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Week #6: Joseph's Coat of Many Colors and Weather (Homeschool Kindergarten and Preschool Learning)

Hey everyone and thanks for joining us for our homeschool week!  This week we covered Joseph's Coat of Many Colors and learned some vocabulary on different types of weather.  There was a Teacher Planning Day this week in our county so I opted to also have one on Tuesday!  We had massive rain storms all week where I live so it was a rough week with us being cooped up in the house all day, but thankfully everything got done!

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors and Weather

Reading Log:
To follow along with what curriculum and resources we are using this year, please click here.

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "Joseph's Coat of Many Colors," "White Rabbit's Color Book," and "Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten."  The letter of the week was letter c so we did some phonics of what c sounds like.

Wednesday - The boys and I discussed Jacob having 12 sons and which son was his favorite.  We also read "Katy No Pocket" and "Ask Mr. Bear."

Thursday - B did Lesson #53 out of "100 Easy Lessons."  His new words and sounds this week were: girl, each, cakes, home, ship and farm.

Friday - We read "Curious George Goes to the Zoo" today.

Art, Music and Physical Education:
Monday - I drew a picture of Joseph and his coat of many colors, and the boys painted him in!  They also painted letter c's for their Alphabet book.  We learned about the primary colors in "White Rabbit's Color Book," so I had the boys mix only the primary color paints to make secondary colors!  We also learned a new song called, "Rejoice in the Lord."  There is a great YouTube video on how to teach this song to your kids by Cullen's Abc's.  We sang and clapped and had a great time learning this song!

Wednesday - I used hand motions today to teach the boys about cooler and warmer weather, which I taught them creates storms.  Then I made them make lightning by putting my hands together open towards each other and move them back and forth and wider, to simulate the static in the clouds that form lightning.  They had a blast doing this and then they turned on the bathroom fan to simulate thunder!  And we had a rain storm of blue Pom Poms flying in the air, followed promptly by a snow storm with white Pom Poms!  B also drew a picture of a lightning storm.

Thursday - We did our first week in our Physical Fitness curriculum, and I realized how out of shape I really am!  The boys had fun learning new poses and new vocabulary, which we acted out. 

Friday - We finished out Physical Fitness week by completing the worksheets and matching the vocabulary to the correct picture.

Motor and Social Skills, and Critical Thinking:
Monday - The boys had some Play-doh fun today and made super hero costumes for their toys.  They also made Noah's Ark with all their stuffed animals in their room, and we went over our phone number again with B.  He still remembered it!

This may look like a mess but they had such a blast making Noah's Ark with some of their stuffed animals.

Wednesday - Today, we filled a cupcake pan with 11 green Pom Poms (1 each for Joseph's brothers) and one blue Pom Pom for Joseph.  The boys had to use tweezers to get each Pom Pom out of the pan without touching the sides.  They also had Awanas tonight at church.

Thursday - The boys cut and pasted pictures of Hot and Cold items in an awesome free Weather Packet from 123homeschool4me.  B also answered reading comprehension questions from his reading lesson.

Friday - The boys had to answer weather related questions from their science lesson.  They also helped me make lunch!

Homemade Pizza! Yum!

Monday - Letter c.

Wednesday - B wrote rain, snow, sun and weather.

Thursday - B wrote w, p, and v and then did copywork for temperature, precipitation, wind, snow, hail and run.
Friday - B did copywork for catch, hop, crawl and jog.  G wanted to "write" also which is very encouraging!  He is ready to write!

Wednesday - We did some rainbow math from bloomingkiddos.  We did sums of 10 and I had the boys make color clouds out of the Pom Poms that went with the color of the sums we were adding up.  I also had the boys learn sums to 12 with the cupcake pan and the Pom Poms.  I removed some of the Pom Poms and asked how many more I would need to get back to 12 brothers. (Pom Poms)

Thursday - We counted to 30 and then to 15 for our reps today in Physical Education.

Science and Social Studies:
Monday - The boys mixed paint together today to make new colors and then saw how the water changed color in the paint cup, after cleaning their brushes to get a new color.

Wednesday - We learned about different types of weather today (thunderstorms, rain, snow, hail, and sunny.) 

Thursday - The boys got an introduction to seasons today and we used a pinwheel from 123homeschool4me that showed the different seasons and the months that are in each.  We went over our family's birthdays and holidays so the boys could understand when each month was.  I then asked them whether they thought it was hot or cold in those months.  The boys learned about temperature and we did a worksheet on matching temperatures to seasons, also from 123homeschool4me.  They also learned about precipitation today.

I love how much they love each other!

Friday - The boys had a computer day today so they played some games on and also The Magic Treehouse, where they learned about different countries such as Australia, India, China, and Greece.  We wrapped up our weather unit in our post lab learning about wind, air pressure, moisture and temperature.  We used the Jesse Bear from Five in a Row to show how to dress in what weather.

How is it where you live?  Is it starting to get cold or are leaves starting to turn different colors?

We still got hot temperatures down here in Florida, but I did notice a slight cooling this week!  Thanks for joining us in our adventures!  Have a blessed weekend and we will see you next week :)

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