Monday, October 12, 2015

Magelica's Voyage by: Louise Courey Nadeau (Book Review)
Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book set from the author, through a Book Blitz run by Mother Daughter & Son Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review. 
Magelica's Voyage is a magical children's story about believing in yourself and having faith.  Magelica is a fairy hatched from a sapphire-colored egg, but who has never met her parents.  She is watched over by a Guardian Angel named Gri.  After a scary storm, she arrives safely home but is then whisked away to a magical land with two suns.  She is asked for help by a wizard and a creature to help save a turtle and their land to help find a prince.  She gets to meet a queen and starts to understand who she is, just by being herself.
The illustrations in this book are incredible and I would not be surprised if this gets turned into a children's movie. The creatures and characters are lovable, especially Magelica and her dragon, Tris.  The story is one of adventure and courage, and my sons did not want me to put this book down! 
I think that this book is for both boys and girls.  The boys will enjoy the magic and adventure, and the girls can relate to Magelica in knowing that they can believe in themselves.  This is a wonderfully positive message for any child, and the author does a great job of sharing this.
Many of us can relate to battling storms in life and struggling to know who we are and what we are capable of.  This book gets right down to a child's level of understanding and shows that it takes work (effort), but also belief, faith, and love to make anything possible.  It is a beautiful message for today in a world full of hurt. 
Magelica has a special feather necklace in the story, one in which she keeps and the other she gives to someone she cares about.  I like that there is a Magelica store, where you can actually buy not only the book but also a feather necklace set and also other fun items mentioned in the story.  You can also download free coloring pages and a free sticker book with the characters from the story.  I don't have daughters, but I have nieces who I know would absolutely love these items!
Magelica's Voyage is an amazing story and I will be posting a review soon for the sequel, The Rescue.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has a child who has imagination.  It is a fun fairy tale story of mystical creatures where suspension of disbelief takes over, and it is just an enjoyable story to be read over and over again! Which is exactly what my sons and I did :)
Thank you to Mother Daughter & Son Book Reviews and to the author, Louise Courey Nadeau for including me in this Book Blitz.  A special thank you to the author for the note enclosed.  My sons that thought that was so cool to have a handwritten note from an author!
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  1. Looks like an interesting books for boys and girls. Thanks for sharing with #What to Read Wednesday. Hope to see you back next week!

    1. Hi, Trena and thanks for hosting #What to Read Wednesday! It was a fun, fairy tale book we all enjoyed very much. Thanks for commenting and hope you have an amazing week :)