Monday, June 9, 2014

The story of David, Number 29 and Reading Lesson (Homeschool week of 6-2-14)

 Is it me or is the summertime crazy?  We have so much going on some days that I  am thankful for the light days we have during summer for homeschool.  For the summer, we are busy trying to get the boys caught up on lessons, lots of story time and just relax and play outdoors.  B is almost done lesson 4 out of 6 on for pre-k and we want him done in time for fall schooling so he can be at the Kindergarten level.  Here is our week:

How awesome that Grandma caught this picture of a hawk flying as we were out for a drive to visit with her the other day.

Bible and Reading
Monday - We read about The Story of David (David, God's Chosen King - 1 Samuel 16; David and Goliath - 1 Samuel 17, and David and Jonathan - 1 Samuel 18-20 with Proverbs 17:17 in Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling" children's book.  It was about God wanting us to know Him as Savior and that He is also on our side as friend.

We also read Veggie Tales books by: Karen Poth.  "Larry Makes a Choice" and "Bob and Larry's Creation Vacation."

Wednesday - "Jesus Feeds the People" by: Karen Poth

Thursday - Lesson 45 out of "100 Easy Lessons." (new words and sounds: v, lots, ham, take, same)  B is up to knowing how to read 120 words!  We also read "Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco" by: Laurie Berkner to go along with the letter "v."

Friday - We read 'The Little Red Hen" by: J.P. Miller.

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Wednesday - Swimming at the pool and playing Marco Polo and Colors games.

Thursday - The boys colored their math lesson that dealt with bumblebees.  Then we sang and danced to Laurie Berkner's "Bumblebee" song and ended up dancing and singing to the whole Laurie Berkner DVD!

Motor and Social Skills:
Monday - We had some fun playing with Playdoh.

Tuesday -
Does this look like a kid who has strep throat?  We had an unexpected doctor's visit Tuesday but here the both of them are smiling away.  Good news is he is feeling better!

Thursday - The boys did a cut and paste activity for math.

Thursday - B wrote twenty nine and 29.

Monday - We counted from 1-29 and then B had a great idea to shoot his Batman toy 29 times!  I love homeschool math :)

Wednesday - The boys each counted 1-10 for Marco Polo at the pool. 

Thursday - We counted from 1-30.

Other (
Monday - Both the boys learned about fire fighters and police officers on ABCmouse.

Wednesday - The boys learned about the songs: "There Were Ten in the Bed," and Letters B and W videos going over phonics of b and w on ABCmouse.

Thursday - The boys did Letter Videos V, A, and B on ABCmouse to go over phonics of v, a, and b.  B was getting V and B confused so I thought these cute videos would help him.

Friday - B went over lowercase and capital letters for w and x and went over weather vocabulary for letter w and fall.  G learned about primary colors, shapes, and letter p for pig on ABCmouse.

So cool to see nature and get a chance to snap a photo of it!  Good job, Grandma!
Blessings for the week,

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