Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Earth Day and Nature's Classroom (Homeschool Week of 4/21/14)

Wow, we have had a busy week!  My youngest turned three this week, we had family in town and my oldest had a few days this week where he wasn't feeling well but we made it through!  Here is our week:

Our maple tree saplings from grow financial on Earth Day!  We used our old recycle bins to start to grow them!

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "The Princess and the Pea" by: Janet Stevens.  B did Lesson 41 in "100 Easy Lessons" and was introduced to the phonic sound of k and new word was kick.  He also watched some of "The Ten Commandments" movie with Daddy and explained that he knew about Moses being a baby and the Princess saving him and how he saved God's people.  My husband was super impressed and I am amazed how much each of the boys is learning.  God is good!

Tuesday - We read "Gideon's Little Army" from Judges 6-7 in "Jesus Calling."  God called upon Gideon who considered himself weak and they were outnumbered 300 men to 135,000 soldiers.  The 300 men called out "For the Lord" and the soldiers got scared and ran away.  The verse was 2 Corinthians 12:10, "That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

Wednesday - We read "Rain" by: Marion Dane Baurer and we reviewed Awanas verse from last week of Psalm 147:5.

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Monday - G colored a picture and B drew his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Great thing about homeschooling is the flexibility.  We found a nice picnic table and did our studies outside while waiting for my Mom at her appointment.
B's Ninja Turtle picture - The turtles are helping the police put the bad guys in jail.
Tuesday - We sang and danced to "Clean up, Clean Up, Everybody, Everywhere" the Earth Day version :)

Wednesday - G practiced tracing circles and U's, and B drew 26 rain drops and colored 26 blue jays.

Saturday - We did Nature's Classroom today and did a lot of walking to see all the craft tables and then all the animals they had.  The boys got to make key chains, name plaques out of wood, make a paper bag frog puppet, they made butterflies out of coffee filters, and colored a butterfly craft and added some eyes and antennas out of pipe cleaners!

Motor and Social Skills/Critical Thinking:
Monday - B answered reading comprehension questions from his reading lesson.

Tuesday - We did a Clifford magazine for Earth Day and the boys had to find and circle the pictures with the words hidden in a park setting scene.

Wednesday - Cut and paste activity for math lesson.

Saturday - At Natures Classroom, they put together a key chain that had beads and they had to put the bead onto the pipe cleaner so great motor skill activity!  They also got to have some of their cousins there to play with and they got to interact with the other children and adults there who running the event.  There was also a fossil dig!

Wednesday - B wrote twenty six and 26.

Wednesday - We counted 1-26 and B did a Number Find for 26.

Other(ABCmouse.com/Science/Social Studies):
Monday - We had to take my Mom to an appointment that day so I took our homeschool things with us in the car but along with homeschool work, we got to see so much more!  While we were waiting for my Mom, we happened to see a blue jay and a 4 foot alligator by the pond in the plaza we were in.  We didn't go near the alligator of course but living in Florida, this is not a surprising thing to us.  B was impressed with the blue jay so close to us though that he incorporated that into his math lesson later in the week.

Tuesday - For Earth Day, the Clifford magazine we had covered keeping beaches, forests, lakes, deserts and parks clean.  The boys had to cross out all of the liter in the pictures and they were introduced to that new term of liter.

Thursday - B did letters D, E, e, F, and f; color by letter, go over artic environments, bears eat berries, and a grocery store game where he had to find all the items in the picture in ABCmouse.com.  G did a seahorse game on ABCmouse where he had to find the letter and color he was instructed to.

Saturday - We learned about turtles and keeping the water clean for them; we learned about how water can be found in our bodies, plants, glaciers, ponds, oceans, and rain and how we can protect the environment to keep us all healthy.  We got to see turtles, butterflies, deer, panthers, black bears, possums, owls, an eagle, a snake, cows, raccoons, a peacock, a Bobcat an foxes at Nature's Classroom.  We also learned about trees and how each ring on a tree represents one year of the trees life and how the smaller circles represent a branch on that tree.This place is only open to the public one weekend out of the year and the rest of the year, only schools going on field trips can go.  It's an amazing place and we've been now for the past two years.

There are cows as you are pulling in to park.

This peacock was the survivor out of five and has no fear as you can see how close I got to take a picture! 
The boys making butterfly crafts.

Family there for the day and everyone looking at the crazy peacock!

They have an awesome boardwalk there where you can look at all the animals down below.

My youngest and my nephew.

The cousins and Papa looking and petting a snake.

Fossil dig with the cousins!

That is our week!  I apologize for this post taking so long to come out.  In closing, I wanted to talk about Gideon because I can understand how Gideon felt.  There are days where I think I am strong but there are other days where I feel as if I get knocked to the ground and feel weak in what God is calling me to do.  It is because of God's grace that I am able to overcome this feeling and have God show me how strong He made me.  He has made all of us strong and sometimes through weakness, we do find our strength.  I encourage you if you are having a hard week to continue your faith and God will guide you through.  If you are having a great week, praise Him!  God is good all the time.  We should all be praising Him whether we are going through good or rough times.  Thanks for joining us in our journey this week!

Living for Him,



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