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Week #7 Moses, Insects, and England (Homeschool Kindergarten and Preschool Learning)

Reading log:
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Moses, Insects, and England
These fun spiders make awesome Halloween decorations when you are finished!

Our kitty enjoyed these spider's legs!

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "If Jesus Came to My House" and "Take Care, Good Knight."  We also watched the video on YouTube of the story being read by John Towler.  The boys also did their Bible App of baby Moses and then about the plagues.

Tuesday - The boys and I did a review of phonics from A-Z with a fun worksheet included for Before Five in a Row.  We also watched a story on YouTube for "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" read by Darren Robert McTurk. 

Right now we are renting until our new house is ready so most of the boys books are packed away.  It's nice that people have these stories on YouTube if I can't make it to the library or I'm not sure which box the book is in. 

Wednesday - G had to memorize Revelation 4:11 for Awanas today, and we discussed Adam and Eve and the days of Creation.  B learned that R in Sparks is for Raised, and he had to memorize 1 Corinthians 15:4.

Thursday - The boys did their Bible App today again on the plagues and also on "Let My People Go."  We went over what the plagues were and we had a learning lesson today on what that can be translated to.  Moses was trying to tell people and Pharaoh to listen to God, and God sent these plagues as warnings.  I explained to the boys why it is important to listen and how these are real stories because they are in the Bible.  B was really fascinated after this, and then we discussed what happened when the people didn't listen and what Passover means. 

We also learned The Itsy Bitsy Spider this week because our theme was I for insect, so we did I for itsy also!  The boys had to tell me what words rhymed with spout and other words that started with sp.  We also changed the song around a bit to include a butterfly, elephant, ant and monkey instead of spider!  This brought on a lot of giggles!

Friday - We read "The Snowy Day" and B did Lesson #54 out of "100 Easy Lessons."  His new words and sounds were b, girl, arm, charm, take, rain, met, wet, do, with, ship, and home.  We also added the letter "I" to our Alphabet Book.

Art, Music, and Physical Education:
Tuesday - We went swimming and learned a fun new song called "Pharaoh Pharaoh."  The boys also had to hop like a kangaroo to a Before FIAR poem. 

Thursday - We did a fun Itsy Bitsy Spider craft inspired by LalyMom. 

Friday - The boys colored a map and flag of England, the country we learned about this week.

This homeschool Momma is realizing how out of shape I am so I started doing some exercises while the boys watched their show and they joined me!  We did some sit-ups, toe touches, and leg raises.  I'm going to try to make a dedicated effort to include more of this into our daily routine!

Motor and Social Skills, and Critical Thinking:
Monday - It's been raining for days, if not a week by our house so I was doing the dishes and G came to help me and then made a game out of taking a one cup measure cup and scooping the soapy bubbles out of a bowl in the sink!  Thank goodness we got outside the next day, but that was a great motor skill for him.  They both had to answer reading comprehension questions from their Bible app.  We also had some pretend play fun where we used British accents playing Peppa Pig, and also played with Mike the Knight!

Tuesday - The boys had to cut and paste the A-Z pictures from Before FIAR into their Alphabet book and also the animals that were included in the file folder.  I taught B our address and we also reviewed Mommy and Daddy's phone numbers again.  We also did a pretend campfire (Week #5 Pretend Campfire Idea from God's Little Explorers) and had pink Play-doh marshmallows with toothpicks as sticks for Peppa and Mike the Knight.  They also got to go for a "swim" like the kittens in the "Take Care, Good Knight" book.

Peppa Pig house playset
Our pretend campfire outside of Peppa Pig's house!
This is just a piece of blue felt in a cardboard box for a pond, but the boys loved it!

Wednesday - It was Sparks Parent Night at Awanas with our oldest so we had a lot of fun playing Awanas games and seeing what he learns every week.  Their teacher, Ms. Julie did a wonderful job of explaining how us being Christians reflects onto others by using sponges.  She had the kids volunteer answers as to what it is to be a good Christian, and she would wet the sponge, and the sponge next to the wet sponge was dry.  The wet sponge ended up getting the dry sponge wet so it was a great analogy for the kids to understand.  So grateful for these amazing people who volunteer their time to teach kids about Christ.  B also did a great job of memorizing his verse for the week!

Thursday - The boys built the game "Shipwrecked" from Awanas for their toys!  We also made a caterpillar out of wooden beads and a pipe cleaner.  They also had a lot of fun playing the game, Elefun with butterflies.  I compared the butterflies to the plagues and how it would feel to have locusts and bugs rub on your skin, and they did not like that!  They also color coordinated their butterflies as they came out of the elephants trunk!

B's wooden bead caterpillar!

Elefun game

This looks just like our carpet at church with the Awanas sports tape on it!  I love their imaginations!

Friday - We did some fun stamping with these new Alphabet stamps we got at Hobby Lobby, and also some bug and animal stampers that Grandma gave the boys.  B had to answer reading comprehension questions from his reading lesson.

Friday - B wrote with, has, p and w.

Tuesday - We read a kangaroo poem from Before FIAR and it covered counting from one to ten, and words that rhyme.

Thursday - I cut two holes for the spider's legs in their art craft, and I asked them how many more we would need to get to eight legs.

Friday - We counted up to 30 for the different sets of reps we did for Physical Education.

Science and Social Studies:
Tuesday - The boys added the following animals to their Alphabet Book from Before FIAR: spider, dragonfly, deer, lizard, ostrich, possum, inchworm, skunk and snail.

Friday - We learned about England this week and where it was in relation to the other countries we learned about this year so far like India, China, Japan, United States, and the state where we live.  I also compared it to Japan because they are both islands so we went over what an island is again.  The capitol is London where I told them Peter Pan went to visit the Darling family.  It is also where Peppa Pig is from so they thought that was cool.

How do you incorporate fun into your child's learning?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for joining us!

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