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Resurrection Eggs and Easter Lessons (Week of 4-14-14)

Hello and hope you all had an awesome week!  We got a wonderful surprise on Monday when Grandma and Grandpa came by to drop off a present for the boys: Resurrection Eggs for Easter!  I had seen these before online but didn't know where to find them.  The funny thing was that day, my Mom and oldest son weren't feeling well so everyone in the house at some point had been taken a nap.  I finally went down for a nap and was awoken by my Mom about 40 minutes later saying someone had pulled into our driveway and then I heard my mother-in-law's voice, and being half out of it, thought something was wrong!  My husband was at work and I had no clue what was going on but it was so thoughtful of them to bring us a gift!  It literally took me an hour to wake up and just to show how out of it I was, I went into my Facebook page and didn't recognize anyone!  It took me about five minutes to realize I was in my Mom's Facebook page and not my own!  Can any of you relate to being this tired on some days?  Anyways, here is our week and I hope you and your families have a Happy Easter!

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "Little Bunny's Bathtime!" by: Jane Johnson.  We also read about "Joshua and the Walls of Jericho" (Joshua 2) in "Jesus Calling."  In this passage, it talks about how Joshua sent two men to spy on Jericho and were hidden by a woman named Rahab.  They hid on the rooftops as the King's men came to find them and she cleverly told the King's men how the spies had left already and could still catch them if they hurried.  She asked the spies to keep her and her family safe.  It also talks about God's strange instructions to Joshua in how to effectively invade Jericho.  The lesson in this is to obey God and our parents, despite the strange instructions given sometimes.  I had the boys run around our dining room table 7 seven times and say "Shout!" like Joshua did on the seventh day.  They had so much and exclaimed, "Look Mom!  We invaded Jericho!"

Tuesday - We started Resurrection Eggs today with Daddy and did the first three eggs: a donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the cup for during Passover, and the coins Judas received in turning in Jesus.  The Resurrections Eggs are such a great idea because it has a short story with each egg and it makes it easy for young children to understand.  B also read his reading lesson to Gamma and Daddy.

Daddy and the boys reading stories about the Resurrection Eggs.

Wednesday - We did Lesson 40 in "100 Easy Lessons" and were introduced to quotation marks and how need to stop at the end of a period.  I had B hold his hand out and say "Stop!" whenever he got to the end of the sentence.  Some new words this week were late, hill and hot.  He almost knows how to read 100 words at this point and we are not even halfway done the book!

We did two more Resurrection eggs with Daddy: the hands for praying and the whip that the soldiers beat Jesus with .  Awanas homework was an Easter lesson where B had to point to the pictures and I read to him the caption underneath.  The verse was 1 Corinthians 15:4, "...He was raised on the third day According to the Scriptures."

Thursday - We did two more Resurrection eggs today with the rooster and crown of thrones. 

Friday - We read "Woolbur" by: Leslie Helakoski.

Saturday - We did three Resurrection eggs this morning: the nails shaped like a cross that they put into Jesus skin, the spear that the soldier put into Jesus, and the cloth that Jesus was wrapped in.  One more egg to go tonight and we are saving the last egg for tomorrow morning.

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Monday - G colored a Jesus coloring page and B made 25 chocolate and strawberry (brown and red) scoops of ice cream for his math lesson sheet.

My youngest coloring pictures for his homeschool day.

Thursday - We took two walks outside and went swimming. 

Friday - We did an art lesson thanks to an idea from HEDUA Family 2014 Issue 2 magazine from Pat Knepley in an article called "Art Matters." You cut tissue paper into little squares and you add 1/2 mixture of glue mixed with same measure of water to make a milky glue substance.  You then take a square and glue it with a paint brush to a piece of cardstock and then paint over it with more milky glue.  Afterward, you take black construction paper and glue it over the top with anything you want.  I made a cross with the boys and then you add more milky glue on top.  It is supposed to look like stained glass!

One I worked on with the boys and below is the one my niece did.

My Moms, my nephew's and my B's
They had a lot of fun!

Motor and Social Skills:
Monday - Cut and paste for math lesson.

Tuesday -  Playdate with cousin.

Having fun with cousin!
Wednesday - B did his reading comprehension questions.  No Awanas; boys fell asleep.

Friday - We had a playdate with cousins and they all made an Easter egg hunt amongst themselves, we played Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Chutes and Ladders, and they played with lots of toys without the TV on!  All the kids also made their own Easter mosaics and had to use the glue and make their own versions of whatever they wanted to make. 

I love their imaginations!  This is my oldest and my niece as shopkeepers!

Monday - twenty five, 25

Wednesday - d,a,h

Monday- Number find for 25 and we counted from 1-25.

Best thing about homeschool is the freedom and flexibility it allows.  My oldest was sick most of the morning but was feeling better after lunch.  He would have missed a whole day of school.  After lunch, we started our homeschool day and he was fine :)
G's coloring page and B's math lesson.

Other (Apps,, and Science):
Tuesday - Apps with Gamma today and they played games to teach directional such as right, left, up, down) and mixing ingredients to get the right food product. (following and listening to directions)

Wednesday - G did letters f, I, and i on ABCmouse and also learned different parts of the body.  B did color by number and color by letter, review of letters A-C, and also primary and secondary color review.

Thursday - G did the color yellow, parts of the body, and fruits and vegetables on ABCmouse.  Afterwards, we all discussed what was a fruit and what was a vegetable. (science lesson)

That's our week!  We are excited for Easter tomorrow!  I am glad my sons know the true meaning behind Easter, but we still do Easter bunny for them.  They are still young and I remember the excitement I had as a child waking up to an Easter basket.  I am planning on having the "Easter bunny" write a note to the boys and tell them the true meaning of Easter and how he is just there as a friend of Jesus to remind us all about why we celebrate Easter. 

Easter blessings to you all :)



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