Saturday, March 7, 2015

Big Thoughts for Little People App Review

Big Thoughts for Little People in iTunes
I was provided a complimentary test version of this app by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. 
Big Thoughts for Little People by: Kenneth N. Taylor
This app is based on the book Big Thoughts for Little People by: Kenneth N. Taylor.  The book is about "using the alphabet as a learning tool, the easy-to-use format of this beloved picture book connects Bible themes and verses that teach kids ages 3-7 Christian values. Each spread represents a letter of the alphabet and a Christian value or moral lesson beginning with the same letter. Kids are encouraged to find the lesson being modeled (or not) in the illustrations. They are also asked questions to help them apply the lesson to their lives."
Big Thoughts for Little People on iTunes
This is the opening screen, where you get to pick which letter to work on.
Big Thoughts for Little People app in iTunes
Each letter consists of six different areas that include picking the item of a toy with the corresponding letter, a prayer with a Bible verse, a trace and color section, a section to find items with the corresponding letter, a puzzle, and a matching game.

Big Thoughts for Little People in iTunes
In this section, you have to match the items that begin with letter A for example, into the letter A bin.  All items that don't begin with A, go into the other bin.  This part is great because if the child does not know what the item is, by selecting the item, there is an audio that says what the item is.

Big Thoughts for Little People in iTunes
After finishing the section, these cute children appear and cheer for your child!  It is wonderful encouragement and praise for them, and make them want to continue learning.

Big Thoughts for Little People in iTunes
This section offers a prayer first, and then on the next screen offers a Biblical verse.

Big Thoughts for Little People in iTunes
The trace and color section was a favorite for my sons.  They enjoyed making the letter and then learning how to spell words.

Big Thoughts for Little People
The picture above is where you can find items with the letter you are working on.  This section also offers an audio when clicking on item to tell you what the item is.

Big Thoughts for Little People in iTunes
Matching games are so much fun and children don't even realize they are learning, or working on their memory skills. 

Big Thoughts for Little People in iTunes
The puzzle section is a great tool for motor skill development and learning where the pieces go.
You can click here or on any of the pictures to download the app that will include letters A, B and C for free.  To download all the letters of the alphabet, it is only $2.99.
This app combines different learning styles, which is nice because not one child learns the same way.  It can be used for visual learners because of the beautiful graphics.  There is audio for auditory learners who can listen to what the item is or the phonics of the letter.  Kinesthetic learners will learn by doing the activities. 
I would highly recommend this app for any child in preschool through first grade.  It is a wonderful and fun tool for children to not only learn their alphabet, but also how to write, learn vocabulary, phonics, Bible Verses, prayers, and work on motor skills.  My sons very much enjoyed this app.  My youngest is almost four, so it started his thinking for what the alphabet and letters looks like.  My oldest who is almost six, liked that he could learn new words to spell.
Thank you for taking the time to read my review, and thanks again to Tyndale House Publishers for allowing me the chance to review this amazing app.
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  1. Glad to see that people are creating kid-friendly apps too. :)

    1. It is such a cool app, Lux! The boys loved it. Hope you are doing well and thanks for commenting :)

    2. Thanks for sharing this! I've been looking for some new learning apps for my daughter and this one looks like it would be perfect.

    3. You're welcome, Amber! I hope you and your daughter enjoy this app. It is so much fun and she will learn many things. Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful week :)