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Week 19: Ezra Jack Keats Books and Activities (Homeschool Learning)

Whew!  These last two weeks have felt like a whirlwind but I am thankful and happy to say that we did move and close on our house!  We have been busy setting up the house and still trying to make sure the boys get their homeschool work done.  Last week, (January 5-9, 2015) we were only able to get in three days so that's what I am documenting for this post.

Thanks for your patience as I try to catch myself up!  Hope all of your holidays were wonderful and I am looking forward to many fun and exciting things to share with you all this year!



Reading Log:
Ezra Jack Keats Books and Activities

 The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation - fun ideas and activities for his amazing books!

*To follow along with what curriculum and resources we are using, please click here.*

Bible and Reading:
Monday - The boys did their devotional with Daddy from Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids."  G did Lesson 46 "Reading A to Z at the Zoo, Part 1 and Lesson 47 Part II on ABCmouse and is 60% done his lesson plan for the year.  B did Lesson 47 "The World Around Us - Alphabet Foods" and Lesson 49 "Reading the Alphabet with Words" on ABCmouse.

 Wednesday - We had a Library Day today and it was the return of Story Time!  We have an awesome children's librarian who puts together such fun ideas, and the boys love it!  We learned about Ezra Jack Keats and she read three of his books: "Whistle for Willie, Hi, Cat!, and Louie.  The boys also got to watch a video of "The Snowy Day," also by: Ezra Jack Keats.  The boys also had another devotional with Daddy.

Friday - The boys got a new Veggie Tales video this week called "The League of Incredible Vegetables" so they watched that today while Mommy and Daddy did some more unpacking!  Grandma and Grandpa bought the boys a Leap Pad 3 for Christmas and it's been awesome! There are downloadable gift cards you can buy and have your child pick the games they want. We downloaded one called Talking Words Factory.  It has helped my oldest tremendously with his phonics and now he is writing without being asked!

Art, Music, Physical Education:
Monday - B did Lesson 48 "Black, Brown and White" on ABCmouse, and is 53% done his lesson path for the year.  We took a walk outside and enjoyed the playground and cool weather.

Wednesday - Our librarian taught the boys the jump rope song to "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear" and they had fun pretending to jump rope and dance and follow along to all the instructions in the song.  They also played and song along to "Sally the Swinging Snake."

Friday - I've been trying to be good at exercising and eating right so the boys did some sit-ups with me today.

Motor and Social Skills, and Critical Thinking:
Monday - The boys did some puzzles, games, and mazes on ABCmouse.

Friday - Today, we found our Lego blocks so the boys had a fun day of building Lego creations and also playing with tangram puzzles.

Monday - We wrote thank you notes today for all the Christmas presents the boys received.  I had B write Thank You and sign his name.  It's important they know to appreciate everything that is given to them.  He also wrote the word sun today.

Friday - B wrote cat, sun, mad, hat, run, and bat all from memory from watching his Leap Frog video!  Technology is amazing! 

Monday - B finished Lesson 50 "More Counting 1-10" on ABCmouse and is now 56% done his lesson path.

Science and Social Studies:
Wednesday - We learned about how Ezra Jack Keats was a pioneer of his time by being the first to show ethnicity in children's books.  He grew up in a crowded city and saw people of all different backgrounds and he thought it only fair to have all children shown in children's books.

That is our week from January 5-9.  I will try to have last week's lessons posted soon!  How is your new year going?  I would love to hear from you!

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