Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 5: Directions Vocabulary

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Monday - Today, we learned about Moses and the Ten Commandments in Believe Storybook.

Thursday - My husband became the Youth Pastor at our church so he went to See You at the Pole (#syatp) the day before to support one of our youth and the students at her school.  He coordinated with the Senior Citizens Director at our church to have the 3 high schools our youth group is in, to show them support by having at least one member from the church at the event.

Two of the high schools were represented, but unfortunately the high school our pastor's daughter goes to, no one from our church showed up. Not only that, but she was the only student at the flag pole that day from her entire high school.  We decided to have her own personal See You at the Pole today, and more members from church showed up to support her and to pray.  I'm glad we were there to show this amazing girl support and it is wonderful to see how strong her faith is!

This is my Mom meeting up with us for See You at the Pole.  She just went overseas to teach and won't be back until around Christmas.  I thought this picture was so cool because it was so dark, and the street lamp in the back not only looks like a star, but also a cross. 

My boys got an up close and personal view of what public school is like.  We were all up and out of the house before 6:30 a.m.  My oldest who always asks about public school (he thinks it is just recess, pizza, friends and then he goes home from TV shows he has seen about it), told me he never wanted to go to public school because of how early he had to get up!

Friday - We finished Chapter 4 in Believe Storybook and learned about Jesus being tempted in the desert by Satan.  The boys learned how important it is to have God's Word in their hearts.

Monday - G worked on the number 2 in his Math Readiness booklet.  B completed a worksheet where he had to fill in the blank for numbers 10-100, and what position they had to be in. (learning before, after, and in between)

Tuesday - G did Lesson 55 Math More 1 to 5 on ABCmouse, learning by doing dot-to-dot puzzles and recognizing what number was what and how many it represented.  B did Lesson 10 on ABCmouse called Let's Get Counting and the boys watched videos counting 10-100 from this. Lesson 11 was called People at Work and they played puzzles on counting on a hundreds chart by 1's and 10's.

Thursday - Both the boys counted every single number on a hundreds chart. (1-100)

Friday - B did Lesson 13 on ABCmouse called Coin Magic!  He also worked on a worksheet with number lines and we used manipulates to help him understand how to work on starting addition equations.

Social Studies:
Monday - B learned north, south, east and west today and how to draw them on a compass and where to find these on a map. 

Tuesday - B's Lesson 11 on ABCmouse had him learn about many different job titles such as a builder, baker, teacher and gardener. 

Thursday - We played Catan, which is becoming one of our favorite family games.  You have to build a settlement and learn to barter, trade and sell.  This also helps the boys work on animal or color item matching.

Friday - B did Lesson 12 on Insects in ABCmouse.  We also are trying to grow our avocado pits so we can plant and grow a tree in the yard!

Language Arts:
Monday - B did Lesson 2 in First Language Lessons and learned to read a poem by: Christina G. Rosetti called The Caterpillar.

Tuesday - B did Lesson 11 on ABCmouse and his sight word was us.  G did Lesson 56 in ABCmouse called Reading Letter X and he did some memory matches on recognizing the letter x.

Wednesday - Today's author spotlight at the library was Lois Ehlert.  Our librariran read some of her books such as Boo to You, Nuts to You, and Leaf Man, which actually had north, south, east and west mentioned!  We also watched a video based off of one of her books, Waiting for Wings.

Friday - G did his very first lesson in 100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read.  He learned the phonetics of letters m and s.  B did Lesson 3 in First Language Lessons and learned about common nouns and some family common noun names.  He also read The Caterpillar poem all by himself!

Monday - G wrote the number 2 and B wrote k, and numbers 10-100 by 10's.

Friday - B did first, last, and last in correlation to G working on a craft project.  G wrote letters m and s, and B worked on a worksheet for consonant letter R recognition.

Monday - The boys had fun painting today and painted their favorite topic this month, Skylanders.  B also painted north, south, east and west.

Tuesday - G listened to the song Five Little Ducks and B drew Skylanders. 

Wednesday - At the library, the boys danced to Sally the Swinging Snake and did a finger play called Two Little Blackbirds.  They played Simon Says at Mission Friends at church later that night, and also made some crafts.

Thursday - The boys had a blast playing football with their friends outside tonight.  The older kids switched the game to Tw-Hand Touch instead of Tackle so they wouldn't get hurt.  Glad the kids in the neighborhood play so nicely with them.

Friday - G worked on a worksheet where he had to color, cut, and paste pictures of baby animals and match them up with the parent animal.

Thanks for stopping by to share our week! Leave a comment on what you are working on with your kids this week.  Did you participate in See You at the Pole? Hope you all have an awesome week :)



  1. We've grown sweet potatoes the same way you are growing avocado seeds. It was cool to see the roots growing.

    1. Hi, Susan! That's awesome! I'm hoping our avocados do well also. Thanks for commenting and hope you have an amazing week :)

  2. We are huge catan fans! And love how you supprted your teen for SYATP... we are high school youth leaders as well. :) Would love to have you link up with us!

    1. Hi Branson Merrill! That is awesome, what a small world! We learned about Catan at my husband's aunt and uncle's house, and we had to buy our own game as soon as we got back home! Yea, this youth is a special kid with a heart for Christ. It broke my heart to hear that so my husband and I knew we had to support her. Thanks for sharing the link up. Headed over there now. Thank you for commenting and hope you have a wonderful week :)