Sunday, July 26, 2015

Social Butterfly Sunday #8

Hey everyone and welcome to week 8 of Social Butterfly Sunday!  My family and I are traveling this week to celebrate the life of my husband's grandfather.  He went home to be with the Lord and we celebrate because he is no longer in pain and he is with Jesus.  If you pray, please pray for travel mercies and for the family.  Although we rejoice to where he is going, it is the hardest on the people he leaves behind.  He was married to the same beautiful woman for over 50 years, and they raised two children together.  They have six grandchildren, and as of right now, are at 8 great-grandchildren.   
Here is a picture of the family a few years when we went to visit them when our oldest was just a baby.
I'm not sure how the Internet or WiFi will be, so I am posting this ahead of time and will not be a doing a Featured Post until I get back or at least had a chance to update this post.  Thank you for your prayers and hope you all have an amazing week :)

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Have a Sweet Summer with Yoplait® (Giveaway Expired)

The information, products and Publix gift cards were provided by General Mills through Linqia.
Has anyone else realized how fast this summer has gone by?  There seems to be so many activities and things going on, and sometimes in the midst of the busyness we just eat whatever is easy.  Most of the time, whatever is easy to eat is usually fast food and probably not the healthiest option. 

As a Mom, I'm always looking to make sure my boys have something that tastes good and is healthy for them.    That's why I am excited that Yoplait  came out with the new Yoplait Original with 25% less sugar.  It is delicious and I feel better giving my family a healthier alternative than fast food or junk food.  Plus, how easy is it to just open the fridge and take out a Yoplait yogurt?


Have you seen the Yoplait commercials where they can't keep the yogurt in the fridge and the Mom has to keep filling up the fridge with yogurt?  I feel like it is the same way at our house!  Our favorite way to eat yogurt is at breakfast with some fruit, but it also makes a fun summer snack idea.

Here is my handsome youngest looking like he is a teenager instead of the four years old that he is!  He loved the Peach yogurt!  We also got Blueberry, Mixed Berry and Strawberry flavors.

I do most of my grocery shopping at Publix because the store is clean and they always have what I am looking for.  The staff there is incredible and they are always so kind and accommodating with me and the boys.  They also are very coupon friendly, and that tells me that they care about me and my family, and our budget.

Publix will be offering exclusive in-store savings between July 23rd – August 23rd!  Print out these coupons to enhance your savings or click below on the picture!

About Yoplait:
 "At Yoplait we’re passionate about providing great-tasting yogurt that you and your family can feel good about eating.

That’s why we don’t use high-fructose corn syrup or milk cows treated with rBST. And that’s also why, for the past three years, we have been working tirelessly to reduce the amount of sugar in Yoplait Original. We tried over a hundred recipe variations before getting to a yogurt that delivered less sugar without sacrificing taste. And we’re not stopping there -- less sugar is just one of the steps in an ongoing effort to make Yoplait better than ever." 

We have had a #sweetsummer with activities such as going to the library, swimming, going to the beach, and playing with friends.  Eating foods like Yoplait Original with 25% less sugar makes me feel like I am replenishing all of the energy exerted having fun!  Hope you all have had a wonderful summer with your families as well :)
Giveaway Expired:
One winner will receive $15 PayPal.  Best of luck to all who enter the giveaway!  Congratulations to, Jenn H.  The winner has been emailed.  Thank you to all who participated and don't go too far.  More giveaways are coming soon :)
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Gazelle's Guess the Date Sweepstakes

The new iPhone is coming! The new iPhone is coming! Although, no one is exactly sure when ...

Gazelle Certified Pre-Owned to the Rescue!
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Gazelle's "Guess The Date" iPhone 6s Sweepstakes

The release of the new iPhone model is a highly anticipated event among techies. To add to the excitement, Gazelle is running a "Guess The Date Sweepstakes." If you correctly guess when the new iPhone will be released and post it on Gazelle's Facebook page, you'll be entered to win a brand new iPhone 6s courtesy of Gazelle!

But you better hurry! Gazelle's "Guess The Date Sweepstakes" won't last long, so hurry and enter in your prediction today for a chance to win!
Pre-Owned is Still Pretty Awesome!



Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Believe Storybook by: Randy Frazee, with Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton. Illustrated by Steve Adams (Book Review)

Believe Storybook by: Randy Frazee (Book Review)
I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.
Believe Storybook is an incredible book that teaches core beliefs about God and encourages children to Think, Act, and Be like Jesus.  There are 30 chapters in the book with a story from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, so there are 60 stories from the Bible included!  The book discusses Beliefs, Practices, and Virtues of a Christian life and makes it understandable for children in a fun and loving way.  Believe Storybook asks the child a question and then through the story, has the child seek that answer. 
Believe Storybook is the children's edition of the Believe books by: Randy Frazee, who is the senior minister at a large church in Texas. I also found a Believe Coloring Book in my local Christian store that goes along with the stories in this book, which makes it even more enjoyable for a child of any age.  The Believe Storybook is a large, hardback book with over 250 pages of illustrations that are beautifully breathtaking by Illustrator, Steve Adams. 
In today's world, our children are being taught about the Bible but some are not making that heart connection in how to apply it to their lives.  This book not only is about telling of the Bible stories, but it explains why these stories are so important.  It is about teaching children about their faith and having it stick.  For adults who do not have the knowledge of the Bible, it is a great resource for both adult and child to read together and learn.  For the adult that does have this knowledge, it is seeing it in a different way and renewing and refreshing the faith we have in God.
I am going to let you all in a little secret.  I have not released what curriculum we are using yet for this upcoming homeschool year, but this is the book I will be teaching the boys for our Bible studies!  It is a truly incredible book and I am so excited.  It is perfect because it has 30 lessons in it, so one lesson a week.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone.  It is not just a book to be enjoyed by a child, but a book that will become a family favorite and have the kids saying, "Read it again!  Read it again!"
Thanks for taking the time to read my review.  If you would like to find out more information on the author or read other reviews on the book, please check out BookLook Bloggers.
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Social Butterfly Sunday #7

Hello and welcome to week 7 of Social Butterfly Sunday!  I am so glad to have you here and hope you all have an amazing week!  Thanks for stopping by :)
This week's Featured Post is...
The Life of This Mother
 Congratulations to Sarah at The Life of This Mother for her Faithful at Home Fridays Link-Up.  Each week, she shares encouragement and inspiration and allows others to share theirs.  It is a great place to link up, and she is a very kind and understanding woman who loves the Lord, her home and her family.
There is a giveaway going on at my blog for this wonderful planner from HEDUA!  Click here or below if you want to enter to win one!
HEDUA The Well Planned Day Planner Giveaway
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Free ebook from Blue Manor Education
Good Deals:

50% Off Phonics Reading Set
65% Off Kindergarten Printable Units
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

HEDUA The Well Planned Day Planner Giveaway

Hedua Well Planned Day Planner Giveaway ($26.95)
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Planners come in a variety of forms, and it is likely that no two people use any given planner the same way. So, the best planners are those that offer flexible structure, providing plenty of resources while still allowing unique usage. The Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner offers the perfect pairing of structure and flexibility.

So, what will you find in The Well Planned Day? As a homeschool planner, you’ll see a wide variety of resources to help make planning as easy as possible:
  • 2-page month-in-view spreads
  • schedule and planning pages, including a record of semester goals and monthly spots for recording book lists and field trips
  • semester progress report pages, including space for notes, attendance, and weekly grade averages
  • week-in-view 2-page spread offering space for lesson plans for up to four students
  • sample week-in-view page
  • report cards
But The Well Planned Day does not exclude the “family” aspect of planning.
  • plenty of room for general notes
  • scrapbook, budget, family responsibilities, and correspondence pages
  • perforated shopping lists
  • areas for basic weekly and menu planning on the week-in-view pages
Interspersed throughout the planner, you will find articles intended to encourage, challenge, and assist you in your journey. And all of this is bound together in a beautifully designed, spiral-bound format. No matter how you approach planning and record-keeping, The Well Planned Day Family Homeschool planner is here to make your job just a little bit easier.

Enter my giveaway to see for yourself why The Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner is the #1 best-selling planner!

Organizing your homeschool and managing your home are made easy with the Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner–the #1 best-selling planner! The encouraging articles, beautiful design, and intuitive layout will help you make the most of your time so you can focus on the things that matter most.

