Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Earth Day and Nature's Classroom (Homeschool Week of 4/21/14)

Wow, we have had a busy week!  My youngest turned three this week, we had family in town and my oldest had a few days this week where he wasn't feeling well but we made it through!  Here is our week:

Our maple tree saplings from grow financial on Earth Day!  We used our old recycle bins to start to grow them!

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "The Princess and the Pea" by: Janet Stevens.  B did Lesson 41 in "100 Easy Lessons" and was introduced to the phonic sound of k and new word was kick.  He also watched some of "The Ten Commandments" movie with Daddy and explained that he knew about Moses being a baby and the Princess saving him and how he saved God's people.  My husband was super impressed and I am amazed how much each of the boys is learning.  God is good!

Tuesday - We read "Gideon's Little Army" from Judges 6-7 in "Jesus Calling."  God called upon Gideon who considered himself weak and they were outnumbered 300 men to 135,000 soldiers.  The 300 men called out "For the Lord" and the soldiers got scared and ran away.  The verse was 2 Corinthians 12:10, "That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

Wednesday - We read "Rain" by: Marion Dane Baurer and we reviewed Awanas verse from last week of Psalm 147:5.

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Monday - G colored a picture and B drew his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Great thing about homeschooling is the flexibility.  We found a nice picnic table and did our studies outside while waiting for my Mom at her appointment.
B's Ninja Turtle picture - The turtles are helping the police put the bad guys in jail.
Tuesday - We sang and danced to "Clean up, Clean Up, Everybody, Everywhere" the Earth Day version :)

Wednesday - G practiced tracing circles and U's, and B drew 26 rain drops and colored 26 blue jays.

Saturday - We did Nature's Classroom today and did a lot of walking to see all the craft tables and then all the animals they had.  The boys got to make key chains, name plaques out of wood, make a paper bag frog puppet, they made butterflies out of coffee filters, and colored a butterfly craft and added some eyes and antennas out of pipe cleaners!

Motor and Social Skills/Critical Thinking:
Monday - B answered reading comprehension questions from his reading lesson.

Tuesday - We did a Clifford magazine for Earth Day and the boys had to find and circle the pictures with the words hidden in a park setting scene.

Wednesday - Cut and paste activity for math lesson.

Saturday - At Natures Classroom, they put together a key chain that had beads and they had to put the bead onto the pipe cleaner so great motor skill activity!  They also got to have some of their cousins there to play with and they got to interact with the other children and adults there who running the event.  There was also a fossil dig!

Wednesday - B wrote twenty six and 26.

Wednesday - We counted 1-26 and B did a Number Find for 26.

Other(ABCmouse.com/Science/Social Studies):
Monday - We had to take my Mom to an appointment that day so I took our homeschool things with us in the car but along with homeschool work, we got to see so much more!  While we were waiting for my Mom, we happened to see a blue jay and a 4 foot alligator by the pond in the plaza we were in.  We didn't go near the alligator of course but living in Florida, this is not a surprising thing to us.  B was impressed with the blue jay so close to us though that he incorporated that into his math lesson later in the week.

Tuesday - For Earth Day, the Clifford magazine we had covered keeping beaches, forests, lakes, deserts and parks clean.  The boys had to cross out all of the liter in the pictures and they were introduced to that new term of liter.

Thursday - B did letters D, E, e, F, and f; color by letter, go over artic environments, bears eat berries, and a grocery store game where he had to find all the items in the picture in ABCmouse.com.  G did a seahorse game on ABCmouse where he had to find the letter and color he was instructed to.

Saturday - We learned about turtles and keeping the water clean for them; we learned about how water can be found in our bodies, plants, glaciers, ponds, oceans, and rain and how we can protect the environment to keep us all healthy.  We got to see turtles, butterflies, deer, panthers, black bears, possums, owls, an eagle, a snake, cows, raccoons, a peacock, a Bobcat an foxes at Nature's Classroom.  We also learned about trees and how each ring on a tree represents one year of the trees life and how the smaller circles represent a branch on that tree.This place is only open to the public one weekend out of the year and the rest of the year, only schools going on field trips can go.  It's an amazing place and we've been now for the past two years.

There are cows as you are pulling in to park.

This peacock was the survivor out of five and has no fear as you can see how close I got to take a picture! 
The boys making butterfly crafts.

Family there for the day and everyone looking at the crazy peacock!

They have an awesome boardwalk there where you can look at all the animals down below.

My youngest and my nephew.

The cousins and Papa looking and petting a snake.

