Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Noah's Ark and Rainbows (Homeschool Week 29)

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by!  We had a fun week this week as we learned the colors in the rainbow, learned about leprechauns for St. Patrick's Day, had a field trip and built a Captain America box car!

Reading Log:
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Bible and Reading:
Monday - The boys and I watched the new Veggie Tales movie, "Noah's Ark today.

Wednesday - We read "Miss Bindergarten and the Best Friends," ""White Rabbit's Color Book," and "I am a Rainbow."

Thursday - B did Lesson 74 in "100 Easy Lessons" today.

Art, Music and Physical Education:
Monday - We made a Captain America box car today!  We used construction paper and glue sticks.  B made a sketch of what he wanted the car to look like.

Tuesday - The boys and I went to play at the park with their aunt and cousin today.

Wednesday - The boys made letter L and l with their bodies today, from the Clifford magazine.

Thursday - The boys played on the Slip n' Slide today, and had fun running and jumping in the water.

Friday - We went to a Nature Ranch today near the house for a field trip and walked around.

Motor and Social Skills, and Critical Thinking:
Monday - The boys used scissors and glue sticks to cut out shapes for their Captain America box car.

Tuesday - The boys had a playdate with their cousin today and played "Mother, May I?" and "Red Light, Green Light" with her at the park.

Wednesday - We played "Warmer and Colder" as the boys went on a shamrock hunt around the house.  We also had a talk about other things that are opposites.  They also did a picture find in the Clifford March 2011 magazine for finding the words, "Good luck."

Thursday - They had a friend join them in their Slip n' Slide adventure outside.

Friday - The Nature Ranch we went to was pretty awesome.  They had educational games, displays and activities for children inside, and then nature trails outside.  The boys and their cousin got to play with other kids, and they enjoyed a light up game where it made an animal sound when you pressed the button next to the animal's picture.

Monday - The boys spelled out "Captain America" with stickers.

Wednesday - B wrote out the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Monday - We used shapes like circles, stars, and rectangles to make their Captain America box car.

Tuesday - We made Rainbow sprinkle cupcakes today!

Wednesday - While the boys were on the shamrock hunt, I asked how many more they had to find.

Thursday - G worked on Lesson 71 Math:Rectangles, Diamonds, Stars on ABCmouse.

Science and Social Studies:
Tuesday - We had to drop off food to church for an event and on the way there is a citrus plant you can see from the road.  As we drove by, the plant was operating so we got to see the oranges going up the conveyor belt, get washed and sent to the large bins where they store them.  The boys and I thought this was amazing!

Wednesday - The boys learned about leprechauns today in the Clifford magazine and how they are said to make shoes for fairies, and have a pot of gold at the end at the rainbow if you are quick enough to catch them.

Thursday - B worked on Lesson 76 World Around Us: People at Work, Part 2 and G worked on Lesson 72 World Around Us: People at Work on ABCmouse.

Friday - We got to see armadillos, butterflies, and dragon flies at the Nature Ranch.  We also saw an old pioneer farm home with cow barns, a well, old stovetop, raised settings in the house for the chickens, and a fire pit.  The boys learned that just because water looks clean, doesn't mean that it is and we learned about different types of fish that can live in polluted water, and which ones that need clean water.  The place also had a treehouse in the inside of the building and a fox hole that actually is underground and the children can crawl through it!

That's our week!  Thanks for joining us!  Hope that you can use some of these ideas and activities with your children or students!

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    1. If only I could enroll in your homeschool. :) One whole week looks so much fun and full.

      Enjoy the rest of the week!

      1. Thanks, Lux! I try to make it both fun and educational for them. We would love to have another student in our homeschool ;) Hope you are having a great week and thanks for commenting!

    2. How fun!!! Love the hands on projects! We need to watch Veggie Tales, Noah Ark.
      Have a great Weekend!

      1. Hi Naomi and thanks for stopping by! We love Veggie Tales in our house and the Noah's Ark one is awesome! Hope you get a chance to watch it. Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful week :)

    3. Those box cars look like so much fun! And yummy cupcakes too!!

      1. Thanks, Tiffany! We had a lot of fun making everything, and my sons' friends are loving the box car when they come over to play. Thanks for commenting and have a great week :)