Saturday, April 12, 2014

Number 24 and Catching up on (Week of 4-7-14)

Hello and hope everyone had a great week!  My little one started out the week sick but thankfully he is feeling better.  We had a light week because he wasn't feeling well but it was a great time to catch them up on their lessons.  I am seriously considering homeschooling year round.  There are some weeks like this week that I feel there is so much going on, yet I want to keep their education my top priority.  Here is our week:

Bible and Reading:
Tuesday - B did Lesson 39 in "100 Easy Lessons" and was introduced to these new sounds and words: h, said, game, dish, did, now, cow, wow, hate and gate.

Wednesday - We read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by: Eric Carle.  We also read the boys' Awana lesson on Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and how Jacob's family grew to become known as the Israelites.  The lesson talked about how mighty God is and God kept his promise to Abraham to grow his family.  The verse for this week was Psalm 147:5: "Great is our Lord And mighty in power..."

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Friday - We took our dog for a walk and had our first day of the season at our neighborhood pool!  The water was ice cold but they loved it!

Here is a picture of one of our "mascots."  The boys put Daddy's hat on her :)

Motor and Social Skills:
Monday - We went to Petsmart to get our dog's nails trimmed and I gave the boys the responsibility of holding her on the leash and bringing her back.  While she was getting her nails trimmed, the boys love going exploring and looking at all the pets in the store like fish, adoptable cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and yes even the reptiles, snakes and other crawly stuff I don't like to go near!

Tuesday - We had a rainy day so we played Operation and Hot Potato.  B also answered his reading comprehension questions that corresponded with his lesson.

Wednesday - B's math lesson had him cutting and pasting and the boys went to Awanas.

Thursday - G helped me give our dog a bath and the boys helped pick up their toys so I could vacuum.  I think it's important to teach them responsibility but I try not to ask of them too much because how young they still are. 

Friday - The boys had a playdate with their friends down the street.  They also had a lot of fun creating stories on, where they had to pick the picture or costume with what happened next in the story!

Tuesday - m,o, mom
B's reading lesson had him write letters m and o, and he goes, "Look Mom, if I had one more m it spells Mom!"  These boys melt my heart somedays!

Wednesday - twenty four, 24

Tuesday - B counted from 1-40.  This is awesome because he used to count from 1-10 and after 10 was 100!  So proud of both my boys!

Wednesday - We counted 12 beetles and counted from 1-10 for Awana lesson.  B worked on the number find for 24 and we counted from 1-24.  G worked on small to large where he circled the small objects in red and the large objects in green.

The boys working together on math lessons.  My little G was being Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" (hence the crown!)  They added 24 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stickers to their sheet!

Other (Science, and
Monday - G worked on number 4 and letter g on, while B worked on letter w words like white, wolf, and window.  G also played a smallest to largest game on the tablet.

Tuesday - G worked on letter h and lessons on hygiene such as being clean and getting dressed for your day.  B worked on numbers 1-10.

Wednesday - B worked on letters X and Y.

Thursday - G continued on letter h and B worked on color by number, Traceables where he practiced his writing skills, letter Z, rectangles and the color brown.

Friday - G finished his lessons on letter h and B learned letters on the farm A-Z.  While we were at the pool we observed two birds trying to get close to the water to drink.  We pretended to be animal rescuers and I was asking the boys questions like why do you think the birds are trying to get near the water and what will happen if they go into the water.  After 10 minutes of watching them, a neighbor's dog barked and they flew off quick.

How was your homeschool this week?  Any new or exciting projects or accomplishments?  I would love to hear about it!  Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you have a blessed week :)
Living for Him,



  1. Such a loving mama you are. Too cold for the pool! Lol

    1. It was freezing but they didn't even feel it! They just kept jumping in and splashing! They were so excited to be back at the pool!