Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Staycation Idea: Sanaa in Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort

You ever feel the need to get away but a long vacation may not be in the budget?  My family and I are fortunate enough to be within driving distance to Disney so on Tuesday, we decided to have a bit of an adventure!  Best part is, for a family of four we spent less than $80 for the whole day!
Staycation Idea: Sanaa in Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort
 Welcome to Sanaa!  The food was incredible!  The boys got to experience African and Indian inspired foods and they actually liked it!
This is driving up to the resort.  Parking is free for up to 3 hours if you are not staying as a guest overnight!

As soon as you get off the elevator towards the restaurant, this is what we saw!

It was like looking out into a safari!  Wild cattle were roaming around and resting by trees.

This is the lobby of the resort!  How gorgeous!

More wild cattle!

Its wonderfully set up at the resort.  The rooms are in the background and all the animals are in the middle of the resort.

My husband and boys being animal explorers!

Yep, those are zebras!

Cattle taking a walk.

If you are wondering how they keep the animals from leaving, there are thin wires that keep them in.  I took this picture and you can't even see the wires for how thin they are but they are right by the plants.

I love getting out with my boys and having all of us just be silly.  I love Disney for that!  Truly brings out the kid in all of us!

Here is the inside of the restaurant. 

This is the ceiling for the restaurant!  There is so much attention paid to detail.

This is the roof of the lobby.  The pictures don't do it any justice.

You can sit inside and enjoy the air conditioning, or you can venture outside and sit on the patio and overlook the animals.  It was extremely peaceful!  I could just see myself sitting there with a good book and relaxing!

They had a wonderful fireplace where you could gather together while you're waiting for the other parties in your group. 

This is the carpet in the resort.  Again, attention to detail!  Can you spot the little Mickey ears?
We made it to Downtown Disney area afterwards, and visited the shops and saw the sights. Thanks for joining us in our adventure! 
Where do you and your family like to go for staycations?
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  1. I don't mind going on staycation as long as I see these wonderful animals and be in this refreshing place. #BloggerCare

    1. It was so relaxing and just what we needed! Thanks for commenting, SuperLux and have a great week :)