Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Gift of Charms by: Julia Suzuki (Book Review)

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The Gift of Charms by: Julia Suzuki
I was provided a complimentary copy of this book, The Gift of Charms by the author, Julia Suzuki in exchange for an honest review.
The Gift of Charms is a fantasy book for children, but I have to tell you, I very much enjoyed reading this as an adult!  It is about a young dragon named Yoshiko, who from birth is different than the other dragons.  He is born into a world where the dragons have gone into hiding from humans, and after the extinction of beasts called dragsaurs.  You follow Yoshiko as he is a young dragon into the hard years of transforming into an young adult.  He deals with bullying, friendships, learning and becoming comfortable in his own skin.
Yoshiko is a relatable character and many children can identify what he is going through as he enters school years and obstacles he runs into.  He is a kind hearted and brave character, and he begins to learn from other notable dragons the history of why the dragons have gone into hiding.  He also learns to fine tune his abilities, and helps to bring greatness back to all the dragon clans.
The writing is spectacular as the imagery used paints a picture in your mind of exactly how this would play out in a movie.  The scenery is well described as are the characters, even to what they eat and things that they enjoy doing.  This would make for a fun project for a classroom or homeschool activity.
I would highly recommend this book.  My boys enjoyed me reading it to them and like I said, it was fantastic to read as an adult!  It combines real human emotions with mystical creatures, and truly lets your imagination go wild!  It is designed for children in upper elementary to middle school, but I think young children would love this story being told to them as well. 
Thanks for reading my review and thank you to the author, Julia Suzuki for allowing me to review this amazing book!


  1. Oh, we will have to read this one! My son loves dragon because he believes they are closely related to dinosaurs, lol!

    1. Hi Erin! It is a great book! I hope you and your son enjoy reading this together! Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful week :)