Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amazing field trip to the zoo!

We had such an amazing morning at the zoo today!  We got to feed the giraffes after our safari trip through the Africa section at our zoo.  We also got to see the penguins eat some sardines and we got to see an unbelievable homeschool lesson from elephants!
G was terrified of the giraffe's tongue trying to get the lettuce in his mouth!

B had a blast and showed his brother it was okay!

Daddy helping G feed the giraffe!


Love my boys :)

Got this quick snap of the cheetah!  He is so quick and always hiding; it was so cool to get to see him today!

The zookeeper came with a bucket of food and what we got to see next was amazing...

The zookeeper called the elephants by name and the big elephant came from across the field.

The zookeeper hurled apples, pears, green bell peppers, carrots, a honeydew melon and broccoli in the air and it landed below in the elephant's watering hole.  You can see baby elephant come running!

What an awesome watering hole for them!

The elephant came so close to us!  He used his trunk to pick up the fruits and vegetables to put in his mouth.  He also seemed to use his trunk to say hello to us and if we would offer him any more food :)

The giraffes

What an awesome day and I love how the boys got to see first hand what the animals get to eat (and to encourage them to eat their fruits and vegetables more!)
What is your favorite activity or animal at the zoo? 
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