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Week #3: Creation and The Runaway Bunny (Homeschool Kindergarten and Preschool Lesson Ideas)

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day!  Fall is definitely in the air down here in sunny Florida!  Everything is pumpkin galore, and we get to pretend that it is starting to feel cool outside!  The boys and I got to relax on Labor day so it was a short week for us, but here goes :)

Creation and The Runaway Bunny

Bible and Reading:
Tuesday - My husband found this amazing Bible App for Kids by YouVersion.  It is animated well and it is so interactive, that after the first lesson, the boys wanted to do more!  We learned about the days of Creation, Adam and Eve, and Abraham and Issac.  The theme this week in God's Little Explorers is G is for Garden, so it was great to have this app coincide with our lesson on Creation and the Garden of Eden.
B did Lesson #48 in "100 Easy Lessons" and his new words and sounds were: p, to, and hats.  We also read "The Great Cake" by: Sherry Gerstein, which is an awesome book about learning numbers.

Wednesday - The boys both are in Awanas this year and both have homework each week!  G had to learn 1 John 4:10 and "Jesus Loves Me."  B had to learn John 3:16 and Psalm 147:5.  He listened to Psalm 147:5 from the CD included in the book.

Thursday - We read, "The Runaway Bunny," by: Margaret Wise Brown.  B did Lesson #49 in "100 Easy Lessons" and his new words and sounds were: mop, cop, top, hop, ar, far, car, and tar. 

Friday - The boys and I had a Library Day!  I love where we moved to.  The library, town, and downtown area are small and intimate so wherever we go, people know you by name.  We are getting acquainted still but the library offers a program for families, where they give you a free book each month and then you read together as a family.  After reading together, the library coordinates a day where all the families who read the book that month get together to discuss the book and they offer a craft to go with the book!  How cool is that?  This month's book is "Homer Price" by: Robert McCloskey, and Daddy read Chapter 1 to us today. 


Art, Music and Physical Education:
Tuesday - We made Grandparents Day cards for all the grandparents and had a paint and stamping day.  We sang the "Creation Song," went swimming, and learned the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary."  B also did a Learning About Seeds booklet from Spell Out Loud.

Grandparents Day cards

Wednesday - The boys and I made a collage of the days of Creation from old magazine pictures.  We sang the "Creation Song" and went swimming with their aunt and cousin.

Creation collage

Thursday - We sang the "Creation Song," did the Fingerplays and Poems from Five in a Row called "The Little Bunny."  The boys also did a matching game for "The Runaway Bunny" from Five in a Row.  We learned about left and right with a fun poem from The Mailbox issue from Aug/Sept 2010.

Motor and Social Skills/Critical Thinking:
Tuesday - B did reading comprehension questions from his reading lesson and both boys had to answer reading comprehension questions prompted by the Bible app.

Wednesday - The boys had to cut and paste pictures out of magazines for their collage.  They also had a playdate with their cousin.  Later at night they had Awanas and I helped out in B's class.  I was so proud of him because the teacher asked what the story about apples she was reading had to do with God.  He immediately raised his hand and waited to be called on and said, "God made the trees and the apples and everything that God makes is good so the apples and the trees are good because God made them."  Yep, proud Momma :) 

G cutting out the pictures for the collage.
B flying to try to win the game at Awanas!

He is in the big kids class this year so he gets to play sports and he loves that!  My little man G did okay his second week.  The first week was rough because brother wasn't in the preschool class anymore with him, but this week his teachers said he did much better!  Proud of him for that also!

Thursday - We did "Calendar Time" and the boys learned Mommy and Daddy's cell phone numbers.  We made a game of it and they had to manually dial each of us and then we had conversations on the phone!  They thought that was a blast and they remembered the phone numbers.

The boys also glued the "Runaway Bunny" items from Five in a Row into their Ninja Turtles Alphabet book.  We made "L's" with our left hand to show it was L for left and we did the hand gestures to "Little Bunny Foo Foo."  The boys also got to watch Little Bunny Foo Foo on YouTube.

Friday - The boys helped Mommy make soup for Daddy who was not feeling well.  B also made some more delicious homemade ranch. 

Tuesday - B wrote plants, Wild Kratts, w, v, tomato, seeds, soil, water and sunlight.

Thursday - B wrote th, sh, and 2014.  He also wrote the, of, and, a, and to from Sight Word Rings by: Whimsy Workshop Teaching.

Tuesday - We counted on fingers to the days of the week in the "Creation Song." 

Wednesday - We counted again on fingers to the days of the week in the "Creation Song."  B had to connect the dots in his Math Readiness book from 1-12.  The boys also both used stickers from this book to fill in the blanks for the numbers or amount of items missing.  G also had to count how many apples were in his Awanas lesson book.

Thursday - We did a shapes review in "Calendar time."

Science, Social Studies, and Computer Skills:
Tuesday - The boys learned about where seeds grow and what plants need to grow.  This booklet is awesome from Learning About Seeds booklet from Spell Out Loud.  He really enjoyed working on that and learning about plants.

Wednesday - G helped me water the plants outside and we talked about what plants need to grow.

Friday - The boys got to play on the computer at the Library and learned about elephants on from their favorite show, Wild Kratts.

How was your week?  Did your kids start back to school this week or what week of school are you in?

Hope you have find some of this information useful!  Have a great week and thanks for stopping by to share our week!

This was taken at sunset near my house on Friday.  Absolutely beautiful!
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