Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1st Week Back to Homeschool (2015-2016)

1st Week Back to Homeschool 2015-2016
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Last week we started back to homeschool.  I can't believe how fast the summer went by but we were all excited to get back to a somewhat normal routine!  Hope you all had a nice summer and thanks for stopping by to share our week :)
My sweet boys on the first day this year!
Bible Time:
Monday - This year, we are using Believe Storybook by: Randy Frazee for our Bible time.  It's broken down into 30 lessons and each section offers an Old Testament story, New testament story and a life application that children can understand.  We covered Genesis 1-2 and that everything began with God. (Creation)
Wednesday - The boys learned about Pastor Appreciation in their Missions Friends class at church.
Thursday - We read about John the Baptist in Believe Storybook. 
Friday - We went over to a friends house and learned about Shabbat.  Everyone brought a dish, similar to a potluck and my friend said a prayer in Hebrew, then in English and we all fellowshipped together and ate!   
Lemon chicken, Spanish rice, bread and dipping oil, rosemary potatoes and a delicious salad with chick peas and black olives!  It was a feast!
Sunday - The church made my husband and I, Youth Directors at our church and we needed someone to watch the boys while we teach the class on Sunday nights.  My friend is awesome and volunteered to make the boys and the Pastor's youngest daughter, their very own class!  They learned about community helpers in the Bible and played Bible hopscotch!  
Tuesday - B played Brain Quest Add and Subtract to practice his beginner addition and subtraction for first grade.  G did Lesson 45 on ABCmouse on Squares.
Brain Quest Add and Subtract
Wednesday - G wrote out the numbers 1-50 on his worksheet in Horizons Mathematics 1. 
Thursday - The boys made a Veggie Tales Friendship Box, which was fun because it came with stickers and they had to stick them on by following the number that coordinated with that color.  It included 650 stickers and had them look at numbers 1-12.  G also did some work in his Pre-k Math book, finding the missing number in a sequence.
Friday - B did Lesson 2 on ABCmouse that was called Fun wit Shawna and Jessie, and the boys had to fill in a Hundreds Chart.  B is using the new ABCmouse for 1st Grade and I've been really impressed so far!  B also had to write out 51-100.
Social Studies:
Monday - The boys learned that koalas live in Australia and we looked where that is on the map.
Tuesday - B did Lesson 1 on ABCmouse called Explore and Discover.
Monday - The boys and I learned about echidnas, koalas, butterflies, pigs, fish with animal names, and a piping plover in the June/July 2015 edition of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.
Tuesday - We watched a Rock n Learn DVD on the Physical body, and the boys were prompted to remember to take their vitamins to take care of their body.
Monday - B did Lesson 98 in 100 Easy Lessons and both boys listened to the stories and the stories in Ranger Rick Jr. for reading comprehension.
Tuesday - G worked on Lesson 44 Reading the Letter R in ABCmouse.
Wednesday - B did Lesson 99 in 100 Easy Lessons and listened for reading comprehension.
Thursday - My husband and I had some things to do at church so the boys went to the library at church and found a fun game called Clifford ABC Bingo.  I called out the letters and the boys had to match the letter on their bingo card.  It was a blast!
Friday - G did Lesson 46 in ABCmouse called Reading the Letter S.
Monday - B had to write er, d, they, from, and dust from his reading lesson.
Wednesday - He wrote 1-50 for his math lesson.
Thursday - B wrote s and r for his reading lesson.
Friday - B wrote 50-100 for his math lesson.
Monday - The boys had some Play doh fun and made animals to go along with the story of Creation we were reading about.  They also had some of their friends from the neighborhood over to play.
Wednesday - The boys had Mission Friends at church and got to play with some of their friends from church.
Thursday - The boys made a mosaic from the Veggie Tales Friendship Box.
Veggie Tales Friendship Box
Friday - B has been drawing all week and he is becoming quite the artist.  He made a self portrait this week.  G did Lesson 47 in ABCmouse called Art: More Secondary Colors.  They also enjoyed seeing their friends for the Shabbat dinner later that evening.
Saturday - We had a busy day today and I was thankful to my 14 year old nephew for helping me with the boys.  My husband had events going on that day, and the boys and I had a birthday party and a baby shower to go to. 
Having fun at the YMCA Water Area for a birthday party.
The boys even got to practice some basketball while they were at the party!

Have you started back to school or back to homeschool yet?  How did your first week go?
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  1. Great pics! I miss my homeschooling days from when my girls were young!


    1. Hi, OrangeHeroMama! This is my third year homeschooling and I can't believe how fast time flies! I'm headed over to check out your article now. Thanks for your comment and hope you have a wonderful week :)

  2. What a wonderful back to homeschool week!

    I've never seen or heard of the Believe storybook. I'll have to investigate that for my kiddos!

    Such a full week.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Hi, Jennifer and thanks for hosting #SHINEbloghop! Believe Storybook has been incredible. We're on our second week and they are learning so much and enjoying reading the stories! Thanks for commenting and hope you had a lovely day as well :)

  3. Busy week! Looks like a great start back. :) I don't homeschool myself (no kids yet) but I was homeschooled.... so that counts for something, right? ;) Your boys are super cute!

    1. Hi, Sarah! That is awesome you were homeschooled! I went to public school but I really felt called to homeschool my sons. Thanks for your wonderful comment, and hope you have an amazing week :)