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T is for Tent (learning about Father Abraham), Twinkle Little Star, Triangles, India and Goodnight Moon (Week 2)

Welcome to week #2 where we had a lot of adventures involving tents (learning about Father Abraham), Twinkle Little Star, Triangles, India and Goodnight Moon.  Daddy had a day off on Friday so we took the day off with him and did homeschool Saturday while he was at work.  B got sick on Tuesday and he would have lost a whole day of school, but by the afternoon he was feeling better so we did homeschool in the evening.  I love the flexibility of homeschooling!  Here is our
"Yep, I'm a homeschooled kitty!"

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Bible and Reading:
Monday - T is for Tent is the theme of the week in God's Little Explorers.  We "camped" under our dining room table and read "God's Friend - God's Promise" in "Jesus Calling."  It was about Abraham (Genesis 15; 17-18) and Mark 10:27, where nothing is impossible with God.  We made T's and t's with our hands and fingers.  The verse this week is Galatians 3:6 and we practiced the phonics of letter T.

Lesson #47 in "100 Easy Lessons" - new words included or, for, goat, coat, need, have, cold, give, and gave.
Daddy doing reading lesson with B, and G playing.

Tuesday "Media Day" - We learned about everything with the letter I on Sesame Street while B was not feeling well. I is for Iggy, ice, and ice cream.  B learned about Gg and Hh on ABCmouse and the boys built words on with Super Why.

Wednesday - We went over Abraham and how he had to travel for so long and kept having to change camps to follow God.  I asked the boys what would they see at night if they were camping.  Their answers included God, Jesus, lightning, thunder, rain, the moon and the stars. 

We read, "The Four Friends" and "The Mouse Bride" from  by: Bob Hartman.  The cool thing about this was I could not find the book but my local library had an ebook version of it so all I needed was my library card and we had access! 

We also read, "Where the Wild Things Are" by: Maurice Sendak on  Other books included "Pizza Party" by: Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia, "Bolt" by: Apple Jordan and "TMNT Magnet Book" by: Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman.

Thursday - We read "Goodnight Moon" by: Margaret Wise Brown.

Saturday - We read "Thank God for Good Health" by: Stan and Jan Berenstain and "Beware the Green Goblin" by: Tomas Palacios.

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Monday - The boys, Daddy and I sang and danced to "Father Abraham."  We went over "B" words for "Blueberries for Sal" and B cut and pasted them into his Alphabet book (from Five in a Row blog - bear, Bb, blueberries, bird, and balloon.)

Wednesday - The boys learned "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and we sang and danced to the rhyme and then colored a booklet.

Thursday - B colored the flag for India and the map of India because India was our country of the week. 

We did a finger play from the Five in a Row blog called "The Big Yellow Moon."

We also swam at the pool today and learned why it's important not run at the pool.

B spotted a stick bug while we were at the pool!

Saturday - We sang "Father Abraham" again and went swimming.  The boys learned "Hickory, Dickory Dock" and did a color and paste craft project.  We also had fun being silly switching out the word "one" out of the nursery rhyme and switching it with numbers 2-10 and new rhyming words.  B also colored in the "My Goodnight Moon" book, and matched the rhyming words.

Father Abraham, Twinkle Little Star, Triangles and India

Motor and Social Skills/Critical Thinking:
Monday - We went over Mommy and Daddy's names and our last name.  B answered Reading comprehension questions from his reading lesson.

Wednesday - Opening night at Awanas.

Thursday - Reading comprehension questions from the stories we read on Wednesday.  The boys played a rhyming game with words and pictures from Five in a Row for "Goodnight Moon."

G doing puzzles while his brother worked on his lessons.

Saturday - We practiced what to do when there is someone at the front door.  We took turns and role played and asked, "Who is it?" before we opened the door.

Monday - h, h, S, s

Wednesday - star, stop, stove, stir, stamp (st words)

Thursday - mouse, cow, India

Saturday - sock, clock, moon, balloon, kitten, mitten, brush, mush

Monday -  We did a numbers review for 9-12 in our Math Readiness book.  The boys had to count the number of items and use subtraction and addition with stickers.


Tuesday "Media Day" - We had a review on number 20 on Sesame Street.  G did Lesson 4 in ABCmouse on numbers 1-5.

Wednesday - B did Lesson 10 on ABCmouse, also on 1-5.  He had to pick the number he heard, and Bowling Addition game where he had to add the numbers to the equation that would equal 10.

Saturday - We did a shapes review and cut out 10 squares that B drew stars in and also a triangle for a tent, to signify Abraham's tent.  We then glued these items onto black construction paper to pretend like it was night.

Social Studies and Science:
Tuesday "Media Day" - Both boys learned about eating a healthy, balanced meal (fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, and bread) on ABCmouse.  They then went exploring to to a dinosaur game where they had to pick the words and phonics of the picture to create an illustration. 


Thursday - Our country of the week was India.  We learned that India is in Asia and where it is in comparison to North America, the United States and our state.

That is our week.  Hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!


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