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Romans 8:28, Butterflies, and Fire Safety (Homeschool Week of 5-5-14)

This week was purely amazing.  My husband and I each had a different devotional that went over Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Monday, the boys devotional went over this and then at LifeWay Christian store this week, we had to spend another $1 to qualify for a $10 gift card they were giving with a $50 purchase.  My husband grabbed a thing of mints called Fish Mints where there is a verse of the Bible inside.  Guess what verse?  Yep, Romans 8:28.  Think God was trying to tell us something?  I wanted to share that story with you all and here is our homeschool week:

My husband made this out of Playdoh for our lesson on Monarch butterflies!

Bible and Reading:
Monday - "Ruth and Naomi" from the Book of Ruth in "Jesus Calling."  Ruth traveled to her hometown of Bethlehem after both her sons and husband passed away.  One of her daughter-in-laws, Ruth went with her and helped to take care of her.  Boaz, one of Naomi's relatives sees Ruth helping to take care of her and they end up married and later have a son named Obed, who is David's grandfather in the Bible.  It went over Romans 8:28 :)

My G trying to "read" the Bible story for the day :)

Tuesday - "Little Red Riding Hood" by: Dubravka Kolanovic
                  "Fly, Monarch! Fly!" by: Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Wednesday - "Jesus Feeds the People" by: Kelly Pulley
                      My boys discovered Veggie Tales at the Lifeway store and when we got home there was a Veggie Tales movie on about Jonah.  Amazing little videos and the boys, my husband and I have a new favorite thing to watch together!

Thursday - "Hannah's Special Prayer" from Samuel 1-2 and it covered Psalm 86:6, "Please listen,  Lord!  Answer my prayer for help."  Hannah prayed for a baby boy she would give back to God to serve Him.  Here is a link to an archived article about why I named my blog, Raising Samuels after this story: http://raisingsamuels.blogspot.com/2013/10/raising-samuels.html.

Friday - "Jesus and His Friends" by: Kelly Pulley

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Monday - G colored 27 crayons for B's math lesson.

The brothers working together as a team to finish up their work so they could play with their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys!

Tuesday - We took a walk around the neighborhood and then went swimming.  We sang "The Ants Go Marching One by One" in the pool and they were both "marching" across the water in their pool floats! 

Motor/Social/Critical Thinking Skills:
Monday - B cut and paste math lesson.  We also talked about teamwork so that's why I had G color B's crayons so they could work together as a team.

Math and Writing lesson.

Tuesday - We played colors at the pool.  We also read an Animal Baby magazine and we had to mimic the motions that Mommy did by honking like a goose, shivering because we pretended it was cold and that's why the geese had to fly south (migration), flapped our arms like wings, and we pretended to have binoculars on to see the geese in the sky.  We also did an I Spy and found objects hidden in a picture and then got to compare and contrast between a red beetle and other animals and beetles.

Wednesday - Awanas.

Thursday - We had some Playdoh fun with Daddy and made a butterfly, tree frog, larva, and a pupa to go along with our Science lesson this week and of course, Peter Pan.  My G loves making Peter Pan!

B is getting really good at drawing!  This is a picture of an elephant from Africa and a camel from Egypt. 

We had a Daddy homeschool day so the boys got to play with some Playdoh after our Science lesson.

The boys working together to make a tree frog out of Playdoh!

Monday -  B wrote twenty seven and 27.

Monday - We counted from 1-27 and then we counted 1-13 for 13 fire fighters in a Clifford magazine.

Tuesday - The boys counted to 8 for the 8 prairie dogs found in the Animal Baby magazine from November 2012.

Other(ABCmouse.com, Science):
Monday - We did a Clifford magazine on Fire Safety and Teamwork.  Fire fighters work together by washing the fire trucks, helping to put on gear, steady the fire ladder, and hold the hose together to get the fire out.  We learned if there is smoke to get down low and try to get out of the house.  It is a good idea to touch the doors to make sure it is not hot because there may be fire behind the door.  It also says to not hide from the fire fighter and to yell so that they can come to the rescue.  I pray this never happens to my family or anyone's family but it is good to know safety procedures.  The boys also learned what things are hot and not to touch like a stove, iron, or candle and they had the pictures with the words underneath so it helps B know how to read more words.

Tuesday - We learned about the four stages of a butterfly which are egg, larva, pupa, and adult and also that this is called metamorphosis.  We learned about migration again because the butterflies migrate to Mexico and California.  They lay over 400 eggs and drink nectar from flowers or milkweed plants for nourishment.  We also learned about tree frogs and that they have red eyes, bright green skin, orange toes, (great colors review) and small, sticky toes to climb on things. 

Wednesday - B learned how to read log, frog, fog, and dog on ABCmouse.com.  He also did story sequencing, cards, puzzles, weather terms (snowy, rainy, windy, warm, hot, sunny, cold and foggy); and he did number graphing for numbers 1-5.  G did #1-5 on the farm and learned about different kinds of animals.

Friday - We had an App Day and the boys played their favorite game on Gamma's iPad that teaches them directions like up, down, left and right.

I apologize for this post being late.  We had pink eye hit our house this week but we are still trooping through with our homeschool week and are excited to share with you our new adventures later this week!  Hope everyone had an awesome week and keep listening for when God is trying to speak to you!  Let me know if you have ever had an experience like our Romans 8:28 this week!




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