The planner offers helpful home management sections such as an address book, a greeting card registry for birthdays and anniversaries, a one-year Bible reading plan, tear-out shopping lists, weekly priorities, dinner planning, and a special holiday gift organization section . . . plus so much more!
Best of luck in the giveaway!  One winner will receive one Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner valued at $26.95 for the 2015-2016 Year.  Winner will have to submit their mailing address to HEDUA for the prize to be sent to their house.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Social Butterfly Sunday #6

Hey all!  It's been a busy weekend for me so I am posting this a little late, but am excited to have had 24 entries last week in the linky party!  This is the sixth week I have been running this and I thank you all for your support!  Now, on to the Featured Post from last week!
The Featured Post is...
Our Home of Many Blessings with the Eric Carle Books Giveaway!  Congratulations, and thank you for sharing this amazing giveaway!
Here are some great deals available at Educents this week:
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Highlights Magazine Subscription
Netflix for Children ebooks
Magformers at Educents

The coolest manipulative we've seen in years! These super powerful magnets transform into a rainbow of shapes! 
Violin Starter Set
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

U.S. Presidents 1-6 Bundle (Review & Freebies) Giveaway Expired

U.S. Presidents 1-6 Bundle (Review & Giveaway)
Disclosure: This post contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Thank you for supporting my site!  I was given access to U.S. Presidents 1-6 and a copy of Quotes from U.S. Presidents 1-6 from Enrichment Studies in exchange for an honest review.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  I am so excited to be able to share with you all today a review and a giveaway of the U.S Presidents 1-6 and Quotes from U.S. Presidents 1-6 from Enrichment Studies.  My husband and I love history, and my boys are already showing that same love for learning.  Especially about the Presidents!
The U.S. Presidents 1-6 is not a lapbook, but it is actually a link per President that contains access to abundant resources.  This access comes with information on George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams.  Each section includes a photo of the President, what President number they were, how long they were in office, who the Vice President was, and the year of their birth and death.  There is a fun section that includes anything from coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, fun facts and games on that specific President.  There is also an educational section per President that includes quizzes, worksheets, flash cards and other printables.  There is also a list provided of free Kindle and other ebooks on that President and numerous videos from cartoons to historical documentaries.
Click on the image below to be taken to a freebie of what is included for George Washington!
George Washington freebie-- large

The Quotes from U.S. Presidents 1-6 is a lapbook with copywork and notebook pages that include print, cursive, and D'Nealian Manuscript.  It is 187 pages full of famous quotes from each of the U.S. Presidents 1-6, including the President's name, what number President they were and the years they served in office in a cute notebook page with an image.
Click on the image below to get a freebie of the Quotes from U.S. Presidents 1-6!
Free Sample:  Quotes from U.S. Presidents penmanship and copywork book

The best part about all of this is, whenever you purchase something from Enrichment Studies you have a Lifetime membership to it.  For example and I am speaking from experience,  what if you download this and your computer crashes.  Not wishing that on anyone because I know what it is to have to go and recover things you have already downloaded and paid for.  You have forever access to whatever you download from Enrichment Studies!
I love that all of the work is done for you.  As a homeschool Mom and a parent, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything I want done.  There is no going to research and find things that might be fun for your kids.  All the research has been done for you, and is right there in the access to the links or in the copywork notebook.  It is up to your student or child to do the research from there, and have them have fun while learning! 
I would highly recommend the U.S. Presidents 1-6 and Quotes from U.S. Presidents 1-6 if you are going to be studying the Presidents.  It can be adjusted to any age level from Kindergarten through high school, so you are getting a very good value especially if you homeschool multiple levels. 
Here is another freebie that includes a sample from the Women Artists of the Renaissance!
Free Women Artists of the Renaissance

There is also an amazing sale going on until this Saturday, July 11 for a discounted bundle of three artists at $10, or 25% off any Fine Art Pages collection. Click below or here to find out more!
Jacques-Louis David Fine Art Pages

Don't miss the Enrichment Studies Facebook Party where there will be a chance to win prizes, freebies, and giveaways!
Enrichment Stuides Facebook Party
A very special thank you to Erica at Enrichment Studies for allowing me to review these amazing resources!
Enrichment Studies  is turning four years old this month and there is party favors all month long!
Birthday Month giveaways
Best of luck to all who enter the giveaway!  One winner will receive one U.S. Presidents 1-6 and one Quotes from U.S Presidents 1-6, valued at $29.90!
Congratulations to Miranda G.!  You are the winner of this amazing giveaway!  Thanks to all who participated and don't go too far!  There will be a new giveaway coming soon :)
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Social Butterfly Sunday #5