Fossil dig with the cousins!

That is our week!  I apologize for this post taking so long to come out.  In closing, I wanted to talk about Gideon because I can understand how Gideon felt.  There are days where I think I am strong but there are other days where I feel as if I get knocked to the ground and feel weak in what God is calling me to do.  It is because of God's grace that I am able to overcome this feeling and have God show me how strong He made me.  He has made all of us strong and sometimes through weakness, we do find our strength.  I encourage you if you are having a hard week to continue your faith and God will guide you through.  If you are having a great week, praise Him!  God is good all the time.  We should all be praising Him whether we are going through good or rough times.  Thanks for joining us in our journey this week!

Living for Him,



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Resurrection Eggs and Easter Lessons (Week of 4-14-14)

Hello and hope you all had an awesome week!  We got a wonderful surprise on Monday when Grandma and Grandpa came by to drop off a present for the boys: Resurrection Eggs for Easter!  I had seen these before online but didn't know where to find them.  The funny thing was that day, my Mom and oldest son weren't feeling well so everyone in the house at some point had been taken a nap.  I finally went down for a nap and was awoken by my Mom about 40 minutes later saying someone had pulled into our driveway and then I heard my mother-in-law's voice, and being half out of it, thought something was wrong!  My husband was at work and I had no clue what was going on but it was so thoughtful of them to bring us a gift!  It literally took me an hour to wake up and just to show how out of it I was, I went into my Facebook page and didn't recognize anyone!  It took me about five minutes to realize I was in my Mom's Facebook page and not my own!  Can any of you relate to being this tired on some days?  Anyways, here is our week and I hope you and your families have a Happy Easter!

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "Little Bunny's Bathtime!" by: Jane Johnson.  We also read about "Joshua and the Walls of Jericho" (Joshua 2) in "Jesus Calling."  In this passage, it talks about how Joshua sent two men to spy on Jericho and were hidden by a woman named Rahab.  They hid on the rooftops as the King's men came to find them and she cleverly told the King's men how the spies had left already and could still catch them if they hurried.  She asked the spies to keep her and her family safe.  It also talks about God's strange instructions to Joshua in how to effectively invade Jericho.  The lesson in this is to obey God and our parents, despite the strange instructions given sometimes.  I had the boys run around our dining room table 7 seven times and say "Shout!" like Joshua did on the seventh day.  They had so much and exclaimed, "Look Mom!  We invaded Jericho!"

Tuesday - We started Resurrection Eggs today with Daddy and did the first three eggs: a donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the cup for during Passover, and the coins Judas received in turning in Jesus.  The Resurrections Eggs are such a great idea because it has a short story with each egg and it makes it easy for young children to understand.  B also read his reading lesson to Gamma and Daddy.

Daddy and the boys reading stories about the Resurrection Eggs.

Wednesday - We did Lesson 40 in "100 Easy Lessons" and were introduced to quotation marks and how need to stop at the end of a period.  I had B hold his hand out and say "Stop!" whenever he got to the end of the sentence.  Some new words this week were late, hill and hot.  He almost knows how to read 100 words at this point and we are not even halfway done the book!

We did two more Resurrection eggs with Daddy: the hands for praying and the whip that the soldiers beat Jesus with .  Awanas homework was an Easter lesson where B had to point to the pictures and I read to him the caption underneath.  The verse was 1 Corinthians 15:4, "...He was raised on the third day According to the Scriptures."

Thursday - We did two more Resurrection eggs today with the rooster and crown of thrones. 

Friday - We read "Woolbur" by: Leslie Helakoski.

Saturday - We did three Resurrection eggs this morning: the nails shaped like a cross that they put into Jesus skin, the spear that the soldier put into Jesus, and the cloth that Jesus was wrapped in.  One more egg to go tonight and we are saving the last egg for tomorrow morning.

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Monday - G colored a Jesus coloring page and B made 25 chocolate and strawberry (brown and red) scoops of ice cream for his math lesson sheet.

My youngest coloring pictures for his homeschool day.

Thursday - We took two walks outside and went swimming. 

Friday - We did an art lesson thanks to an idea from HEDUA Family 2014 Issue 2 magazine from Pat Knepley in an article called "Art Matters." You cut tissue paper into little squares and you add 1/2 mixture of glue mixed with same measure of water to make a milky glue substance.  You then take a square and glue it with a paint brush to a piece of cardstock and then paint over it with more milky glue.  Afterward, you take black construction paper and glue it over the top with anything you want.  I made a cross with the boys and then you add more milky glue on top.  It is supposed to look like stained glass!

