Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 3: Calendar, Living and Non-Living, & Location

Wow, so I am a week behind on posting on our weekly adventures.  I apologize for that.  It's been a busy week, and last week we lost some time as most of us were not feeling well in the house.  We took off for Labor Day and Friday was a sick day for every person in our house.  Good news is we are all feeling better, and now I am catching up, lol ;)

Hope you all are doing well and thanks for stopping by to share our adventures.  I hope to have this last week up before the weekend is out. 
Even our puppy and kitty just wanted to lay around and lounge last week while we were trying to feel better.
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Monday - We learned about Adam, Eve, Satan and the banishment from the garden of Eden.  We also learned the good news that God sent us a Savior in Jesus to save us from our sins in Believe Storybook.

Tuesday - G played Eggy Numbers 1-10 app and practiced writing numbers.

Thursday - E played Eggy Subtraction Subtract to 20 app and learned about subtraction families.

Social Studies:
Tuesday - B learned Let's Move lesson 7 on ABCmouse.

Wednesday - The boys learned about our address, countries, continents and cities on a map and filled out worksheets on where we live.

Thursday - We learned about living and non-living things, and used Science4Us to help us learn with their fun, interactive videos and lessons.  Living things need air, food, water and shelter.

Language Arts:
Tuesday - B did Lesson 8 - Very Special Letters on ABCmouse and learned phonetic sounds through looking at readers for ot, am, and an words.

Wednesday - We went over the calendar and days of the week today.  The boys also did some vocabulary fun on Eggy Vocabulary app.

Thursday - There was more Eggy Vocabulary fun today. 

Tuesday - G wrote number 10.

Wednesday - B had to write our address, USA, North America and the state we live in.  B wrote letters A and a.

Monday - We were blessed to be able to spend time with my brother and his family.  My Mom actually had all of her children, their spouses and her grandchildren in one place at one time which is a rare treat.  We had a fun day swimming before it started to rain, and then the adults played Dominos and the kids watched Disney movies. It was a great day :)

Tuesday - The boys cut and pasted worksheets for calendar time, living/non-living things and for learning where we live.  G also did a letter A puzzle.

Friday - The boys had their very first sleep over without Mommy and Daddy.  They had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa's house, while Mommy and Daddy got a night out to Disney with our youth group for Night of Joy.  Hard to believe how fast my babies are growing up!

That's our week.  Hope you all had a nice week :)



  1. Sorry y'all weren't feeling well! But it sounds like a nice day with family and night out to make up for it a little. :)

    1. Hi, Sarah! It was definitely a rough week but seeing family and having a night out with my husband did make up for that. Thanks for commenting and hope you have a fantastic week :)

  2. Glad you are feeling better, it looks like you have made up for lost time :)

    1. Hi, Channon! Thank you; that is one of the amazing things about homeschooling is it is flexible to allow for things like being sick and having to make up work. Thanks for commenting and hope you have an amazing week :)