Friday, January 23, 2015

Peekapak Review

I was given a complimentary pack from Peekapak through Educents.  I filled out a survey and provided some feedback on digital curriculum.  I was not asked to give a review but I was provided with so much that I wanted to review this for Peekapak.

 Peekapak Review
This is everything you get in one Peekapak!  If you sign up for a subscription, a pack will arrive once a month in the mail for your child.  This pack included:
  •  a letter to your children from one of the characters
  • a guideline for parents or teachers for age appropriate questions to ask a child
  • a sheet showing ideas on how to make all the crafts
  •  a storybook
  • a toolkit with a pair of cool scissors and crayons
  • a storyboard with one character
  • list of characters to collect that come in other packs
  • a photo frame craft with foam stickers
  • a wooden birdhouse (already assembled, yay!) 
  • a wooden dice
  • canister of modeling clay
  • coloring sheet
There is prompting for knowledge of story content and reading comprehension in a fun way.  It also is great for motor skills, dramatic play, problem solving, and having a child explore.

Everything is included, which is a time saver and easy for busy parents or teachers!  There is no going to have to look for materials because it is all right there.  You are left with total enjoyment as you watch your child or student's imagination come alive!

My youngest, who is almost four loved the scissors included and called them "cow scissors" for the design on them! 

From start to finish, we worked on this for about 2 hours!  My sons were having such a good time that they couldn't wait to see what we were going to do next!

Here are the completed projects!  I think Peekapak would make an awesome holiday or birthday gift for a child, or an amazing tool for students in the classroom.  The child gets to look forward to something coming in the mail once a month, just for them!

Thanks, Peekapak for giving us a chance to learn and play!

To sign up for a subscription or to learn more about  Peekapak, please click here.



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