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Week 22: Dinosaurs (Kindergarten and Preschool Homeschool Learning)

We had a terrific homeschool this week and had our first field trip for the year at Dinosaur World!  (Thank you Aunt Ashley and family for the passes!)  Hope you enjoy the pictures and I've listed some amazing books we read to find out more about dinosaurs!

We also hit our 100th day of school this week so I'm hoping to have some fun 100 Day Activities for next week.  We also opted to take Friday off and did homeschool on Saturday instead.  My oldest son unfortunately also had his first experience with peer pressure.

Learing About Dinosaurs

Reading Log:

To follow along with what curriculum and resources we are using this year, please click here.  

Bible and Reading:
Monday - G did Lesson 51 World Around Us More Market Alphabet and Lesson 55 Reading at the Farm, Part 3 on ABCmouse. (73% done his lesson path for the year)  B did Lesson 56 and Lesson 58, which were both on Reading the Alphabet With Words. (68% done lesson path for the year)

Tuesday - Today, we read "Charlie Cook's Favorite Book."  

Wednesday - We had a Library Day today and our librairan read "Owl Moon," "How Do Dinsoaurs Say Good Night," "Hoptoad" and "Mama's Kiss."

Thursday - The boys and I read "Dangerous Dinos," "The Mine-O-Saur," "Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!," and B did Lesson 65 in "100 Easy Lessons."  His new words and sounds were oo, over, eagle, be, made and shore.

Saturday - B worked on Lesson 61 Reading the Alphabet with Words on ABCmouse.

Art, Music, and Physical Education:
Monday - G worked on Lesson 54 Art Secondary Colors Everywhere on ABCmouse.

Wednesday - The boys had fun dancing to "Sally the Swinging Snake" at the Library and then we went to Dinosaur World, where we walked along the paths and played on the dinosaur playground.

Thursday - The boys played outside and on the playground with their friend.

Motor and Social Skills, and Critical Thinking:
Monday - My sister-in-law's mom gave the boys many of her old board games and we were so thankful!  It was like Christmas at our house when we brought the games in!  Today, I taught the boys to play Twister and it was perfect for left and right correlation, and color review!

My oldest son also learned a hard lesson today about friendship.  Some of the kids in our new neighborhood have no parents watching them so they are allowed to do and say whatever they like.  They are a few years older than my boys also so today they decided to teach my 5 year old about profanity.  Our neighbor behind us realized it and came and told my husband right away.  He went out and talked with the neighborhood boys while I talked with my son.

It was really hard because he knew it was wrong, but he said the bad words so the boys would be his friends.  I told him boys like that are not friends and that we needed to pray for them.  I also told him about a similar time when I was little and I was confronted with the same peer pressure.  The neighborhood kids are now acting more respectful and know they are not going to be able to act like this when my sons are at the playground.  It's amazing as a homeschool parent, how my boys still ran into peer pressure but I was thankful for the lesson my son learned.

Tuesday - The boys played on their Leap Pad 3 and learned how to make a grilled cheese sandwich and grilled peanut butter and jelly from their game.  They also built some Legos with their friends.

Wednesday - We had a wonderful field trip!  The boys got to dig for fossils, practice being a paleontologist with a fossil brush in the sand, they played a game where they had to guess what type of dinosaur it was by touch and feel.  We watched a show and found out some interesting facts about dinosaurs.   

Thursday - B had reading comprehension questions to answer.  

Saturday - The boys played games and puzzles today on ABCmouse.  They also had a blast because their cousins came over to play and some of their friends.

Tuesday - B has been so excited about spelling and writing lately!  Today, he wrote in, pin, yes, no, pog, got, let, get, pigs, moves, words, wow, fun, sun, bun, rat, mat, bat, cat, fat, that and tea.

Thursday - B wrote goats, bun, d, er, this and that.

Monday - G did Lesson 53 Math More Counting 1-10 and B did Lesson 59 Math Add Diamonds and Stars on ABCmouse.

Tuesday - The boys watched both Leap Frog videos of "Math Adventures to the Moon" and "Counting on Lemonade."

Saturday - B completed Lesson 62 Just a Bit More 1-10 on ABCmouse and finished the week at 70% for the year.

Science and Social Studies:
Monday - G did Lesson 52 Reading All About Horses and B did lessons on the World Around Us: Seasons Part 1 (Lesson 57) and Part 2 (Lesson 60).

Wednesday - We saw a show at Dinosaur World today on how it can take 3-6 months for paleontologists to uncover a T-Rex skull.  They learned about the vocabulary words fossil and paleontologist.  We learned interesting dinosaur facts as we saw the sculptures of what they may have looked like.

Thursday - We learned more science vocabulary reading the books today such as omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, crest, and tail.  We learned about many types of dinosaurs and G finished the days with a lesson on penguins on ABCmouse.

Saturday - G did Lesson 58 on the World Around Us Pets and finished the week at 78% for his learning path year.

That's our week!  Thanks for being here and have a fabulous rest of your week :)



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