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20 Holiday Gift Ideas for 3-5 Year Old Boys (2014)

My friend's daughter had a birthday party last month and because I have boys, I had no idea what to get for a 7 year old little girl.  I thought wouldn't it be easy if there was a list or a guide you could go to?  Well, you are in luck if you have no idea what to get a 3-5 year old little boy this holiday season.  We have done all the hard work for you!

We are a Disney, Lego, toy and book loving family who homeschools two little boys, ages 3 and 5.  Our sons love watching toy review videos online when their homeschool lessons are done, so I consider them experts on the items below. I also tried to break it down into certain categories and price ranges, depending on how much you wanted to spend.  I hope this list helps you and have a wonderful holiday season!

20 Holiday Gift Ideas for 3-5 Year Old Boys (2014)

Under $10

 The Gruffalo
The Gruffalo by: Julia Donaldson -  This is a classic and has become the boys new favorite book.  It is a story that gets better every time you read it with your child!

 Room on the Broom
Room on the Broom - This is again another Julia Donaldson item but this is a movie.  Julia Donaldson is amazing writer who just makes reading so much fun and this video has the characters jump out of the page and onto the screen for young children!

 Veggie Tales
Veggie Tales Beauty and the Beet - This is the latest Veggie Tales movie out and the boys can't wait to see it!  There is wonderful lessons taught in these videos on how to be a good person and friend. 

 Toy Story socks
Toy Story socks - Everyone needs socks so why not have fun and get them Toy Story socks?  

 Crayola Finger Paint
My First Crayola No Mess Finger-Painting Set - As a Mom, I like the words "No Mess" in this product!  

Under $20

 BayMax Infinity
Disney Infinity BayMax  - The lovable hero of Disney's new movie, "Big Hero 6" is the top Infinity wanted on the boys Christmas list this year!

 Guardians of the Galaxy Lego Set
Guardians of the Galaxy Lego Set - There is nothing better than Super Heroes when you are a little boy and this set comes with three of them!  

Maleficent movie - We rented this last week and the boys loved it!  It is not scary but it shows the story of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent's angle and it was truly a beautiful tale.

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bath Game
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bathtub Dartboard - What better way to convince the boys to get clean than to have a fun game waiting for them in the bathtub?

 Play doh
Play doh Fun Factory Deluxe Play Set - This is guaranteed hours of playing, creating, and building for young minds!

Under $30

 Gruffalo Puppet Set
Gruffalo Child's Finger Puppet Set - This goes to the sequel of "The Gruffalo"called "The Gruffalo's Child." You can read along and have your child be the character puppet and they all fit back into the tree when play time is over.

 Scholastic Videos
Scholastic Video Collection - This is a great deal because you get 4 DVDs that bring 25 of your child's favorite stories to life!

 Jake PJs
Jake and the Neverland Pirates pajamas - You can never go wrong with pajamas, especially in the winter time!  

Jenga  - The box says for ages 6 and up but I think this is a great family game.  If the children can't play the game the original way, these are great blocks to have them build and stack anyway they want!

Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set for 8
Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set for 8 - This was inspired by an outing with some of the ladies from church.  We had a blast roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire.  Make this a theme gift and put a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars for a S'mores gift!

Under $50

 Talking Cash Register
Talking Cash Register - My sons love playing grocery store when we go to the children's museum.  This talking cash register includes a bar code scanner and a bar code sheet, a microphone, play money and an LCD screen to show the totals!  Great for pretend play and teaching about money!

 Talking Telescope
Talking Telescope - This amazing set includes 20 slides for your children to explore and over 200 talking fun facts!

 Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity
Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity Set - This set comes with two characters so if you need to get a gift for two children, each one can have a figure!  

 Captain America costume
Captain America costume - It doesn't have to be Halloween for my boys to dress up!  They love being all kinds of characters but I think Captain America is their favorite!

 Veggie Tales Noah's ark
Veggie Tales Noah's Ark Play Set - The boys love the story of Noah and all the animals.  This is a fun way to teach the story and have them play with the figures!



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  1. Great ideas! We have a marshmallow roasting stick that looks like a fishing pole (the stick even turns as you turn the reel). My little boy LOVES to cook his hotdogs with it over the grill.

    1. Thank you, Kathryn! The fishing pole stick sounds like a great idea! I will have to look into that! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week :)

  2. The boys did a great job picking out their favorites. This Gram went shopping this morning for some presents. : ) Thx for the list.

    1. Thanks, Gram! They had such a fun time with this list :)

  3. Love this list!! thank you for sharing for those of us that no longer have kids that age, but need to buy for kids that age!!


    1. Thanks, Marie! The boys had a blast putting this list together with me! I'm glad if this list can help some people. It is hard when you have to buy for a child and you have no idea what to get! Thanks for commenting and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)

  4. Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundaylinkup. I have 3 sons and they would love all of these. We love anything lego!

    1. Thanks for hosting #SmallVictoriesSundaylinkup, Tanya! I am glad this list got approved by three more boys! We love Lego also! Thanks for commenting and have a blessed week :)