One I worked on with the boys and below is the one my niece did.

My Moms, my nephew's and my B's
They had a lot of fun!

Motor and Social Skills:
Monday - Cut and paste for math lesson.

Tuesday -  Playdate with cousin.

Having fun with cousin!
Wednesday - B did his reading comprehension questions.  No Awanas; boys fell asleep.

Friday - We had a playdate with cousins and they all made an Easter egg hunt amongst themselves, we played Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Chutes and Ladders, and they played with lots of toys without the TV on!  All the kids also made their own Easter mosaics and had to use the glue and make their own versions of whatever they wanted to make. 

I love their imaginations!  This is my oldest and my niece as shopkeepers!

Monday - twenty five, 25

Wednesday - d,a,h

Monday- Number find for 25 and we counted from 1-25.

Best thing about homeschool is the freedom and flexibility it allows.  My oldest was sick most of the morning but was feeling better after lunch.  He would have missed a whole day of school.  After lunch, we started our homeschool day and he was fine :)
G's coloring page and B's math lesson.

Other (Apps, ABCmouse.com, and Science):
Tuesday - Apps with Gamma today and they played games to teach directional such as right, left, up, down) and mixing ingredients to get the right food product. (following and listening to directions)

Wednesday - G did letters f, I, and i on ABCmouse and also learned different parts of the body.  B did color by number and color by letter, review of letters A-C, and also primary and secondary color review.

Thursday - G did the color yellow, parts of the body, and fruits and vegetables on ABCmouse.  Afterwards, we all discussed what was a fruit and what was a vegetable. (science lesson)

That's our week!  We are excited for Easter tomorrow!  I am glad my sons know the true meaning behind Easter, but we still do Easter bunny for them.  They are still young and I remember the excitement I had as a child waking up to an Easter basket.  I am planning on having the "Easter bunny" write a note to the boys and tell them the true meaning of Easter and how he is just there as a friend of Jesus to remind us all about why we celebrate Easter. 

Easter blessings to you all :)



Friday, April 18, 2014

Timeline Cards Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratulations to Mitzi who is the winner of the Timeline Cards!!! Sprouting Tadpoles will be emailing you the prize soon, Mitzi! Thank you to all who participated and thank you all for your patience as this was my first giveaway. Thank you to Sprouting Tadpoles for giving me a set to review and one as a giveaway! Hopefully more giveaways to come!!!



Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Timeline Cards (Creation to the Early Greeks from Sprouting Tadpoles)

Timeline Cards
From Creation to the early Greeks
6000 BC to 750 BC
If you are looking for a fun and creative way to teach your children or students about history, this is definitely it!  Sprouting Tadpoles made this wonderful product that not only gives you the history from Creation through the early Greeks, but you get to choose the size (mini, small, medium, or large) of the picture card represented on the timeline.  For instance, I chose the mini size because it is just me and my two boys and I am going to make it a game size we can do on flannel board.  If you have classroom and space to put a timeline all around the room, the large or medium size would probably be better. I like that the product is versatile so you can do whatever is convenient for you.
With the Timeline Cards, you get 136 different picture cards and also 4 blank picture cards.  The blank picture cards are if you wanted the student or child to draw a picture or write their own description of the history event.  There are instructions and ideas included on how to use the cards and it comes with a map of the world and timelines, either in black and white or color.  It also comes with worksheets for memory work and copywork.
I enjoy that some of the cards have the dates on them and some don't so you could do a fill in the blank that can test the child's knowledge.  My boys are both under the age of five but I can see us using this for many years to come, so the first thing I did after printing the cards was to laminate them.  They know many of the stories of the Bible like Adam and Eve, Joseph, and David and Goliath so they had a lot of fun playing with the cards!
After printing the sheets out, I numbered the backs of the cards so I could keep them in order easier.  Then, I laminated them.

I printed out the mini sheets, so once I cut out all the pictures on each sheet, I had each sheet have it's own envelope and I taped them to the inside of a folder.

