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Learning about Samuel, Saving, and a Zoo Field Trip! (Homeschool week of 5-12-14)

Hello and hope everyone is having an amazing week!  We had pink eye hit our house this week but that did not slow us down!  Here are our adventures for the week:

Front row seats to the rhino exhibit with the Mommy and baby rhinos.
Bible and Reading:
Monday - "God Speaks to Samuel" from "Jesus Calling."  This was from Samuel 3 where God called out to Samuel and Samuel thought it was Eli calling for him.  Eli said it was God speaking to him and Samuel lived out his days listening, obeying and loving the Lord. 
     We did some outside learning today because it was so nice out and we read the Fisher Price Little People Lift the Flap books: "Let's Go to the Farm" and ""Let's Go on a Class Trip."  We did an Animal Baby magazine from February 2012 and learned M is for Mountain goat.

You wouldn't even know any of us were sick looking at this picture but we got outside and did some reading and I think it made us feel better.

Thursday - We read the Veggie Tales book, "The Fairest Town in the West" by: Karen Poth.

Friday - B did Reading Lesson #44 from "100 Easy Lessons."  (new words: tame, old, kitten).  We also read "Piggy Bank Blessings" by: Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Art/Music/Physical Fitness:
Tuesday - G helped B color and paste his math lesson.  I also taught the boys how to play Simon Says and Duck, Duck, Goose!  They had a blast being silly and also learning how to listen to the rules of the games.

Teamwork with father and sons of coloring, cutting, and pasting for a math lesson.

Wednesday - G made up a silly song while we were at the zoo.  We were going over letter F is for Flamingo and he started singing, "Flamingo, mingo, mingo sounds like mingo, mingo, mingo!"  I love their creativity!

G's "Flamingo, mingo, mingos!"

Friday - We went out for a walk and got to practice playing baseball and trying to hit the ball and run after hitting the ball.

Motor and Social Skills/Critical Thinking:
Monday - We played I Spy games out of the Animal Baby magazine and had to find a penguin, whale, seal, and white bird in the picture.  The boys matched the animals to their shapes, we made funny animal sounds, said the colors of animals, animal patterns, and a seek and find.  We also had to mimic a roly-poly walrus so the boys pretend to dive into water, shivered because it's cold where walruses live, pretended to sleep, and we rolled our hands round and round.

Tuesday - B cut out 28 jelly beans for his math lesson.

Math and Writing Lesson.

Wednesday - We didn't do Awanas tonight but we got out for a field trip to the zoo.

Sea lions


Monkeys and there were two baby monkeys! 

Thursday - The boys did a lot of pretend playing as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  They were starting to feel better today and of course that is the day Mommy started to not feel so well! 

Friday - Reading comprehension questions.

Tuesday - B wrote twenty eight and 28.

Friday - We practiced writing and drawing skills in shaving cream!  I saw this one time in a Kindergarten classroom when I was a substitute teacher and the kids loved it!  B wrote letters o and k from reading lesson.

G having a blast with the shaving cream!

B trying to figure it all out!

Monday - We compared bigger to smaller footprints in the Animal Baby magazine and we found shapes in the books we read.  We also counted from 1-10 for the amount of animals found in the "Let's Go to the Farm" book and learned some baby animal names.

Tuesday - B counted 1-28 for his math lesson., and Science):
Monday - B did letters g and G, and H and h on and he continued his lesson on learning weather terms.  He also went to the vet with me because my cat had a two lumps on her body.  He got to see what a vet does to take care of an animal by weighing her and evaluating her like a doctor does.  She unfortunately had to also get shots of medicine because her skin had broken out into an infection.  The doctor was very good about my son being there and took the time to explain everything in a way my son could understand, which was awesome!  I am hoping the medicine will take care of her lumps and that it is nothing more than an infection.  Hands-on learning day about being a vet today though!
     We learned about porcupines and that they like to eat plants, have sharp quills for protection, and sharp claws to climb from the Animal Baby magazine.

Tuesday - G did #1-5 on and B did some puzzles in his lessons.

Wednesday - We taught the boys about giving today.  There were many toys under the bed that hadn't been played with in months, if not a year so we had the boys go through their toys to see what they were willing to let go.  B helped Daddy put together the items and catalog everything and we went to drop it off at consignment.  We explained that the money could be used to buy new toys that they did want and also to save their money for something they wanted in the future.  We also had a separate pile of things to drop off at Goodwill and when we went, a woman who was there donating also, said how cute the items I was dropping off were.  I asked her if she wanted them and she explained that it would be great for when her grandson came over.  I gave her the items and the man who was putting my items onto the truck when into the truck and gave her the other items as well!  It was so amazing to see that and the boys got to see how happy it made the woman for her grandson.  We also have a separate pile to bring to church for the babies in the nursery. 
     At the zoo today, we saw a bird show where an owl ate a mouse and an eagle came out to eat a fish.  We saw crocodiles, alligators, snakes, sea lions,  a puma, black bears, flamingos, skunks, manatees, turtles, monkeys, rhinos, and sea otters.  We also saw a spider bigger than my husband's hand and Mommy was done in that section after that!

Black bear


Thursday - G worked on letter N in and B worked on letters I and i, and letters J and j.  We were also blessed to get another free month of and the boys sang and danced to nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Monkeys, Five Little Ducks, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and matched animals to their shapes.

Friday - G finished up his lesson letter N on while brother did a reading lesson with Mommy.

Despite our sicknesses this week, we were able to finish our homeschool week strong.  Hopefully we all will be feeling better by tomorrow.  How is your week going?  Are you getting ready to wrap up your homeschool year or getting ready for a fun Memorial Day weekend coming up in a few short weeks?  Blessings to you and try to live like Samuel: listening, obeying and loving God.

Living for Him,


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