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The Forgotten Hero

The Forgotten Hero
by: Raising Samuels
The Forgotten Hero
An encouraging article to remind you to tell your husband how much you love him.

Hey all, I am so very honored to be guest blogging today at Blessed Beyond a Doubt.  Thank you to Jill for all of your help and for being such an amazing person!

The cold comes through the windows and the silence of the morning is broken as his alarm goes off.  He fights the urge to stay in bed just a few minutes longer and manages to leave the warmth of the bed.  It’s dark outside and his wife and children are still asleep so he quietly heads into the bathroom to get ready for his day.

On is way into work, it’s raining and the traffic is backed up to the point where he might be late for work.  He walks the three blocks from the parking lot to the office building he works at and signs in.  The computer database is having issues this morning so everyone gets pulled into a meeting until they can address the problem.  Soon after, it is lunch and he smiles and jokes around with his fellow co-workers.  The computers are up after lunch and it being the end of the month, it is crunch time.
The phones at the office are ringing non-stop and there is not a minute in between calls.  As hard as he tries, the right calls aren’t coming in to boost his numbers but he is helping people fix the problems they are calling about.  The calls don’t start out nice but by the end of the call, the customers are relieved that he has helped them.

He looks outside at the end of his work day and realizes it is still raining.  He know he is going to have to walk those same three blocks in the freezing rain to get to his car.  As he reflects on his day, he knows he has done the best he can.  He looks up and smiles at the photo calendar his wife made him for Christmas.  Smiling back at him, are his sons in pictures being silly and the great family vacation photos they had taken last year.  It hasn’t been a great day but he knows what he is going home to and with that, he finds the enthusiasm to walk those three blocks smiling.

This is a day I see my husband having.  Whenever he comes home, he is wonderful at not bringing in the bad part of his day and he is so excited to be home with us.  I feel like I need to mirror this.  Yes, Moms we have had a tough day also that no one else sees.  Moms that work may have had an equally bad day at the office.  Moms that stay home, no one knows how hard you work unless they are a stay at home Mom also.

When Moms have a crazy day, who do they rely on?  The man that holds you and tells you everything is going to be okay, even though it looks dim.  The one who believes in you and supports you no matter what.  The one who tells you everyday how much he loves you.

Who does your husband rely on when he has a bad day?   It makes me think of the movie, “Mary Poppins.”  Jane and Michael are running away from the day at the bank with their father and they run into Bert.  The children tell Bert how terrified they are and all the situations they ran into.  I will never forget that Bert tells them how terrified their father must be that he doesn’t know where they are and asks them what about their father?  He asks the children who their dad goes to when he has a bad day?  And the answer is no one.

Husbands are the forgotten heroes.  We rely so much on them to make everything better.    Think of all you and your husband have accomplished together.  Think of the big wedding plans you both had to do or that first home purchase, or buying a new car or planning a vacation.  The two of you brought life into this world.   What an unstoppable team!  None of your life would make sense without him and his life wouldn’t make sense without you.  Why not tell your husband today how much he means to you.  Thank him for being such a good man.

This article appeared as a guest post on Blessed Beyond a Doubt in March of 2014 here.

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