Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Think We Are Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers (Week of 5-26-14)

It was Memorial Day this past week, which to me signifies the beginning of summer.  I have chosen to try to pursue year round homeschooling because it gives the flexibility of breaks when a child may be sick or sometimes when both Momma and child need a mental break. The summertime schedule is going to be more of a light curriculum for us and more to do with reading, field trips, and outdoor adventures.  I never would have believed it because of the student I was growing up but I do believe I am leaning more towards a Charlotte Mason homeschool.  Here is our homeschool week:
We ran into the "Thunder Bug" at a festival this past weekend!
Bible and Reading:
Wednesday - We read: "Where is Baby's Pumpkins?" by: Karen Katz
"Where is Baby's Birthday Cake?" by: Karen Katz
"Animal Alphabet" by: Kara McMahon
"Thank God for Good Health" by: Stan and Jan Berenstain
Art/Music/Physical Education:
Tuesday - B drew pictures of Ninja Turtles.  He used different colored crayons, which is big because he really doesn't usually enjoy coloring with crayons.
Grandma and Grandpa got the boys this awesome color in the book by: Eric Carle, which is one of their favorite authors.  The pages are not colored in but are illustrated so the boys had to color in the pages themselves!  Pretty awesome find!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!
Wednesday - What is summer without some Slip and Slide fun!  My Secret Sister from church got me this amazing gift for the boys!  She's awesome :)
Motor and Social Skills:
Wednesday - We made thank you gifts for the Awanas teachers since this was the last day until fall.  The boys each got awards at the Awanas ceremony; we are very proud of them for knowing their Bible verses and for being such good friends.

We made these thank you gifts and put "Thanks for teaching us about the Lord," on the back for their teachers.  Here is the link for the template from Kinder Kraze: Thanks a Latte Templates
I include the boys in things like this because it is important for them to not only know how but also why to thank someone.  My little one, G was happy because I let him use the little kid scissors to help me cut the strings!
Friday - We signed up for a Homeschool Support Group for this upcoming year!  It was cool because they had a used curriculum sale going on and the boys got to see that they are not the only ones who are taught at home.  It was at the local YMCA and it was jammed! 
Signing up for Homeschool Support Group!
Saturday - We went to a local festival where they were doing a free event for all the local businesses in the area.  The boys got to play in bouncy houses, play games to win prizes, socialize with other children, and of course meet the "Thunder Bug."
Bouncy house time!
Getting all set up to try out some Tae Kwon Do!
Math and Science:
Monday - Here is our outdoor garden. We are growing tomatoes, basil, trees, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce and celery!  The boys got to crush up dried out egg shells and place them in the soil to help fertilize the plants naturally.
Wednesday - After making thank you gifts with string, the boys had an ingenious idea to make their own Zipline Ninja Turtles with the leftover string.  I tied each end of the string to a door handle and chair, and I had the boys figure out how to balance the weight of the turtles with the string.  They put another chair to distribute the weight!

Thursday - While watching Sid the Science Kid, they learned about elasticity.  They learned a song and danced to it and bounced around.
Friday - They watched an episode of Peg + Cat and learned about the different equations that equal to 10 (5+5, 7+3, 6+4)  using the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. (Our learning does not usually center around TV shows but I thought these two shows did a great job of explaining things at their level and made it fun for them)

Saturday - While at the festival, the boys got to see a science experiment!
They blew up a balloon and did not tie it but taped the end of it.  Then they had to place the tape end on a string suspended in the air.  It was a balloon rocket ship!  So creative and lots of fun!
Other ( and
Tuesday - We went to Gamma's job because we had 3 house showings in one day!  The boys got to do some at her job, which they thought was great.  They learned about #1-10, O is for Ostrich, and A-Z music videos.
Wednesday - Today, the boys went over shapes and matching on
Thursday - The boys did Itsy Bitsy Spider, 10 Little Monkeys, and 5 Little Ducks songs on
Friday - They learned about letter S,s, T, and t on
How do you normally homeschool?  We had a bad week last week where Momma and the boys were sick for the whole week so I apologize about not posting.  We took that week off just to focus on getting better.  This week was crazy with lots of things going on but we still made it through!  I am glad to have the flexibility of not only homeschooling, but doing it year round.  Thanks for following in our adventures and have a great week :)




  1. Love the Ninja turtle picture!
    Looks like you were very busy this week to make up for last weeks illnesses. Way to go mom!
    And I'm happy you were able to join a support group. You'll enjoy that soooooo much!

    1. He is getting so good at drawing! Yes, it was a busy week and thank God we are all feeling better! We're excited to get the boys involved with other kids that are homeschooled. They thought it was so cool to see other kids who are homeschooled :)