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Week #5: Noah's Ark, Bears and Japan (Homeschool Kindergarten and Preschool Learning)

Reading log for the week:
Noah's Ark, Bears and Japan

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Some of the books we couldn't find at the store or at the library, so we used YouTube to read along.  Here are some good story videos:
Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "Stone Soup," "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?," "Angus and the Ducks," and the "Angus Lost." We also read "Furry Bear" a poem, by: A.A. Milne from Five in a Row.  The boys also added the letter M to their alphabet book and added pictures of  a monkey, mother, and money from Five in a Row. The boys also learned about Joseph and Abraham in their Bible app.

Tuesday - The boys practiced their alphabet and letters in their Alphabet Game.  We watched and followed along to the videos of "Goodnight Gorilla" and "Grandfather's Journey."  We discussed Noah and how many of each animal boarded the ark, what it means to walk with God, (Genesis 9:6a "Noah walked with God") and what the significance of a rainbow is.

Wednesday - G had to learn Romans 5:8 and we discussed letter C is for Christ and Jesus died on the cross for our sins.  B learned 1 Corinthians 15:3 and that A is for According to the Scriptures.  We then listened to the story of "Grandfather's Journey." What a beautiful story! 

Thursday - We had a field trip to the zoo and talked about the animals and that there were two of each that boarded the Ark.  Here are some fun pictures of our field trip.

Friday - B did Lesson 52 out of "100 Easy Lessons" and his new words and sounds were: long e, short e, shop, chop, came, cars, park, are, fog and log.  The boys also listened to "Noah's Ark" in the Bible app.

Art, Music and Physical Education:
Monday - We did a fingerplay from Five in a Row called "Ten Fingers."  The boys also colored a picture of Jesse bear and his outfits from Five in a Row.

Tuesday - We learned the song, "Who Built the Ark?"  The boys colored a picture of a rainbow and did some rainbow stamping. Then we went swimming.
The idea and rainbow worksheet for this came from Under the Golden Apple Tree.
Wednesday - The boys and I went for a walk and to the playground today.  B colored the Japan flag for his Social Studies lesson.

Thursday - There was a lot of walking at the zoo today but great exercise and we had a lot of fun!

Friday - B colored his map of Japan.

Motor and Social Skills and Critical Thinking:
Monday - The boys cut and pasted the outfits onto their Jesse Bear cutout and did some Lego builds today.

Tuesday - We had a Play doh day today and the boys made bricks out of their Play doh set for the three little pigs! They also used Fruity Pebbles to match the color of their rainbows with the cereal.  They also color coordinated their counting bears with a bear sheet from Five in a Row.  Momma had a get together tonight with some friends and family also so the boys got to have a playdate with their cousins.

Play doh set

Wednesday - We had a busy week and were exhausted so we missed out on Awanas tonight but we are prepared for next week's lesson!

Thursday - The boys got to mingle with other children and adults at the zoo.  B got home and helped Mommy make dinner and helped Daddy with the dishes after dinner!  Think we are going to start a chore chart soon!

Friday - Reading comprehension questions from the Bible app and reading lesson.

Tuesday - B wrote his first and last name.

Wednesday - G wrote a letter C.

Friday - B wrote ch and p for reading lesson.

Tuesday - We used the counting bears to practice counting and the boys measured ingredients to make Halloween cupcakes for the get together we had.

counting bears

Thursday - We counted the number of poisonous frogs at the zoo but could only find 12 out of the 13.  The boys had to count the frogs and then tell us how many were blue and how many were green. 

Friday - G did Number 6 lesson on ABCmouse.

Social Studies and Science:
Monday - The boys added the Polar Bear and Grizzly bear cards from Five in a Row to their alphabet book.  We learned some interesting facts on each and then discussed what kind of clothes we should wear in each season.

Tuesday - We played a game at the pool the boys invented based on their favorite show, Wild Kratts.  They jumped into the water and named an animal and before jumping in again, would ask what country that animal was from.  We found all the animals in the alphabet game and matched the lowercase and uppercase letter to each card and practiced the phonics of each beginning letter. (turtle, unicorn, horse, elephant and frog.)

Wednesday - B learned where Japan is on the map and where it is in relation to California and San Francisco that were discussed in "Grandfather's Journey."  He also learned how far that is from where we live, where Daddy works, and how far it is from the state we live in.

Thursday - We had a wonderful family day at the zoo.  We saw Macaw birds fly over our heads and right next to us, a leopard, tufted deer, turtles, fish, rhinos, birds, orangutans, manatees, eagles, sloth bear, and black bear just to name a few!  The boys love us reading the information board to them so they can learn if they are an endangered species, what country they live in and what they like to eat.

Thanks for joining us and discover what we learned about Noah's Ark, Bears and Japan!

What are you or your children learning this week in school or in homeschool? 

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