" from Matthew 13: 1-23.  I also noticed this week at least three more instances where we came across these same verses.  It talks about the seeds of our faith and what kind of soil we plant them in, and what kind of fruit of our faith is produced.

Monday - B worked on some addition today in his math workbook, while G worked on the numbers 10 and 11.

Wednesday - B did Lesson 35 in ABCmouse called What's Your Story?  He learned more about tally marks and skip counting by 5's.

Thursday - G did Lesson 72 in ABCmouse and learned about shape matching, while B's lesson on  ABCmouse involved addition and subtraction.

Social Studies:
Tuesday - We learned about South America this week.  We looked on maps for the Amazon River and Amazon Rainforest, and the Andes mountains. We used the Usborne Children's Picture Atlas for this, which is awesome for visual learners.

Wednesday - G did Lesson 71 in ABCmouse called World Around Us: Let's Be Healthy.  He learned about being healthy by eating right, exercise and some sports to play.  We also referenced the Little Passports activity booklet and what they had written on South America.

Monday - We read Ranger Rick Jr. November 2015 magazine for our lessons today.  It was awesome because it was about macaws, who live in South America!  We learned about macaws and the rainforest.  These are some stamp animals they made in the magazine.

Tuesday - We used the  Usborne Children's Picture Atlas to identify many of the plants and animals found on South America. 

Thursday - B did Lesson 38 in ABCmouse and learned about some powerful weather and vocabulary such as tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm, snow, and blizzard.

Friday - We wrapped up our weekly lesson on South America by watching Rio 2!  It is such a cute movie if you get to watch it. I love how colorful and funny all the characters are, and they do a great job of teaching some facts about the macaw and their habitats.

Language Arts:
Tuesday - B worked on ag and am word families today, and also beginning consonant sound words for v and l.  We also read a story called "How Birds got Bright Feathers" - A Story from South America from the Usborne Stories From Around the World book.  G also did Lessons 5 and 6 in 100 Easy Lessons and learned phonics for em and es.  

Wednesday - B did Lesson 36  in ABCmouse called Tell Us More! where he learned the sight word stop, and also about setting, characters, problem solution in story, and long and short vowel sounds.  G did Lesson 70 called Reading: Alphabet A to Z at the Zoo.

Thursday - G did Lesson 72  in ABCmouse on Little Red Riding Hood, and he completed Level 3 of  ABCmouse!  He is ready to start Level 4 now, which is the second half of Pre-K in ABCmouse.  He also did Lesson 7 in 100 Easy Lessons and learned phonics for me, s and e. 

B learned the sight words said, like, must and there ins his lessons today.  Lesson 37 was called Back to the Grammar Kingdom and he also learned about making things plural by adding s or es, and also some describing words.   

Monday - B wrote numbers 1-10 and G wrote numbers 10 and 11.  B also wrote at word family words.

Thursday - G wrote letters e, s, and a.

Monday - The boys had some of their friends come over and play today.

Tuesday - The boys worked on a Highlights magazine and did some puzzles and activities.  B also drew some pictures.  This is Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend, Amy.  He is getting quite good at drawing.

Wednesday - Today, they played outside with one of their friends and also listened to the song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Friday - We had a fun day playing with cousins at the park, and discovering cousin's library.  The boys were impressed because they had iPads with fun learning games on them!

That's our week! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have an amazing weekend :)




9 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the links, I will be compensated. Thanks for supporting my site!

I have been asked recently how I started to make money while blogging.  This a very important question to any blogger, because there is a much time, effort and heart that goes into each post.  I think it is wonderful to be able to work from home part time, and still homeschool my sons.  It has helped my husband and I pay off some bills, helped pay for groceries, and it gives us "play money" to get the boys a new toy, or go out to dinner. 

