Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bees and a NASCAR Field Trip (Homeschool Kindergarten and Preschool Learning)

We had a light week this week as we had dentist appointments on Tuesday for the boys, a field trip to the Duels at Daytona on Thursday, and Friday was Daddy's birthday!  We had a fun week and I'm glad you are here to share our week!

Reading Log:

Video: (We watch these through Netflix)
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This is what about 20 cars going over 150 mph looks like!  It is literally that fast in person.  On TV, the race looks really slow but when you see it live, the sound of the cars going by your face is incredible and all you see is a blur of color go by.

Race cars going through inspection.

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "Pierre" and B did Lesson 69 in "100 Easy Lessons."  His new sounds and words were wh, gold, fill, hand and teach.  We also read about "God's Mighty Prophets: Isaiah Meets God" in "Jesus Calling," going over Isaiah 6:9.

Wednesday - G did Lesson 64 - Reading: Fun with the Alphabet, Lesson 67 - Reading Words on the Farm, Part 1 and Lesson 66 - More Alphabet Fun on ABCmouse, finishing his lesson path at 88% for the year! 

Art, Music and Physical Education:
Monday - B drew pictures of his favorite Avengers characters and the boys played outside.

Thursday - We went on our field trip to the Duels at Daytona for Daddy's birthday so we did massive amounts of walking!  We went into the Fun Zone and the boys were able to play basketball, football, and basketball with some bouncy house fun.  They also colored paper cars.

Saturday - B did Lesson 69 - Reading Words in Music and went over the violin, trumpet, guitar, drum, and xylophone.

Motor and Social Skills, and Critical Thinking:
Monday - B answered reading comprehension questions and the boys had a friend come over.  We also went to the library for a program on learning about bees, and some of their friend were there.

Thursday - Nascar is developing something called "Nascar Innovation" where it seems it is implementing STEM to have children learn.  The boys were able to play a game where a board lit up with colors and they had to hit the corresponding color, they were able to spin a big wheel to win a prize, hit a button to win prizes on a big screen TV, and look inside a race car.

This is the trophy at the winner's circle.

Saturday - We played The Game of Life in our Family Game Night.

Monday - B wrote D, sh and d.

Monday - The boys watched the Leap Frog video "Numbers Ahoy."

Wednesday - B did Lesson 68 - Math: 1 to 10 Again.

Thursday - While waiting for the race to start, the boys went over the numbers on each of the seats in our row.

Saturday - We played Sorry.  This helps the boys with their 1 to 1 ratio in counting the spaces.

Science and Social Studies:
Monday - Our library had an awesome program on learning about bees.  They had a glass case where you could see the Queen bee and the male bees, called drones.  The average life span of a bee is 6 weeks, the Queen lays over 1500 eggs a day, and the honey bee is almost endangered which would affect food supplies because of their pollination.  The boys were able to sample 4 different types of honey and see the equipment used in collecting honey.

Thursday - The boys were able to see the inside of race car and also the engine.  We went into the Fun Zone where you get to see the inspection of the cars, the garages where the team works, and we got to see the beautiful Clydesdale horses and Dalmatian that Budweiser uses in their advertising.

B's favorite racer, Danica Patrick's garage. 

Inside a race car.

Saturday - B did Lesson 70 - The World Around Us: More Sports! and finished at 80% of his lessons for the year.

That's our week!  Short, but lots of fun!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I'm glad you stopped by and hope you have a marvelous week :)

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