I then put all the instructions, map and timelines, copywork and memory work pages together into the folder to make a file folder game.
Thank you to Sprouting Tadpoles for such a wonderful product to review!  This will be in our family for many years to come to help us with our homeschool history studies. 
Ok, here is the fun part!  Sprouting Tadpoles gave me this product so that I could review it, but there is also one for you to win!  Just enter below:   
http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/165aed1/" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway


Number 24 and Catching up on ABCmouse.com (Week of 4-7-14)

Hello and hope everyone had a great week!  My little one started out the week sick but thankfully he is feeling better.  We had a light week because he wasn't feeling well but it was a great time to catch them up on their ABCmouse.com lessons.  I am seriously considering homeschooling year round.  There are some weeks like this week that I feel there is so much going on, yet I want to keep their education my top priority.  Here is our week:

Bible and Reading:
Tuesday - B did Lesson 39 in "100 Easy Lessons" and was introduced to these new sounds and words: h, said, game, dish, did, now, cow, wow, hate and gate.

Wednesday - We read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by: Eric Carle.  We also read the boys' Awana lesson on Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and how Jacob's family grew to become known as the Israelites.  The lesson talked about how mighty God is and God kept his promise to Abraham to grow his family.  The verse for this week was Psalm 147:5: "Great is our Lord And mighty in power..."

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Friday - We took our dog for a walk and had our first day of the season at our neighborhood pool!  The water was ice cold but they loved it!

Here is a picture of one of our "mascots."  The boys put Daddy's hat on her :)

Motor and Social Skills:
Monday - We went to Petsmart to get our dog's nails trimmed and I gave the boys the responsibility of holding her on the leash and bringing her back.  While she was getting her nails trimmed, the boys love going exploring and looking at all the pets in the store like fish, adoptable cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and yes even the reptiles, snakes and other crawly stuff I don't like to go near!

Tuesday - We had a rainy day so we played Operation and Hot Potato.  B also answered his reading comprehension questions that corresponded with his lesson.

Wednesday - B's math lesson had him cutting and pasting and the boys went to Awanas.

Thursday - G helped me give our dog a bath and the boys helped pick up their toys so I could vacuum.  I think it's important to teach them responsibility but I try not to ask of them too much because how young they still are. 

Friday - The boys had a playdate with their friends down the street.  They also had a lot of fun creating stories on SproutOnline.com, where they had to pick the picture or costume with what happened next in the story!

Tuesday - m,o, mom
B's reading lesson had him write letters m and o, and he goes, "Look Mom, if I had one more m it spells Mom!"  These boys melt my heart somedays!

Wednesday - twenty four, 24

Tuesday - B counted from 1-40.  This is awesome because he used to count from 1-10 and after 10 was 100!  So proud of both my boys!

Wednesday - We counted 12 beetles and counted from 1-10 for Awana lesson.  B worked on the number find for 24 and we counted from 1-24.  G worked on small to large where he circled the small objects in red and the large objects in green.

The boys working together on math lessons.  My little G was being Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" (hence the crown!)  They added 24 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stickers to their sheet!

Other (Science, ABCmouse.com and SproutOnline.com):
Monday - G worked on number 4 and letter g on ABCmouse.com, while B worked on letter w words like white, wolf, and window.  G also played a smallest to largest game on the tablet.

Tuesday - G worked on letter h and lessons on hygiene such as being clean and getting dressed for your day.  B worked on numbers 1-10.

Wednesday - B worked on letters X and Y.

Thursday - G continued on letter h and B worked on color by number, Traceables where he practiced his writing skills, letter Z, rectangles and the color brown.

Friday - G finished his lessons on letter h and B learned letters on the farm A-Z.  While we were at the pool we observed two birds trying to get close to the water to drink.  We pretended to be animal rescuers and I was asking the boys questions like why do you think the birds are trying to get near the water and what will happen if they go into the water.  After 10 minutes of watching them, a neighbor's dog barked and they flew off quick.

How was your homeschool this week?  Any new or exciting projects or accomplishments?  I would love to hear about it!  Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you have a blessed week :)
Living for Him,


Monday, April 7, 2014

Field trips (Zoo and Marina), Number 23, and Moses (Numbers 13-14) Week of March 31, 2014

My Mom was in town this week to visit so we had a lot of fun with her and I was reminded of the flexibility of homeschooling.  Wednesday we took a day off minus Awanas so that we could catch up on household things.  Tuesday, my Mom had a doctors appointment so I brought all of our homeschool stuff into the waiting room and we did our homeschool day there!  We were able to get some work done and get to see new and exciting things!  I am leaning towards homeschooling year round, even if in the summer time, we do more field trips and adventures.    Here is our week:

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We read "Llama Llama Misses Mama: by: Anna Dewdney.  B is starting to recognize many of the words in the books so I point at each word and read slowly so he sees what each word is.  The more we read the book this way, the more he is knowing his reading words and also getting introduced to new reading words.