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Hope you all are enjoying your 4th of July weekend!  Thanks so much for stopping by and for linking up!  Can you all do me a favor please? If you link up a post, please go show another blogger on this link up some support.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a comment (although that would be awesome!) but maybe share their post on social media.  It takes literally all of two seconds to send a tweet :)
This week's Featured Post is...
Congratulations to Lisa at Chronically Content for her Free Vacations post!  You are the Featured Post for the second week in a row!  Great job :)
Have You Ever Wondered How to Write, Market and Publish Your First Book?:

Free Access to Self Publishing Summit

Chandler Bolt used to struggle to get C-minuses in English class.
He was a bad writer, and it showed.
But most the painful thing wasn't seeing entire paragraphs crossed out of his essays. The worst part was hearing English teachers tell him he'd never amount to much.
Chandler went to college for a while. But he dropped out when he decided it wasn't right for him.
And that's when things got interesting...
See, Chandler did something none of his teachers ever expected: he decided to write a book
He thought he'd never finish (we know that feeling!), but he broke down the process and finished his first book in just a month.
And it became a bestseller.
But it wasn't a fluke.
And what Chandler did wasn't impossible.
He just studied what thousands of successful people before him did, and he learned strategies that experts spent decades pioneering.
The right knowledge can multiply your success.
And that's why Chandler pulled every string he could to get the bestselling authors and top entrepreneurs who inspired him together in one place -- the Self-Publishing Success Summit.
It's the first-ever online event where 35+ famous speakers are presenting on how to write, market, & publish your first book.
You'll even learn how to use it to build a 6-figure business if you want.
There are legends like:
Jack Canfield, James Altucher, Brian Tracy, Ryan Deiss, Joseph Michael, James Clear, Pat Flynn, Charlie Hoehn, Ty Cohen, Nick Loper, Jaime, Tardy, Hollis Carter, Jeff Goins, Joanna Penn, Michael Port, Hal Elrod, Russell Brunson, John Lee Dumas, Nick Unsworth, and more.
This is the first time these speakers have ever been together in one place.
And you can get the ideas and systems they spent years discovering without paying anything.
There's just one catch: Chandler only wants to give tickets to readers who take action.
If you're checking this out for entertainment, it's probably not for you.
But if you want to get over the hurdle, cross "writing a book" off your bucket list, and have the option to turn it into something even bigger... I think this will be the best event you've been to in years.
P.S. I'm not sure how long it'll be available, so claim your free Self-Publishing Success Summit ticket while you still can (takes 10 seconds).

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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Rainbow Egg by: Linda K. Hendricks, M.D. (Book Review)

The Rainbow Egg by: Linda K. Hendricks, M.D. (Book Review)
I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.
The Rainbow Egg is about a chicken named Hope, who lives in the woods with her animal friends.  One day, she finds out she has an egg to care for.  She realizes she has no nest to take care of the egg so she has to carry the egg everywhere.  She comes across a chicken house where there are chickens who have nest, all with eggs except for one nest.  She is about to leave, but hears a beautiful song from a redbird.  There she sees Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow who have the empty nest, and no matter how hard they try, they were never able to have an egg of their own. 
Hope realizes that although she loves her egg, she know the woods is no place to raise an egg and she feels empathy towards Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow who have been longing for an egg of their own.  Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow say they will take care of the egg, and they are all so thankful that the redbird connected them to each other.
This story is about adoption.  The pictures were beautiful but it was hard for me and my family to connect with this book.  It left my sons very confused why the Mommy (Hope) chicken would give her egg to other chickens.  I think the concept behind the book was well meant, but some parts of the story were just not accurate, like the chicken carrying the egg on her head or her back.  I think although it is a children's story, the suspension of disbelief can only be carried so far especially when it comes to animals.
It may be a good book to discuss adoption in a family, and have the child ask natural questions like why the Mommy chicken would give up her egg.  I enjoyed the meaning behind the redbird who represented God, connecting a couple who wants a baby with a young mother who maybe could not take the best care of that child and who wanted the best for the baby.  I thought that symbolism was beautiful because there are so many parents out there who want to have baby, and maybe can't. 
I usually recommend children's books to parents or grandparents, but this book is specifically meant for a family looking to adopt.  It also would be good if you know a family that is adopting, and this can be a way to introduce that concept to your children if you wanted to.
If you would like to look at other reviews on this book or learn more about the author, please click here.  Thank you for stopping by to read my review!
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