Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 2: Weather and Greater Than, Less Than & Equal To

Hi, and hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  I was very blessed to be able to spend some time with family.  My brother and his family came in from out of state and my Mom was beyond happy when all of her children, their spouses and her grandchildren were in one place at one time.  It was truly special. 
Thanks for stopping by to see our week! 
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Bible Time:
Monday - We read Chapter 2 in Believe Storybook and learned Psalm 23.  We also read a book called Psalm 23, which gives beautiful illustrations to go along with this amazing Psalm.  We also read about David and Goliath in Jesus Calling.

Tuesday - The boys learned about the Prodigal Son on the free Bible app for kids.

Wednesday - Tonight, the boys learned about what a church planter is in Mission Friends at church.  They also learned Job 37:14.

Friday - I felt like the lesson learned today was more for me than the boys.  We finished Chapter 2 of Believe Storybook and it was on Matthew 6:25-34, and how the birds don't worry about where their food will come from tomorrow.  They just know it will be provided.  What a beautiful message that is. 

Monday - G did Lesson 49 on ABCmouse learning about penguins and the numbers 1-5 and 16.

Tuesday - G did Lesson 51 on ABCmouse learning about triangles.

Wednesday - The boys played with tangram puzzles.

tangram puzzles

Thursday - We found a great deal on a Dominos game at Kohls this week so we taught the boys how to play and match up the number of dots to another.  We also played an Apple-Seed Number Sentences game from a Scholastic workbook and the boys learned greater than, less than and equal to.  We also used Crocodile Dentist to enforce these learning skills that the "mouth" is open to the greater number because the crocodile wants more apples to eat!  They had a blast!

Crocodile Dentist

Crocodile Dentist

Friday - We took a trip to the grocery store and the boys had fun weighing 2 oranges to 9 pears, and which weighed less or greater than the other!  They amaze me how fast they learn!

Social Studies:
Wednesday - The boys learned about California and a family of church planters there in Mission Friends at church.

Monday - G learned about penguins and where they live, and what they eat on  ABCmouse.  B did Lesson 3 On the Farm and Lesson 4 Ivan's Weather Machine.  It has been wonderful for his vocabulary and learning science definitions such as cumulonimbus clouds, meteorologist, thermometer, anemometer, and atmosphere.

Friday - We did the Ranger Rick Jr. magazine from August 2015 and learned about tigers, animals with stripes and the similarities and differences, animals in the mud and played a hide-and-seek game.

Monday - G did Lesson 48 Reading the Letter T on ABCmouse and Lesson 50 Reading Letter U.

Tuesday - G did Lesson 52 Reading Letter V on ABCmouse and B did Lesson 5 Murphy and His Calendar.

Wednesday - We found an awesome deal at a thrift store on a book called Star Wars ABC.  My sons are loving this book because they love Star Wars and my youngest who is 4, is wanting to learn his letters now to know the character names!  We also read Scaredy Squirrel.

Thursday - B listened to letter N phonics and had to circle pictures that started with the letter N.  We also read more Scaredy Squirrel books like Scaredy Squirrel At Night, Scaredy Squirrel Has a Birthday, Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping, and Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend.  We also read Diary of a Worm.

Friday - B and I had a celebration today as we finished 100 Easy Lessons book.  We started this book halfway through preK and he finally finished!  Now, it's G's turn to start the book soon! 

Monday - B wrote out Psalm 23.

Friday - B wrote a and z.

Monday - We listened to Old McDonald Had a Farm and the boys had some friends over from the neighborhood.

Tuesday - B did Lesson 6 on ABCmouse Color Mixing with Ivan.

Wednesday - The boys got to see their friends from Mission Friends and sang a song called What's the Weather" sung to the tune of Clementine.

Thursday - The boys did some water color painting and stamping.

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  1. It sounds like you had a fun, productive week. My boys would have loved that crocodile toy when they were little!

    1. Hi, Susan! We're trying to get back into the homeschool groove so I was excited at how much we did. That game is so much fun! Thanks for commenting and hope you have an amazing week :)

  2. Awe, what a great week! I love how you incorporated the Crocodile Dentist! Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

    1. Hi, Erin! Thank you, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing which seems to happen a lot in our homeschool! Thanks for commenting and hope you have a fantastic week :)