Friday, September 19, 2014

Field Trip to Zoo for Noah's Ark Lesson

This week we are covering Noah's Ark in our homeschool studies, and we thought a trip to the zoo would be wonderful for the boys to see all the animals!
My boys looking over at the orangutans.
This is the sloth bear in the Asia section.  He looks really sweet and cuddly but his claws are dangerously long and sharp!

We went into the Aviary.  It's amazing the different species of birds in there and how unafraid of you they are!

My youngest loves these birds because they remind him of flamingos because of their pink coloration.

Here is one
sunning and you can see how close you get by the shadows of people passing by!

Field Trip to Zoo for Noah's Ark Lesson
There are Macaws flying in the background.  They flew right over our heads and in a circle to the landing post below.

They then went from the landing post and past my husband and sons as we walked to the next section.  It was incredible!

My little scientists exploring in the lab!

Our math lesson today was to count all the thirteen poisonous frogs in the tank but we could only find twelve!  Then the boys had to tell us how many were blue and how many were green.  We also asked the boys how many of each animal boarded the ark.

This is through a screen so the picture is obscured, but these are pelicans getting fed lunch.  They ate whole fish that they caught in their beaks, and then their necks extend kind of like a net and it is gulped down their throat.  Right below the pelicans, are the manatees.

There were a lot of manatees today.  I think we counted seven total.

We also got to see turtles, fish, snakes, black bear and eagles.  This is my oldest in fascination at the manatees.

Can't go to the zoo down in the south and not see a gator or two!

This is a panther perched underneath the slab to the left and she was napping and trying to get as cool as possible in the heat.
Here is the leopard.  They actually put up a sheet of hard plastic on the bottom of the enclosure. Last time we visited, there was no sheet and he could actually stick his paws out of the enclosure and almost touch you!

This is the tufted deer Momma.  Her baby and the Papa deer were below us under the boardwalk.
Hope you had fun exploring with us some of the beautiful creatures God created!
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  1. Replies
    1. They had such a good time and I think by having fun, they don't even realize they are learning! Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful week!

  2. This is an AWESOME idea for kids learning about Noah's Ark! The miracle that all of the animals came together peacefully for such a long time is HUGE!


    1. Thanks, Marie! I could not agree with you more and it is so awesome to see their faces marvel at all that the Lord has created! Thanks for commenting and have a fabulous week!