My first piece of advice is to pray.  Ask the Lord to direct you in what He wants you to write about.  Remember, God works in His timing and not ours, so be patient.  This process could take several months but have faith. We each are blessed in our own unique talents and gifts, and the Lord has tremendously blessed me during not only our homeschool journey, but also through blogging.  Blogging is a trial and error learning experience, and I am still gaining insight into this! I'm hoping that this advice will help you on your blogging journey.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

My experience so far has been exclusively on Blogger, so I don't know many of the WordPress or other options that are available.  Blogger offers AdSense, which tries to match what you post with ads of companies that fit your niche. ( I had a terrible experience using this and would not recommend using AdSense for your blog.)  Amazon is also a great affiliate to work with.  Many companies offer affiliate programs also, so check out some of the sites you like and see if you can sign up as an affiliate.  Here are some referral/affiliate links of mine if you want to try them out:

Educents: It is a homeschool and education site full of the latest educational deals that you can share with your readers.


Linqia : This company gives you directions on what they want you to post, and working on these posts are fun, and bring traffic to your blog. They work with brand name companies and have been very friendly and professional to work with. :They work with many companies. I have partnered with gazelle on here and they have been awesome to work with.

Sverve  :You can add your blog links here to get more traffic, and there are also campaigns where they pay you for tweeting or pinning something for a company. They also offer paid campaigns from time to time.

Non-Paid Review Sites (But they offer free products in exchange for an honest review on your blog)

Book Look Bloggers: They send you free books in exchange for an honest review on your blog.


Tyndale Blog Network. Again, not paid but do they do send you free books in exchange for a review on your blog.

Helpful Tips for Link Up Parties or Social Media Follow Lists:

inlinkz.: This is free to use but it will not give you the thumbnail (picture) option if you host a link up party. It will only be a text link, but to have the pictures is less than $20 for the whole year and it is definitely worth it.

These are all the companies that I have made money with but it is as I said, a trial and error thing, even when trying to monetize your blog. Just be patient and pray, and opportunities will come your way.  Let me know if I can answer any questions and let me know how you do in the blogging world!



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Social Butterfly Sunday #25

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Hello friends and thanks for stopping by!  Link up your amazing posts below and then add your Google+ at the bottom for the social media share of the week.  Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week :)

This Week's Featured Post...
Prepare Your Heart for Christmas

Congratulations to Melanie for her Prepare Your Heart for Christmas post!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

52 Little Lessons From A Christmas Carol by: Bob Welch (Book Review)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

52 Little Lessons From A Christmas Carol is the perfect title for this book because it literally is 52 little lessons from this classic and beloved Christmas story.  All of these lessons incorporate how we can live our lives not only at Christmas, but throughout the whole year.  The book offers real life examples of how to apply these lessons to our lives, along with scripture and Biblical references.  There is also a brief summary at the beginning of the book describing the book, A Christmas Carol by: Charles Dickens, and throughout the book are mention of the over 20 films based on A Christmas Carol. 

The author refers to A Christmas Carol and Scrooge, as a "redemption story."  I thought how beautiful and true that is.  Here is a man who was so lost in his love of money that he didn't even recognize the world around him, other than to criticize or be cruel.  He is lead through his past, present and future if he does not change.  The author does an amazing job of going in chorological order of the story so it like is reliving this classic in a new way. 

I very much enjoyed reading this book.  It was fascinating to see what Dickens' was trying to convey and how the author shows you this.  I would highly recommend reading this book, especially with Christmas not too far away.  It has you reexamine yourself through the eyes of many of the characters and how you can live your life better.  I would recommend this book for high school students and older not because it was a hard book to read, but because many of the concepts written would go over a child's head.

Thanks for stopping by to read my review. If you would like to find out more about this book or the author, please click here.

I review for BookLook Bloggers



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Homeschool Week 12: Africa & Nature Unit

Creative Nature Study 
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Thanks for supporting my site!
Monday - Today, we read Chapter 11 in Believe Storybook.  We learned about one of our favorite stories from Daniel 6, which is Daniel in the Lion's Den. 

Thursday - We wrapped up Chapter 11 today in Believe Storybook in Acts 16:16-35, about Paul and Silas worshiping God in prison.

Monday - B did Lesson 22 in his math workbook on addition.  G worked on 8 and 9 on his math workbook.

