Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day and End of the Year Recap

Hello and Happy Father's Day to all!  I know that today can be full of mixed emotions, some of joy and some of pain.  I would like to extend to all a gentle reminder that we all have one Ultimate Father in heaven who watches over us all and loves us for us.  He knows us in our darkest day and in our most joyful hour, and loves us the same unconditionally. 

This is a great reminder to me as well because my family and I are faced with the blessing of having sold our house and while not making a lot of money, it freed us of a mortgage payment without having to come out of pocket.  My husband and I both felt like it was time to let this house go.  We are grateful to have been able to be home owners but my husband is getting ready to go back to school and with hopes, be a pastor or a missionary in five years time.  I could not be more proud of him and we both know we could be anywhere in that time.  We feel God has blessed us with this home and He will lead us to the next journey when it is His timing.  I just have to remember to be patient and to wait for His timing.  So, in the meantime, I am having to get a whole house packed in about three weeks and I think we are just going to rent for a bit until we hear God's next calling for us.

Where does that leave homeschooling during the summer for this Momma?  Well, this week the boys did some learning about construction workers, Letter Q review, phonics videos A-F, learned about the four seasons and weather terms.  It's the summertime, so the pool has been full of all the kids in the neighborhood so we've gotten some fun, sun, and social time. 

My boys did amazing this year and I am so insanely proud of them!  We went from fighting over making the perfect letter B on the second day of school to my oldest knowing how to not only write the whole alphabet but know the phonics of it along with 120 reading words!  He knows how to count from 1-30 and understands the one to one ratio of things.  My youngest did not know his colors when the year started.  I actually asked my husband if maybe he was color blind because it just wasn't clicking!  I bought color changing dinosaur egg oatmeal from Quaker because he loves oatmeal and dinosaurs.  Guess who learned their colors?  He was then able to apply it when we went up for his uncle's wedding and saw the leaves changing colors and he knew ever single color!

We went through almost three different devotional books for children and some fun Bible stories.  We learned about genealogy of family (sons, daughter, aunt, uncle, grandparents)  We learned some parts of the body and how to keep it healthy.  We learned about professions like police officers, fire fighters and construction workers.  We learned about different types of animals and their lifecycles.  We learned about fruits and vegetables.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to homeschool my sons.  There are days that Satan tries to sneak in and lie that I am not doing the right thing or maybe they would be better off in school.  I can't even let any of those thoughts go further than that though because God knocks them all down to the ground.  He knows I am doing the right thing for our family and I have all my faith in Him. 

What I plan to do is pack my house in 3 weeks timing and move and get settled.  I had hoped to homeschool during the summer but I think we may be taking a break until August.  We have a lot fun things planned during this time like VBS, trips to the beach and zoo, a special visit from his cousin, aunt and uncle from Pennsylvania, my oldest turns five and I will be thirty before our homeschool year starts back up! 

In the midst of everything going on, I will be taking a break for the homeschool portion of my blog.  I still plan to post encouraging articles about the Lord here and on my contributor blog, Satisfaction Through Christ.  Hopefully there will be more one more giveaway before the school year starts back up also but I am going to try to relax and enjoy the summer to be refreshed for next year school year.  The boys will still be doing lessons and reading lessons with my oldest so I will catch you all up with that soon.

Social media is a very easy way to keep up with what we are doing.  My Twitter feeds are usually dedicated to inspirational articles I read, giveaways, free homeschool items, and my latest blog posts.  My Facebook page usually has fun conversations, giveaways, shares of awesome homeschool and mostly free items, and my latest blog posts.  Come and join in on the fun! I will be keeping up with all of this for the summer :)

I hope you all are having an amazing summer so far and thanks so much for keeping up with us and our adventures! 

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