Monday, April 27, 2015

Earth Day Fun (Homeschool Weeks 33 and 34)

Hey all!  We've had quite a few busy weeks lately and I decided to combine the last 2 weeks because we were traveling and missed some days.  We are also traveling this next week so we will be back the following week with some of our homeschool adventures.  I hope you all are enjoying some warmer weather by you and thanks for stopping by!

Reading Log:
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Bible and Reading:
Monday (4/13): B finished his ABCmouse lessons in Level 5 and is now on to Level 6!  He did Lesson 88 - Reading: Alphabet Jokes and Tricks.  He also did Reading Lesson 80 in "100 Easy Lessons," and his new words were swam, left, shore, leave, and ea sounds like long e.  G worked on Lesson 5- Reading the Letter C on ABCmouse.  We also read their new book, Scaredy Squirrel by: Melanie Watt.

Tuesday (4/14): We did some story reading in the April 2015 edition of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.

Wednesday (4/15): G did Lesson 8 - Reading: The Letter D in ABCmouse.  B did Lesson 1 - Reading: Opposite Words, Part 1 and Lesson 4 - Reading: Zoo Words.

Monday (4/20): B did Lesson 6 - Reading: Food Words, Part 1 on ABCmouse.  G did Lesson 10 - Reading: The Letter E and Lesson 12 - Reading: The Letter F in ABCmouse.  We also read Moses and the King by: Kelly Pulley

Tuesday (4/21): G did Lesson 14 - Reading: The Letter G on ABCmouse and B did Lesson 81 in "100 Easy Lessons."

Wednesday (4/22): The boys learned about missionary work and building a church in Missions Friends at church.

Thursday (4/23): The boys did a Bible study with Daddy this morning on David in "Jesus Calling." They also had to memorize Ephesians 4:32 for the next Missions Friends class.  B did Lesson 10 - Reading: Opposite Words, Part 2.

Saturday (4/25): We read about Queen Esther in "Jesus Calling." B also did Lesson 82 in "100 Easy Lessons."

Art, Music and Physical Education:
Tuesday (4/14): B drew a squirrel from the Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.

Wednesday (4/15): B did Lesson 5 - Art: Colors Dark and Light in ABCmouse.

Monday (4/20): G did Lesson 9 - Art: Primary Colors, Red and Yellow in ABCmouse.

Tuesday (4/21): B drew Super Heroes today.

Wednesday (4/22): The boys made Frisbees out of paper plates today at church and colored them.  They also sang to the tune of "Ring Around the Rosie" for a missions song.  We also went for a nature walk in the morning in observance of Earth Day, and played at the park.

Thursday (4/23): We played outside and on the playground today.

Saturday (4/25): B did Lesson 11 - Art: Colors on the Farm on ABCmouse.

Motor and Social Skills, Critical Thinking:
Monday (4/13): B had to answer reading comprehension questions and some of their friends came over to play in the afternoon.

Tuesday - They had a Lego Build Day with Daddy today and B used a rolling pin to make a pizza.  They also had to see what was wrong in the picture in Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.

There was ample opportunities for social time between Thursday and Sunday as we went and met my 6 month old nephew for the first time, and also was able to be at my niece's birthday party out of state!

Tuesday (4/21): B answered reading comprehension questions.

Wednesday (4/22): The boys went over what does not belong to build a church worksheet at church, and we made a bird feeder in the morning out of peanut butter, bread and bird seeds.  Find this idea and how to on Pint Sized Treasures.

Thursday (4/23): The boys had some of their friends come over and play in the afternoon.

Saturday (4/25): We had a Lego build day and some of their friends came over to play.

Monday (4/20): B wrote numbers 1-30.

Tuesday (4/21): B wrote x and qu for Reading Lesson.

Wednesday (4/22): B wrote a lot today!  He wrote every character in the movie Toy Story including Buzz, Woody, Cowgirl, Rex, Alien, Horse, Pig, Pink, and Bus.  He then wrote many of his favorite super heroes like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Venom, BayMax and Hero.  All of this he did by memory and didn't ask for spelling with a single one!

Thursday (4/23): G wrote the number 3 today all by himself!

Saturday (4/25): B wrote v, w, hobby, games, kids, and TV today.

Tuesday (4/14): There was an amazing game in the Ranger Rick Jr. magazine this month and they had to use a coin and counting bears to be the squirrel with the most nuts at the end of the game.  They had a blast!

Wednesday (4/15): G did Lesson 7 - Math: Number 2 and B did Lesson 2 - Math: More and Less on ABCmouse.

Monday (4/20): B did Lesson 7 - Math: More Counting and G did Lesson 11  - Math: Number 3 on ABCmouse.

Wednesday (4/22): G did Lesson 15 - Math: Circles on ABCmouse.

Thursday (4/23): B did Lesson 9 - Math: Counting Up and Down and G did Reading Eggs App 1-10 and worked on number 3.

Saturday (4/25): B did Lesson 12 - Math: Farm Numbers today in ABCmouse.

Science and Social Studies:
Monday (4/13): G did Lesson 6 - World Around Us: Daytime and Nighttime on ABCmouse.

Tuesday (4/14): We covered squirrels and birds in the Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.

Wednesday (4/15): B worked on Lesson 3 - World Around Us: Plants on ABCmouse.

Monday (4/20): B worked on Lesson 8 - World Around Us: All About Elephants on ABCmouse.

Tuesday (4/21): The boys watched "The Magic Schoolbus for Lunch" on Netflix and learned about digestion.  G also did Lesson 13 - Reading: All About Chickens on ABCmouse.

Wednesday (4/22): We recycled an empty salad container for a bird bath today and put a birdhouse outside to try to bring birds to our yard.  We also saw a Monarch butterfly out on our walk today.

Thursday (4/23): The boys watched Wild Kratts" Rocket Jaw: Rescuer of the Reef" today on Netflix.

Saturday (4/25): Today, G did Lesson 17 - World Around Us: Weather on ABCmouse, and the boys watched the Wild Kratts episode of "Rattlesnake Crystal."

Did you and your children, or students do anything fun for Earth Day?  Drop me a comment and let me know of some of your adventures this week!

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  1. I love the freedom that you have with home schooling and how you can saturate the kids with Biblical knowledge

    Blogger Care Group

    1. The freedom is such a blessing because everyone gets what they need done and we get to cover more material or spend more time if needed. I like that we do it at their own pace and I love being able to go over Biblical knowledge with them. Thanks for commenting, Marie and have a wonderful week :)

  2. Sounds like a great week. My kids love when dad teaches them (I think he's their favorite). I'm visiting from weekly wrap up.

    1. Hi Nita and thanks for visiting from Weekly Wrap Up! I think kids like it when Dad teaches because it is just a different viewpoint. You both are their favorites I'm sure! Happy Mother's Day and thanks for commenting!

  3. This sounds like a great week! We love homeschooling! Your doing a great job!

    1. Thanks, Gwen! I appreciate your kind comment! Hope you have a wonderful week :)