Tuesday - Lesson 38 of "100 Easy Lessons" (new words: ate, made, wish, fish, late, tail).  We read "Spies!" in "Jesus Calling" that went over Numbers 13-14.  It described how Moses sent 12 men into Canaan for 40 days to see what kind of people and food were there.  Joshua, Caleb and another young Israelite were the only 3 out of the 12 to make it to the Promised Land because they kept their faith in God, despite their fear.  I told the boys they were like secret agents and they enjoyed pretending to be an agent and we talked about the lesson of how to always have faith in God, even when you are scared, God is there with you.  We also did story sequencing cards for Daniel and the Lions Den.

Daniel and the Lions Den sequencing cards.

Thursday - We read "Fire! Fire!" by Gail Gibbons and learned about how fire fighters handle 4 different kinds of fires!  We also read a Leap Frog book "Finding Nemo: Lost and Found."

Sunday - We read "The Mine-O-Saur" by: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.

Art/Music/Physical Education:
Monday - We took walks outside in the warm weather!

Tuesday - We swam at the pool and also found an awesome Circus Park in Sarasota near where my Mom is staying.  It was this enormous park with slides, climbing activities, music, and water fun!  B drew G a dinosaur picture while we waited for my Mom at the doctor.


Triple slide!

Water area!

You can get soaked in the water area and then come over and play musical instruments!  It was so cool because all the kids in the park took turns playing and the music sounded beautiful throughout the park!

Brothers having fun!

Friday - We walked around at the zoo with Daddy on his day off.

Saturday - We walked around at the marina with my Mom, got to splash around in the water, and also went swimming at the pool.

What a beautiful view!  We got to go dip our feet in the water and sand!
My mom with the boys dipping feet in the water!
Gorgeous fountain at the end of the marina right on the water!
We found this natural playground at the end of the marina!  It was this tree that grew in numerous directions and the boys could climb and swing on the branches.

Motor and Social Skills:
Tuesday - Reading comprehension questions with Lesson 38 and cut and paste activity for math lesson.

Wednesday - Awanas night and the boys learned about the disciples and got to pick a balloon of which disciple they would be.  I love how creative his teachers are and how much they care about not only my boys, but all the children there.

Thursday - We played Jake and the Neverland Pirates matching game and the boys and I had a blast pretending we were zoo keepers.  We went over the letters of what the animal started with and what they thought that animal should eat.  I feel like I don't get a chance to just play and have fun with them all the time like I would like to do but we had a wonderful afternoon of playing zoo!  We also did EZ as ABC puzzle game where the boys had to not only put the picture puzzle together but match the picture card with the puzzle and I had B match just the word with each puzzle, with no picture on it.
The boys animals in their zoo.
Friday - We went to the zoo with Daddy and saw the Australian area open so we got to see the koalas and kangaroos, which we don't normally see.  There were lots of kids there from field trips so the boys got to interact with some of the other children.  My friend and the boys nursery school teacher at our church had surgery a few days ago so we made her and her family dinner.  We were able to go visit for a bit and it's important to teach the boys how to help a friend when they are healing.  The boys also got to visit and play with cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

Florida black bear




Saturday - While at the marina, the boys were able to talk and play with other children.  We also saw a wedding being setup in the park there and also a unique birthday party.  The people from the birthday party were acrobats of some kind and set up a small tight rope walk and some ribbons in trees (think Cirque de Solei) and they were literally performing in the park! It is in Sarasota County, where Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey were originally from and there is a school there that teaches this so it was not unusual to see something like this there.  The boys also go to see the boats in the marina and dip their feet in the sand and water!

Tuesday - twenty three, 23

Tuesday -  Number 23 number find and we counted from 1-23.

Thursday - B counted the number of passengers in his zoo bus he created out of the top of one of his games, which was 22 passengers! (The passengers were from his Jake and the Neverland Pirates game and coming to visit the animals in our zoo!  I love their imagination!)

Friday - The boys helped me measure ingredients for the corn muffins we made to go to my friend's house.

Monday - "App Day:" The boys played a game on my Mom's iPad that taught color and pattern matching.  They also played another game that taught directions such as up, down, left and right.  The boys now know left from right!

My Mom helping the boys learn on our App Day!

Thursday - The boys played on Sproutonline.com, the game from Justin Time that again taught up, down, left and right.

That is our week.  How was your week this week?  Do you homeschool year round or take summers off?  I hope you have a blessed week :)

Living for Him,