Wednesday - We were very blessed to win a 3 month subscription to Little Passports, and we got our first one today.  There were dot-to-dot number games, pattern activities, and also matching games.

Friday - G did a Star Wars puzzle today that we bought from Target in their dollar section. I noticed it was a 10x10 puzzles, equaling 100 pieces so I thought it would make great practice for B to go over his number recognition.  He wrote all the numbers in order from 1-100.

Social Studies:
Monday - Today we went over where the continent of Africa is. We tried a new church on Sunday and they talked about Operation Christmas Child, and they told the boys many of the boxes get sent to Africa.  My Mom is also overseas teaching, so they wanted to see where she was in comparison to where Africa is and where we live.

Wednesday - God is so good! The Little Passports activities were on the continents, which is exactly what we are learning now. We discussed the continents we learned about so far this year.  The boys matched the color of the continent to the continent name, and also applied their passport stickers to the activities.

Friday - We looked at more maps today in Usborne Children's Picture Atlas.  These are wonderful because they're colorful and full of animals and landmarks in different countries.

Monday - We were watching Dinosaur Train (Season 3/Episode 9: "One Big Frog, Caving with a Vlad") on PBS today, and they started talking about the Beezlebufo frog from Madagascar! The boys thought this was fascinating, especially since we had been talking about Africa in morning studies.

Tuesday - B did Lesson 34: Water, Water Everywhere! on ABCmouse.  Then, we went for a nature walk inspired by the ebook, Creative Nature Study.  We saw a bee, ants, butterflies, lizards, trees, and all kinds of different plants and flowers.  Check out our post on all the fun we had!

Thursday - We learned about deciduous and evergreen plants, flowers and seed today in What Your First Grader Needs to Know. (p. 200-201) 

Friday - We looked at all the different animals, plants and landmarks in Usborne Children's Picture Atlas.

Language Arts:
Monday - B worked on words with beginning consonant sounds with letters g and h.  We also all read
Good Night, Gorilla.

Tuesday - G did Lesson 4 in 100 Easy Lessons and went over phonics of ma and sa.  B did Lesson 33 called  Letter Blends and Marks in ABCmouse, and covered capital letters.  We also read Miss Maple's Seeds and the following Kevin Henkes books: Chrysanthemum, Owen's Marshmallow Chick and Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.

Wednesday - We did some story sequencing in the Little Passports and then read Jesus and His Friends.

Thursday - B did Lesson 7 on common and proper nouns in First Language Lessons.  G did a Literacy Center on beginning sounds letter match from The Mailbox, Apples and Dinosaurs Kit (Kindergarten).

Friday - Today we read a story from Africa called "Stealing the Sun" from the Usborne Stories from Around the World book.

Monday - B wrote the letters g and h, and Africa.  B wrote the numbers 8 and 9.

I've been finding these little love notes from my oldest everywhere! I'm a lucky Momma!

Tuesday - G wrote letters a and s today.

Thursday - B wrote police officers help people today and identified police officers as the common noun.  He then rewrote this to reflect a family friend who is a police officer, and identified him as the proper noun.  He also wrote letters d and w for beginning consonant sounds.

Friday - B wrote the numbers 1-100.

Monday - We went to Pet Supermarket today for dog food, and the lady at the counter was nice enough to give the boys two coloring books from the store.  They went home and painted the sheets!  They also had a play date with some of their friends in the neighborhood and we watched Veggie Tales Very Silly Songs.

Tuesday - G did Lesson 69 called Art: Black on ABCmouse and then we all went out for our nature walk with our puppy.  We ended up at the playground on the other side of the neighborhood and had a nice day of enjoying the weather.

Creative Nature Study

Thursday - The boys had their friends over today and they all went outside to play Star Wars and heroes with light sabers.  B also did some coloring and drawing today.

Friday - G worked on a Star Wars puzzle and the boys did some animal thumb printing in the November 2015 of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.  They also had a playdate with their cousins.

That's our week! It felt good to have a full homeschool week. With the holidays coming up so quick, I think we will be getting ready to take a break in about a month.  When do you and your family take a break for the holidays?