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Field trips (Zoo and Marina), Number 23, and Moses (Numbers 13-14) Week of March 31, 2014

My Mom was in town this week to visit so we had a lot of fun with her and I was reminded of the flexibility of homeschooling.  Wednesday we took a day off minus Awanas so that we could catch up on household things.  Tuesday, my Mom had a doctors appointment so I brought all of our homeschool stuff into the waiting room and we did our homeschool day there!  We were able to get some work done and get to see new and exciting things!  I am leaning towards homeschooling year round, even if in the summer time, we do more field trips and adventures.    Here is our week:

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "Llama Llama Misses Mama: by: Anna Dewdney.  B is starting to recognize many of the words in the books so I point at each word and read slowly so he sees what each word is.  The more we read the book this way, the more he is knowing his reading words and also getting introduced to new reading words.

Tuesday - Lesson 38 of "100 Easy Lessons" (new words: ate, made, wish, fish, late, tail).  We read "Spies!" in "Jesus Calling" that went over Numbers 13-14.  It described how Moses sent 12 men into Canaan for 40 days to see what kind of people and food were there.  Joshua, Caleb and another young Israelite were the only 3 out of the 12 to make it to the Promised Land because they kept their faith in God, despite their fear.  I told the boys they were like secret agents and they enjoyed pretending to be an agent and we talked about the lesson of how to always have faith in God, even when you are scared, God is there with you.  We also did story sequencing cards for Daniel and the Lions Den.

Daniel and the Lions Den sequencing cards.

Thursday - We read "Fire! Fire!" by Gail Gibbons and learned about how fire fighters handle 4 different kinds of fires!  We also read a Leap Frog book "Finding Nemo: Lost and Found."

Sunday - We read "The Mine-O-Saur" by: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Monday - We took walks outside in the warm weather!

Tuesday - We swam at the pool and also found an awesome Circus Park in Sarasota near where my Mom is staying.  It was this enormous park with slides, climbing activities, music, and water fun!  B drew G a dinosaur picture while we waited for my Mom at the doctor.


Triple slide!

Water area!

You can get soaked in the water area and then come over and play musical instruments!  It was so cool because all the kids in the park took turns playing and the music sounded beautiful throughout the park!

Brothers having fun!

Friday - We walked around at the zoo with Daddy on his day off.

Saturday - We walked around at the marina with my Mom, got to splash around in the water, and also went swimming at the pool.

What a beautiful view!  We got to go dip our feet in the water and sand!
My mom with the boys dipping feet in the water!
Gorgeous fountain at the end of the marina right on the water!
We found this natural playground at the end of the marina!  It was this tree that grew in numerous directions and the boys could climb and swing on the branches.

Motor and Social Skills:
Tuesday - Reading comprehension questions with Lesson 38 and cut and paste activity for math lesson.

Wednesday - Awanas night and the boys learned about the disciples and got to pick a balloon of which disciple they would be.  I love how creative his teachers are and how much they care about not only my boys, but all the children there.

Thursday - We played Jake and the Neverland Pirates matching game and the boys and I had a blast pretending we were zoo keepers.  We went over the letters of what the animal started with and what they thought that animal should eat.  I feel like I don't get a chance to just play and have fun with them all the time like I would like to do but we had a wonderful afternoon of playing zoo!  We also did EZ as ABC puzzle game where the boys had to not only put the picture puzzle together but match the picture card with the puzzle and I had B match just the word with each puzzle, with no picture on it.
The boys animals in their zoo.
Friday - We went to the zoo with Daddy and saw the Australian area open so we got to see the koalas and kangaroos, which we don't normally see.  There were lots of kids there from field trips so the boys got to interact with some of the other children.  My friend and the boys nursery school teacher at our church had surgery a few days ago so we made her and her family dinner.  We were able to go visit for a bit and it's important to teach the boys how to help a friend when they are healing.  The boys also got to visit and play with cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

Florida black bear




Saturday - While at the marina, the boys were able to talk and play with other children.  We also saw a wedding being setup in the park there and also a unique birthday party.  The people from the birthday party were acrobats of some kind and set up a small tight rope walk and some ribbons in trees (think Cirque de Solei) and they were literally performing in the park! It is in Sarasota County, where Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey were originally from and there is a school there that teaches this so it was not unusual to see something like this there.  The boys also go to see the boats in the marina and dip their feet in the sand and water!

Tuesday - twenty three, 23

Tuesday -  Number 23 number find and we counted from 1-23.

Thursday - B counted the number of passengers in his zoo bus he created out of the top of one of his games, which was 22 passengers! (The passengers were from his Jake and the Neverland Pirates game and coming to visit the animals in our zoo!  I love their imagination!)

Friday - The boys helped me measure ingredients for the corn muffins we made to go to my friend's house.

Monday - "App Day:" The boys played a game on my Mom's iPad that taught color and pattern matching.  They also played another game that taught directions such as up, down, left and right.  The boys now know left from right!

My Mom helping the boys learn on our App Day!

Thursday - The boys played on, the game from Justin Time that again taught up, down, left and right.

That is our week.  How was your week this week?  Do you homeschool year round or take summers off?  I hope you have a blessed week :)

Living for Him,




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