Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Good Deals:
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Art of Work by: Jeff Goins
Have you ever wondered if finding your calling was something for everyone or just for those who were really special?
When you read stories of people who have "made it" you assume they must have just known. They must have had clarity. But that's not true.
Jeff Goins has a new book out called The Art of Work, and in it, he debunks one of the most common myths about discovering your passion: "You don't just know. Clarity comes with action."
In the book, he shares the story of Mother Teresa who became a world-renowned humanitarian years after serving as a nun and schoolteacher. How did she figure it out?
She didn't just know. She trusted the process and was willing to make changes along the way. "A call within a calling" was what she called her transition from one form of service work to another.
In other words, she didn't just know. She just kept moving. What if a calling was like that too? What if most of us who don't know what we're doing are disqualified? What if your calling can evolve with you, with your life?
That's the idea behind this new book. Jeff has walked through this process himself, as a writer who has helped others make a similar transition. And now, he wants to share it with you.
Here's the best part: For a limited time, you'll also get five digital bonuses, including a four-part video course.
P.S. This deal won't last long. It's a special offer for the book launch. You can see if the offer is still available at this link:

Art of Work by: Jeff Goins

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